Thursday, October 31, 2019

ARISE!!!! TMNT Zombicide Mini Size Comparison

I've been away for a while...ok, I quit blogging. However, with the Zomicide 2nd Edition Kickstarter going on (check is out here and make a pledge for an awesome game and great stretch goals!), and having just received by TMNT Zombicide sets I figured this would be a great post to make on Halloween!

While IDW handled the sale of the sets, CMON did the sculpts for the figures. Based on the renders of the 2nd Edition figures, it looks like they will be bigger, meatier, than their 1st edition counterparts. Now, I full expected the TMNT figures to be "beefier" than typical Zombicide figures, and they are, the villains especially. However, that doesn't throw me off. I'm hoping the regular survivors and zombies in Zombicide 2nd edition will be a little bet closer to their 1st edition partners, the size difference isn't so much that it will take me out of the game.

From Left to Right: Mitch, Michaelangelo, Smith, Raphael, and Wendy

L to R: Shannon, Bebop, Adam, The Shredder

L to R: Belle, Leonardo, Derek, Donatello

L to R: Rocksteady, Benny, Krang, Belle.

The villains are way bigger. Plus the bases are thicker as well, which gives the TMNT figures more height. Still, I'll happily slaughter the undead with either figs at my table!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Yes, I'm still alive

It's been a while since I've posted anything...a long while. This summer has been brutal on my free time. Between sports for both boys this year (hello to the new normal), being sick all through July (that royally sucked), and then the usual day-to-day stuff of work and home life I just haven't found the time or even the desire to write much.

So what's been going on? Even though I haven't been active on the blog, I have had some fun and have a few irons in the fire. First off, I got my Savage Rifts stuff along with just about every other Savage Worlds/Rifts fan in existence (seemingly from the levels reached in the Kickstarter). I gotta say that I'm genuinely impressed with just how well the Savage Worlds system matched the feel of Rifts while still being internally consistent. It really displayed the malleability of system in a way that really shows off what SW can do. I love the way they found a way to make even the lowly characters seem viable in a party along side characters like Glitter Boys and Juvenile Dragons. The core books have been out for a while now, and there are still a few bits left to be released from the Kickstarter, but I'm hoping that we'll here about the next releases for the line soon.

I went through a summer purge of gaming material (mostly board games). I had several games that just don't see the light of day anymore that needed a good home. I ended up applying those proceeds to Zombicide. For those that don't know, Zombicide is a scenario-based zombie destruction game from Guillotine Games and Cool Mini or Not. I first picked up the Black Plague game, which the fantasy-themed line and then got into the Classic or Modern-themed line as well. I'm a big fan of Flying Frog's Last Night on Earth game line. I have most everything for the line except for rare Promotional bits. Zombicide has dethroned LNOE as my go-to zombie game. That's not to say that Zombicide is better, it's not, it's just simpler and easier to get out for a quick pick-up game. The two games are similar in theme, but that's it. LNOE is more akin to Resident Evil. The Zombies are smarter (by virtue of a player running the zombies), harder to kill, and the goal is more survival by avoidance than by conflict. Zombicide is like Left 4 Dead where the goal is to see how many zombies you can blow-up, blow-away, or run down. The zombies can be tricked thanks to the excellent noise mechanic, they are easy to kill (for the most part), and there are different varieties of undead to destroy. Other than the set-up/play/tear-down times being far less in Zombicide, the other big kicker is that the game is totally co-op. The zombies are ran by the mechanics of the game, so everyone can be in on the undead ass-kicking! That said, I do think that LNOE is mechanically a much better experience and a much deeper game overall, but when all you've got is an hour or so to play, Zombicide will win out every single time.

I'm still kicking around ideas for my Mythic Space setting. However, I'm once again looking at hacking White Star to fit my desires. I'm thinking of going class-less and skills based. I liked the way I started off with the Alternity classes and skill system, but now I'm thinking of just shucking the classes altogether. Not sure that anything will come of this, though. Plus, I need to read through +Matthew Skail's "Tools of the Worldshapers" book to see how much I like the rules for separating race and class in White Star. 

My main RPG project of the moment is something for my boys. I'm taking Far Away Land and adding some of my own touches to make it more like Adventure Time. The rules are staying the same, but I'm tweaking the Character Creation rules to add in races from Adventure Time, Low Life (a weird and frankly awesome setting for Savage Worlds), and some D&D races that fit the silly and gonzo mode of Far Away Land and Adventure Time. Then, I'm going to add in some of the sillier D&D monsters to the system as well as a few from my early days of D&D, like the Dandy-lion, a leonine plant with lion head, but a dandelion-like mane. It'll be my boys' first foray in to tabletop rpgs, so I want it to be silly and over-the-top and just plain fun. I'm mixing both the standard Far Away Land setting with that of Adventure Time and mixing in bits that I think would be fun. Such as the backstory to the creation of the world is the remains of Bill Cypher's (from the Gravity Falls cartoon that the boys love) Weirdpocalypse. There's going to be some futuristic bits, like cyborgs and robots and the boys might even find some pieces of old tech lying about.

Here's the current race list:
Android (Sci-Fi, these will look much like C-3PO, but will be less whiny)
Blonin (Far Away Land, teleporting block people)
Bodul (Low Life, "beings of dubious lineage"; think Mongrelfolk from D&D)
Candyfolken (Adventure Time, candy-themed people of the Candy Kingdom)
Cremefillian (Low Life, sentient, crème-filled snack cakes)
Croach (Low Life, sentient cockroaches)
Dwarf (Far Away Land, standard dwarf)
Elf (Far Away Land, standard elf)
Glacerian (Far Away Land, ice people)
Gnome (D&D, standard gnomes)
Grippli (D&D, frog people)
Halfling (D&D, standard halfling)
Hizard (Half-man/Half-lizard hybrid from my very early D&D days)
Hork/Snotgoblin (Low Life, literally snotty goblin/orc-like beings)
Human (Far Away Land)
Lupin (D&D, dog people)
Oofo (Low Life, Alien Greys)
Orka (Far Away Land, cyclopean spike heads)
Pile (Low Life, sentient, animated globs of sewage and gunk)
Pinguin (The penguin-like inhabitants of the Ice Kingdom)
Poomkin (Far Away Land, sentient, pumpkin-headed scarecrows)
Rakasta (D&D, cat people)
Smelf (Low Life, goblin-like creatures with huge noses)
Tengu (D&D/Pathfinder, bird people)
Tortle (D&D, turtle people)
Tzin't (Low Life, mixes of various animal races "tizn't this and tizn't that)
Werm (Low Life, sentient worms, both earth and gut)
Zoordrooz (Far Away Land, cyclopean humanoids with "Z's" on their chests)

As you can see the silly quotient is pretty high. There are some gross-out bits as well, but they will be down-played and obviously kept G-rated. (Still, the easiest way to get a laugh out of the boys is with a good "toot" or booger joke.) There are a lot of animal races because the boys like that kind of thing and they fit into the silly milieu. It's been a fun project. I'm not really worried about trying to keep a consistent theme or anything like that. I'm just finding stuff that sounds wacky and tossing it into the mix. I even ordered a couple of Adventure Time guides ("Finn and Jake's Official Guide to the Land of Ooo" and "The Adventure Time Encyclopedia") to help with ideas in making the world feel more like cartoons.

Beyond that, I've also be toying around with the Mutants & Marvels rules that "D20-fy" the FASERIP rules in Marvel Super Heroes. I like Mutants & Marvels, but I also like the way that Mutants & Masterminds handles damage. It just feels more like how things work in the comics. Plus, I like having a larger selection of powers and such, so I'm modifying Icons' Great Power list for use with the system as well. This is another project that I'm not certain will ever see completion. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

A Brief Interlude

I've been playing through the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3 (excellent game, I highly recommend it), which is partly the reason the posts from be have trailed off of late. As it commonly happens, as I'm playing through Geralt of Rivia's world, I've started thinking about running a gothic horror/adventure game. While I love Geralt's world, I would make some changes.

First off, I'd likely use Savage Worlds for the system. It's simply become my go-to game for most genres these days.

I would change the general historic age to that of Colonial times. I recently watched The Witch and the idea of running a game in that time period, one in which I have largely ignored intrigues me. However, since +Sean Bircher hasn't released The King is Dead yet, I'm going to have to lean more on Rippers for mechanical material even though it takes place in a later, slightly more advanced time period.

The world will be dark and foreboding. I don't know that I'd have any other race playable other than humans, but if I did elves, dwarves, and like would have to be "roughed off" a bit to make them less Tolkien and more fitting to the mood of the setting. Likewise, the creatures would be of a darker bent. Fewer fairies and brownies and dragons, and more undead, more demons, and more generally nastier creatures.

Thankfully, there is a lot of inspiration out there for just such a game. The Colonial Gothic game material would be robbed from generously. Wizards of the Coast's Innistrad setting for Magic the Gathering is right up the alley that I want to wander down. Of course Rippers, and Sean's Wine and Savages blog would be heavily referenced as well.

Much like other settings I've pondered, I doubt I'll ever really get around to making anything of my own. I'll likely just wait for The King is Dead to be released, honestly. Still, a lot of the fun of this hobby is the dreaming up of a setting and putting the wheels in motion...even if they tend to fall off rather quickly...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Species Write-Up's Going Forward

I've been thinking about the species I've been posting lately and I'm going to make a few changes. First off, I'm not going to detail religion, mutations, cyberware, and psionics unless one or more of those areas are integral to the species background. Instead, I'm going to add more about cultural ideas, specific relations with other species, and other information along those lines.

On another note, I've cleaned up some of the rather embarrassingly glaring spelling and grammatical errors. I'm sure there are a lot more that still require attention, but I think I got the worst offenders. What can I say, I don't always do a thorough proof once I get one wrapped up.

Founders of the Concord: Cereans in Mythic Space


Peace, serenity, intelligence, and wisdom are all words that come to mind when Cereans are brought up. Cereans are quick to react, but when you have two brains constantly processing information, it’s easy to react quickly while still thinking things through.
Cereans are considered to be among the most sophisticated and cultured people in the Galactic Concord. Their art, music, plays, novels, and architecture are second to none and have made their homeworld, Cerea, a popular destination spot for travelers from all over the Concord. They are also well known for their universities and training facilities for psions.
Cereans abhor violence, but they knew that the only true option was to fight the Illithids. While the invasion would likely stall, and they would be able to flee to the far corners of the galaxy, there would come a time that the Illithids would come. They felt it better to stand among their allies and fight rather than cower away and await the inevitable. They knew that they were a target. From the first encounter with Illithids, Cereans knew that they were seen as desirable cattle for the aliens. What better food could there be than a species with two brains? Many Cereans go to bed at night and have nightmares of Illithids hiding in the shadows waiting to feast.
Physical Description/Biology: Cereans are humanoid standing roughing the same size and shape as humans. Their heads are elongated to house their binary brains. The shape of their skulls has caused some humans to nickname them “Coneheads” after an ancient TV skit, which is rather offensive to most Cereans as one can imagine. Cereans can grow hair, but only of the tops and back of their heads and many Cereans, both male and female, keep their heads shaved or wore their hair in a simple topknot. Their hair is typically light in color, but darker shades are not unheard of and it had a very light, wispy look to it.
Personality: Cereans are well known for being cool, calm, and collected even in high-stress situations. Most credit their dual brains for being able to see things and angles that many others simply can’t. They are well respected for their ability to not give in to aggression and to find alternatives to violence. It has made their culture one to be admired and respected in the Concord.
Cereans are largely pacifists. They believe that all life in the universe is connected and see violence and war as the ultimate breakdown of these connections. Their insistence on finding non-violent solutions can be frustrating at times to others that see the only negotiating with some is at the end of a weapon. It doesn’t help that Cereans can come off as a bit condescending and arrogant to other species, especially to those that have a history of strife.
Homeworld: Cereans hail from Cerea, an idyllic world in the system of the Same name. Cerea, surprisingly survived the Illithid Invasion largely unscathed even though the Illithids were known to be actively searching for the system. To this day, it is unknown if the Cereans had a hand in somehow hiding their home or they simply got amazingly lucky.
Religion: The Cerean philosophy of logic, non-violence, and respect are as close as one will find to religion among Cereans. Their belief that all life in the universe is connected and only by strengthening bonds will the galaxy become truly safe has taken on pseudo-religious connotations among species that admire the Cerean way of thinking.
Mutations: Cereans have a lower rate of mutation compared to humans and other species. Whether this is because their genetic code is less prone to mutation, or Cereans don’t make it a habit of entering into areas with mutagenic stimuli has yet to be conclusively determined.
Cybernetics: Cereans can be implanted with cybernetics, though they have a harder time integrating brain-based cyberwear.
Psionics: Cereans have a higher rate of psionically-capable people in each generation than the Concord norm. There is no social stigma to having psionic powers or potential in Cereans society, and their education regimens are lauded throughout the Concord and being the gold standard for training young psions to control and develop their abilities.

Cerean Species Traits (Savage Worlds)
·         Smart: Due to their binary brains, Cereans start with a d6 in their Smarts.
·         Intuitive: When dealt a card for Initiative, Cereans may choose to draw a second card. They must keep the second card even if it’s worse than their first card.
·        Pacifist: Cereans do all they can to avoid violence, but they will defend themselves when they need to. They start play with the Pacifist (minor) hindrance.

Cerean Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Technicians only, and add +1 to either Empathy or Science. 
Dual Brains: Cereans start play with a +1 to Science.
Pacifist: A Cerean's starting Fighting score cannot be higher than one after character creation. 
Psionics: Cereans can be Espers. Although Empath is the most frequent power, all powers are open to them.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Founders of the Concord: Centauri in Mythic Space

Some members of the Concord fully embrace the ideals of co-existence and mutual protection and aid, others, like the Centauri, see the Concord as a necessary evil they have grown to be too reliant upon. They would love to return to the days of glory when the very utterance of “the Centauri Republic” would leave their enemies shaking in fear, and others awestruck. Even though it appears that those days are behind them, if they ever truly existed in the first place, Centauri still dream of, and scheme for, their return.
            The Centauri Republic was well established as a major power in the Alpha Quadrant when humanity first started to travel the stars. Still, the cracks were already starting to show in the foundation of the Republic’s power. By the time of the Illithid Invasion, the Republic had just lost several systems in the Narn Revolution and there were on their third Emperor in six standard years. One having been assassinated and the other died young due to genetic disorders. When the Illithids started tearing their way through the Alpha Quadrant, the Empire was reeling, looking for allies among those they had abused, harassed and even dismissed in the past.
            Allowing the Centauri Republic to enter into the talks of an alliance nearly doomed the Concord before it even began. The Narn Regime still harbored great hatred for their former occupiers and refused to enter into any alliance in which the Centauri were a part. There were attempts on the ambassadors lives on both sides, fist fights between the retinues in the Presidium, to say nothing of the constant sneering and snide comments when the two sides were trying to be civil.
            After the Illithid Invasion was broken and the Galactic Concord was coalescing into the stellar power that it is today, the subject of the Centauri Republic’s suitability was brought into question time and again. The Narn strongly fought against the Centauri be a part of the Concord largely in part of the clause in the Constitution stating that member states cannot be slavers. They equated the Centauri occupation of the Narn homeworld and decades of abuse as slavery. They also brought up the Centauri nobles treatment of the rank and file Centauri citizens, even those of “lesser” houses as proof that they violated the anti-slavery clause. In the end the Centauri Republic was allowed admission into the Concord largely due to the actions during the various battles with the Illithid and the Narn Regime relented their protests, but vowed to watch the Republic’s actions closely.
            Physical Description/Biology: Centauri are a near-human species. In fact, during the first contact between humans and Centauri, the Republic ambassadors attempted to persuade the human delegates that they are genetic cousins; even going so far to say that Earth was a long lost Centauri colony. That was quickly found false once Terran scientists analyzed a sample of Centauri DNA.
            Male Centauri wear their hair in fan-like crests, the larger the crest the higher rank that individual is in the Republic. Females tend to keep their heads shaved save for a long, braided ponytail. Males have six short, prehensile tentacles around their abdomen. These tentacles are generally kept out of sight. The few non-Centauri that have seen them can guess their purpose. They tend to dress in finery akin to that of Napoleonic-era France. Even the poorest Centauri dresses as fine as their means allow as appearance and station are paramount in the Republic.
            Personality: As stated above, station means more to Centauri than anything. Even if a Centauri is of a lower house, he will carry himself (or herself) with an air of importance and dignity, especially around non-Centauri. They are very proud of their history as a power in the galaxy, even if the tales are largely fabrications of their own imaginations. They tend to not only be arrogant and braggarts, but they are constantly looking for way to increase their own rank, be it in the Republic or with others in their own group. This has given Centauri the reputation of being schemers, liars, and cheats.
            With all the negatives that Centauri bring to the table, there are good qualities. Most are hardworking and do want to earn their higher rank in the Republic or even the Concord. When faced with difficult situations, most Centauri will act with honor and even bravery, as was seen several times throughout the course of the war against the Illithid. Younger Centauri that spend time among the other species of the Concord see just how far they are from the tales of their grandeur and they are more willing to admit the sins of the past and work towards rebuilding burnt bridges between other stellar nations that the Republic has wronged.
            Homeworld: Centauri hail from Centauri Prime (the original name for the planet is lost in time) in the Zeta Tucanae system at the heart of the Centauri Sector. The Republic was vast long before humans first walked on the moon, but their territories have shrunk considerably due to losses incurred during the Narn Revolution.
            Religion: Centauri hold to old traditions, but aren’t generally very religious. They revere great Emperors and warriors of their long history, but generally just use religion as a way to control commoners and to have an excuse for a feast.
            Mutations: Centauri genetics are surprisingly stout. They only suffer from extreme mutation in the most extreme and alien conditions. Mutant Centauri are quickly shunned at best or sentenced to a quick and painless death at worst.
            Cybernetics: While Centauri can make use of cybergear, few do unless they have a true need (like in the case of a replacement of a lost arm or leg). Cybernetics are seen as unattractive and a sign of weakness. “Better to learn to fight one-handed than be part machine!” is a saying among older, traditional Centauri.
            Psionics: Centauri can be born with the ability to utilize psionic forces. They have long known about the powers of the mind and their Telepaths Guild is highly respected. The Emperor generally has a group of telepaths as part of his personal retinue to allow for quick communication between himself and his agents.

Centauri Species Traits (Savage Worlds)
·         Born to Intrigue – Centauri are raised with intrigue, backstabbing and political maneuvering. It’s basically their second nature. This enables them to excel in influencing others, granting them +2 to their Charisma.
·         Vigorous – Centauri are noted for their personal excesses, especially of food, drink and entertainment. This has, in turn, made them more resilient – there’s little you can do to a Centauri, that he hasn’t already done to himself. Members of this race start with a d6 in Vigor.
·         Racial Enemies (Narn) – Centauri regard Narns as brutal, mindless savages, who should rightfully be either the subjects of Centauri rule or eradicated from the face of the universe. When dealing with Narns, Centauri are considered to be Bloodthirsty and at -4 Charisma.

·         Obligations to his House – There are practically no Centauri who are able to travel through the universe and don’t belong to one of the numerous minor or major noble houses. These connections will come to haunt the character from time to time and he will be asked to perform some task for the benefit of his house or for the ones his house is allied with. This works as the minor version of the Vow Hindrance 
(Savage World stats courtesy of Markus Finster's excellent Savage Babylon 5 conversion. Download it here.)

Centauri Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Scoundrels and Technicians, and add +1 to either Acquiring or Science.
Politics: Centauri are born and raised in an environment of politics and intrigue. They receive a +2 bonus to Acquiring rolls made when either attempting to convince others to see their way or when attempting to gather information. 
Psionics: Centauri can be Espers, with Telepathy being the most common power. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Founders of the Concord: Caitians in Mythic Space

At one time, the Caitians thought all was lost. They were driven from their home system by the Illithids, only a few hundred thousand of their kind remained alive. They sought refuge with anyone who would take them, most of whom were stellar nations that would become the Galactic Concord. Since then, the Caitians have been the staunchest defenders of the ideals of the Concord. If it weren’t for the alliance of those nations, there likely wouldn’t have been a future for the Caitians at all.
            Physical Description/Biology: Caitians are felinoids, humanoids evolved from feline species. While the species as a whole stand and weigh about the same as humans, males tend to be larger, more muscular while females tend to be lither and graceful. Caitians grow fur over the entirety of their bodies, but some will trim or even shave portions or all of their bodies. Coloration of their fur is just as wide and varied among Caitians as they are among Terran housecats. Males tend to keep their manes cut short, while females will let it grow. Most have tails, but some races only have small stub tails. Although they are humanoid, their legs are digitigrade. The soles of their feet are tough and padded such that many Caitians will forego footwear unless absolutely necessary.
            Personality: There’s an old saying in the Concord “Caitians aren't cats. Caitians are loyal.” All Caitians today are fierce supporters of the Galactic Concord. They feel a great sense of pride and honor in being part of this organization. They feel, and rightly so, that their species would have been totally lost had they not encountered the Sol Systems Alliance, the Vulcans, the Bothans, and the Minbari, all of whom took in some of their number after their homeworld was lost to the Illithids. Even though individuals may find quarrel with other individuals from other species, they will brook no insult to the Concord itself.
            Caitians are a loyal species. When a Caitian calls someone a friend that person knows that Caitian would do anything for them from offering a shoulder to cry on to avenging their untimely demise. That said, if a Caitian is betrayed, they can be as cold as the ice fields of Hoth; treating their betrayer as if they were dead.
            Caitians are also a serious people. When they set their minds to something it is hard to dissuade them. It is this level of perseverance that has allowed them to make great strides in restoring their homeworld.
            Homeworld: Caitians hail from the planet, Cait in the system of the same name. They had only colonized one other world when the Illithids turned their attention to their corner of the Alpha Quadrant. Cait is now a barely inhabitable planet, but the Caitians, along with scientists from several Concord worlds are making strides in restoring the planet. For now, most Caitians live among other Concord members, but they still have their own representative in the Senate.
            Religion: The loss of their homeworld dealt a huge blow to the faith of Caitians. Their legends and theology taught them that their world was unassailable thanks to the protection of their chief deity. The Illithids proved their priests and theologians wrong. Those that were religious before are now split between jaded atheists and those clinging to the hope that Cait can be restored as proof their god was there and didn’t allow the Illithids to win. Most Caitians may pay heed to tradition, but most don’t think much about it.
            Mutations: The occurrence of mutation among Caitians is lower than that of humans, but it is not unheard of. In fact, there has been more wild mutations among Caitians living in the bio-domes on Cait than at other point in history. It appears that something the Illithids released on Cait is having a destabilizing effect on the Caitian genetic structure.
            Cybernetics: Caitians can be installed with cybernetic upgrades and prosthetics.
            Psionics: Caitians can be psions, though the number who are able to is lower than the norm. Before the Concord, Caitian psions were looked up with fear and suspicion, largely because there was little understanding of psionics. Upon encountering other psionic species, they are less uneasy about psions in their midst and their own psions are able to receive proper training and support.

Caitian Species Traits
·         Agile: Caitians start play with a d6 in Agility.
·         Low-Light Vision: Caitians ignore penalties for poor lighting in all but pitch darkness.
·         Keen Hearing: Caitians can hear beyond the average range of most species. They receive a +2 bonus to Notice checks dealing with hearing.
·         Loyal: Caitians are loyal; to their friends, to their family, to the Concord, even to their favorite shop owners. They start play with the Loyal hindrance.

·         Poor Swimmer: Caitians are not fond of the water and suffer a -2 penalty to all Swimming skill rolls.

Caitian Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Scoundrel and Technician, and add +1 to either Acquiring or Science.
Keen Senses: Caitians gain a +1 bonus to Acquiring rolls that pertain to hearing. Plus, they can see in all but pitch darkness. 
Psionics: Caitian Espers are rare, but are occasionally occur. Any power is available to them. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Founders of the Concord: Bothans in Mythic Space


Before the Illithid Invasion, the Bothans had a reputation for being sneaky, greedy, and untrustworthy. Many felt like they were smug and in on some joke only they knew the punchline to. Bothans gave the impression that they were merchants and no one gave them much thought, but during the Illithid Invasion they showed that they were much more than simple traders; they were a species to be respected and even feared.
            Not long after the Bothan joined the Galactic Concord, they made it known to their allies that they controlled a vast spy network. The revelation caused some very heated discussions about just how vast their network was, but suffice to say the Bothans had information on all of the stellar nations involved and beyond, many of whom were stellar nations the Bothans had not even officially met until the months leading up to the formation of the Concord. Their network also had gathered information on their attackers.
            The Illithid Invasion was more of a blitzkrieg, and they left little in the way of witnesses or survivors to their attacks. Therefore, information on the Illithids and their forces and technology was spotty at best and it was difficult for most intelligence agencies to separate fact from spacer fantasy. The intel from the Bothan Spynet helped change the course of the war. The allies now had a source of information that was more concrete than anything else collected. It was information from the Bothan Spynet that clued the allies in that the Ith-Kon may be a key to sowing discord in the Illithid ranks, for instance.
            Physical Description/Biology: Bothans are bipedal humanoids that are covered in fur that ripples in tune with their emotional state. Their fur ranges in color from light tan to stark black. They are shorter than the average human at around 5 feet in height. They have large ears, and long faces that make some humans think of a cross between a dog and goat. Both genders are capable of growing beards, but doing so has gone out of fashion among Bothan females.
            Personality: Knowledge is power. That has been the Bothan creed for since time out of memory. In the days before they took to the stars, Bothan clans would spy on each other, ferreting out weaknesses and secrets to exploit. Later, it was corporations and nations stealing plans, sabotaging projects, and waging wars of misinformation. To the non-Bothan, this makes their society look chaotic, disingenuous, and even narcisstic. Bothans would point out that their history has been marked by far more character assassinations than true assassinations. More Bothan corporations and nations have fallen in bloodless revolts due to espionage and propaganda than many of the other Concord member states.
            Bothans are seen as overly cautious, sneaky, and manipulative. However, Bothans are also seen as curious, brave, and strangely loyal. They make no bones about attempting to make the most of all information at their disposal, but they rarely use negative intelligence against someone who has not done something to warrant bring struck down. Those that have earned an Bothan’s trust will find that they are true friends that always have their back, even when they don’t realize it.
            Homeworld: Bothans hail from the planet, Bothawui in the Bothai system. They have colonized some nearby systems as well with Kothlis and Torolis being two of the more populous colonies.
            Religion: Much of their belief system is based on a system of Renown. Bothans revere those that have succeeded in ways far beyond that of the average Bothan. Not only do they see warriors and great leaders as near-deified heroes, but also those that have mastered a craft or trade or developed technology that benefited all of Bothan culture. The birthdays of their heroes and heroines are celebrated with various ceremonies usually tied to what the hero is famous for. Bothans in a field will often attempt to emulate the success of their chosen hero as they go about their work.
            Mutations: Bothan genetics are just as prone to wild and dramatic mutation as in humans. Mutants are common in the poorer regions of Bothan industrial complexes. Much like among humans, mutants are seen with a mixture of disgust, fear, and pity; they are shunned by most and offered meager help by others. The Bothan government has had to deal with allegations that they are shipping their mutants to remote colonies that are poorly supplied and maintained, just to keep the image of Bothawui as clean and pristine as possible. Not surprisingly, little concrete proof of such practices has been able to be brought to light.
            Cybernetics: Bothans are capable of having cybernetic implants. There is little to no stigma in using cybernetics in their culture.
            Psionics: Bothans can be psionically capable. As one can imagine, in a culture of subterfuge and espionage, having people who can divine the minds of others with simple concentration is seen as both a boon and a source of fear. Bothan psions are often sponsored by corporations and various power groups in their government, but they are kept on short leashes with many anti-psionic counter-measures being used throughout Bothan culture. Being around so many more psionically-capable species has made the Bothans a bit more paranoid than normal.

Bothan Species Traits
·         Agile: Bothans start play with a d6 in Agility.
·         Sharp Senses: Bothans are skilled in using their senses to gather information about what’s going on around them, which grants them a +2 bonus to Notice checks.
·         Fragile: Bothans aren’t as tough as other species and suffer a -1 penalty to Toughness.

·         Cautious: Bothans rarely do anything “off the cuff’. They think their words and their actions through. Bothans start play with the Cautious Hindrance. 

Bothan Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Scoundrels and Technicians, and add +1 to either Acquiring or Science.
Sharp Senses: Bothans gain a +1 bonus to Acquiring rolls made in relation to noticing important details through sight and sound. 
Psionics: Bothans can become Espers. Telepathy is the most common power, but all are open to them. 

Bothan Savage Worlds stats modified from Mike Glanville's excellent Savage Star Wars fanbook.