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What I'm Using Part 2 (and an Addendum to Part 1)

In part 2 of this series detailing what bits and pieces I'm using from Savage Worlds, I'm looking at fan-made resources. One of the things that initially drew me to the D20 system was that there were a lot of properties using D20 as their base. Some of the finer details may have differed, but by and large I could use the stats from Babylon 5 with Star Wars and those with D&D. When I discovered the Savage Worlds system, I found that that same level of interchangeability was already there thanks to the fans savaging every setting under the sun. For someone like me that likes to toss a lot of genres in the pot to see what comes out that's simply fantastic. It made leaving D20 that much easier.

That said, with popular properties you may find a lot of different takes on how to handle the settings. That's certainly the case with settings like Mass Effect and Star Wars. I'm going to highlight a few of the set that I like and what bits I'm taking from each. Most of these settings can be found at, so if something mentioned here catches your fancy head on over and check it out. Like with official sources, I tend to focus on races and creatures and other bits that are easy to add to my list of setting rules.
  • 28 Days of Savage Space: Nicholas Torbin Bergquist did a great set of posts on his blog Realms of Chirak where he did a different sci-fi themed post outlining various NPC's, species, locations, tech, and so on. At the end of the series (which I really wished would have continued), he collected the posts into a pdf. There is some great material here. I hope that he returns to the theme again someday. 
  • A Yelp in the Dark: Chad Jones on his blog A Yelp in the Dark has been putting out a series of planetary one-sheets. These are excellent resources if you're in need of a planet on short notice. The One-Sheets are well done and hope he keep putting them out on occasion, and I look forward to seeing how his own setting is going to come together. 
  • Alien Vs. Predator: In my posts about the enigmatic Yautja (Predators) and the dreaded Xenomorphs, the conversion by James Houlahan is where I got the stats that I use. 
  • Dark Sun: I use the Muls and Thri-Kreen from Geek Ken's conversion of Dark Sun.
  • Fading Suns: There is an ongoing conversion of Fading Suns into Savage Worlds on G+ right now (check it out here). +Richard Ashley has done a fantastic job of savaging the Fading Suns setting. I may ample use of his conversion of the FS races (Gannok, Ur-Ubon, Ur-Ukar, Vorox, Shantor, and Etyri as well as some of the Edges and Hindrances and gear as well. 
  • Farscape: There is a pretty bare bones conversion of the TV show on Savage Heroes. I don't know who did the work, but I go to it for race stats. Still the D20 version is still an excellent resource for Farscape information from the first season and converting the ample bestiary isn't difficult. 
  • Gamma World: Gamma World Revised by Kenneth MacArthur is the version that I've been culling material from. I don't tend to use many of the mutations since Darwin's World and Broken World keep me pretty covered there. However, the bestiary in this book is well done and ripe for harvest, especially if you want to inject a dose of the weird into your space opera. 
  • Mass Effect: Hoo boy, there is a lot to sift through here! There are several different takes on the ME universe, but I tend to use Even Kreider's SW Mass Effect V5 more than the others. The doc isn't nearly as polished as some of the others, but it is more complete with a rather well done bestiary. That said, I do also make note of Ashavan's Savage Mass Effect V2 largely since it's the only ME conversion I've found that makes a point to also offer Protheans as a playable race (with GM approval). 
  • Savage Babylon 5: This conversion was put together by Markus Finster. It's got write-ups on several of the races and several starships. I've even played around with the idea of adding his Technomagery Arcane Background to Mythic Space either as is or as a stand in/add on to Mass Effect's Omni-Tool effects.
  • Savage Battlestar: I've played around with the idea of adding Cylons to Mythic Space, but I don't know how I'd incorporate them. However, should I decide to do so I'll use the stats found in John Brown and Rick Peterson's conversion of Battlestar Galactica.  
  • Savage Journe: This excellent conversion of the Skyrealms of Journe by Bruce Anderson is a great place to look for stats for Journe races and creatures. 
  • Savage Star*Drive: This doc written by John W Thompson is a very brief and dirty conversion of Alternity bits for Savage Worlds. It's also just about the only doc I've found covering the subject. 
  • Savage Titan: Written by J.L. Herbert, this is a savaging of the Titan A.E. movie setting. 
  • Savage TORG V4: I was always a fan of the TORG setting, and Brian Reeves' conversion is a great place to look to recreate that action with (in my opinion) a much better system. 
  • Savage Traveller: Put together by Jon Woodland, this is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to bring in Traveller tech to their Savage Worlds games. Most importantly though, are the conversion notes for Traveller starships. 
  • Savage U.N.I.T.: This Whoverse doc put together by "AgentofPing" has a good bestiary of classic foes from Dr. Who like the Daleks and Cybermen. 
  • Star Frontiers: Greg Bruni has put together one of the finest conversions of a setting into Savage Worlds I've found. His conversions are great and I make liberal use of them. 
  • Star Wars: I've long thought that Savage Worlds is the perfect ruleset for Star Wars, and considering the number of attempts that can be found on the internet, many other agree. The conversion that I keep going to is Mike Glanville's attempt. It's a whopping 102 pages cover a wide array of species, droids, starships, creatures, and NPC's. It really is the most complete package and one that I rob for stats a lot. 

There were a couple missed official settings, so here's the Addendum to Part 1. 
  • Nemezis: I really like this setting, but I like stripping out bits to use in Mythic Space more. I've already mentioned how I'm using a couple of the Nemezis races here, but I'm working on ideas on how to use the Barizians as well. The bestiary is filled with some really horrific aliens as well. 
  • Nova Praxis: I've never really liked the Transhumanist genre, but I do consider the ideas presented in Nova Praxis (and by extension much of the genre as well) a good example of far future tech. I'm toying around with the idea of adding Sleeved and SIM characters to Mythic Space possibly as prototype technology. There are also a few interesting aliens in the Sample Antagonists section as well. 
  • Space 1889 - Red Sands of Mars: The bestiary for this setting is excellent and can easily be ported to the setting of your choice. 

So there are the Savage Worlds resources that I'll be using for Mythic Space. 

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