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The Plague

The dreaded back to school plague has hit our house. It took down by eldest son, causing him to miss the second day of school and now my wife has it. That's the way it goes, I guess. At any rate that's why things have slowed back down around here of late. Hopefully, everyone will get better and stay that way. Until then, posts will likely be sporadic. I do have a couple more Marvel aliens to wrap up and post and a couple other non-Marvel aliens as well in the days ahead.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Brood

There are terrors in the galaxy that send shivers down the spine of even the most grizzled mercenary; chief among them are The Brood. the Brood have long harried the Shi'ar Empire, but have began to appear in the Alpha Quadrant recently. Until that point the tales of living "space whales" filled with insectoid beings that either kill or possess everything in sight were written off as either tales to scare children or to keep explorers out of the Beta Quadrant. It wasn't until a young Sol Alliance colony in the Verdanst system was wiped out that the Alpha Quadrant societies began to take notice.

The Brood hail from an unknown system. It's possible that system lies in the Delta Quadrant or even in some hidden world in the Beta Quadrant, but there are theories that propose that they hail from beyond the Milky Way. Either way, the Brood have been known to the Shi'ar Empire for hundreds of years. They travel through space in giant creatures called Acanti (also call "Space Whales" by some deep space explorers and merchants). They infest the insides of these massive, space-living creatures, and use a combination of poisons and bionics to control the creatures. The Brood will then feast on the insides of the Acanti until it dies, at which point they move onto the next Acanti.

The Brood are an insectoid species in many respects, though their physiology is distinctly non-insectiod in several regards. They have a caste-based society. Each Brood enclave is ruled by a Queen. The Queen infects new hosts with embryos. These embryos are fully sentient upon infected a new host. They slowly re-write the host's DNA until the host has transformed fully into the most common variety of Brood: Sleazeoid. The conversion process time can vary from species to species, but is generally complete within a week or two. Species with higher regenerative abilities can sometimes purge themselves of a Brood embryo naturally. However, for most species, unless advanced genetic therapies are applied within hours of infection, there is little that can be done to halt, no less reverse the conversion process. Sleazeoids, also called Soldier Brood, are the workers and warriors of the Brood species. Their duty is to protect the Queen, keep Acanti space-worthy, locating new Acanti suitable for use as starships, and any other tasks the Queen declares. There are also some specialized forms of Sleazeoids called the "Firstborn" that are used as a Queen's personal guard and her most effective assassins. Although, due to the differences between Firstborn and Sleazeoids, it has been theorized that there may be a Brood classification higher than Queen. This so-called "Empress" has never been seen and it has been suggested that she can only be found on the Brood homeworld, which has never been located.

The Brood are sentient, and despite being in a hive-caste society, they are all individuals but their desire to keep consuming and infecting every species that they can overwhelms as personal wants or desires. Sleazeoids live for their Queen and will fight to the death for her. This is due in part to a strong telepathic link between the Queen and her servants. This link is so strong that it can span across several light years, although how remains a mystery. This link also appears to have an addictive effect on the Sleazeoids. This is why when a Queen is slain most Sleazeoids will commit suicide if another Queen is not within the range that their telepathy can locate. The effect is what keep Sleazeoids in check and obedient despite the fact that each drone has an individual personality. Some Sleazeoids, however, can continue to exist without a Queen. There are even rumors of enclaves of Sleazeoids that actively avoid other Brood and are relatively peaceful, though these rumors remain the stuff of space legend without verifiable proof.

There are many Brood enclaves throughout the Beta Quadrant (likely the Delta Quadrant also), but they are not aligned with one another. There have even been reports of different enclaves attacking each other even though such tales are rare.

The Brood are insectoid in appearance. They are about 8 feet long from end to end. Their weight is variable and their eyes are colored either yellow or red. Sleazeoids are the most common variety of Brood. They are brown in color and can the ability to fly with clear dragonfly-like wings. Their bodies are leaner than that of Queens and end in two tails equipped with long, spear-like stingers. These stingers each carry a different poison. One is a powerful paralytic, the other is a potent neurotoxin that kills within seconds. Slazeoids have size legs, two of which are more tentacle-like in appearance and allow for fine dexterity. Queens are larger, standing around 12 to 17 feet tall, cannot fly, and do not have wings. However, they can infect potential hosts with a touch, and can spit a powerful paralytic goo. Firstborn Brood have a very different look, almost more reptilian than insect. They are green in color and have very durable bony plates covering their bodies. Firstborn stand around 15-20 feet tall. All brood have mouths filled with large, razor-sharp teeth.

Brood for Savage Worlds
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d8, Shooting d8, Stealth d6, (Sleazeoids may have other skills that fall under various Knowledge categories like Biochemistry, Bionics, and various Technical areas.)
Pace: 8; Parry: 8; Toughness: 13 (2)
Gear: Some Sleazeoids carry energy weapons on par with Blaster Rifles that also have a Stun Setting that work like a Stun Gun (see the Sci-Fi Companion for stats for these weapons).
Special Abilities
Armor: +2 tough exoskeletons.
Bite: Str+d6
Flight: Sleazeoids can fly on buzzing insectoid wings with a Pace of 12 and a Climb of 6.
Size +1: These creatures are about 8 feet long with slender bodies.
Tail Stingers: Stingers do Str+d6 damage. One contains a Paralytic poison, the other a Lethal poison. (See page 89 of the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook for more information on Poisons.)

Brood Queen (WC)
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d12
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d10, Notice d12
Pace: 8; Parry: 9; Toughness: 16 (2)
Special Abilities
Armor: +2 tough exoskeleton
Bite: Str+d8
Claws: Str+d8
Large: Attackers add +2 to their attack rolls when attacking a Brood Queen due to her size.
Size +4: Brood Queens are at least 12 feet tall with bloated abdomens.
Paralytic Poison: See page 89 in the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook for info on poisons. This is ranged spit attack that has a range of 4/8/16.
Infection: Any character wounded by a Brood Queen must make a successful Vigor roll with a -2 penalty or become infected with a Brood embryo. Unless the victim receives advanced genome resequencing therapy within the first 4 hours of infection, he will flee his allies in order to find a secluded spot to complete the transformation into a Brood Sleazeoid.

Brood Firstborn (WC)
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d12, Vigor d12
Skills: Climbing d10, Fighting d12, Notice d8, Shooting d10, Stealth d8, Tracking d8
Pace: 10; Parry: 10; Toughness: 20 (4)
Special Abilities 
Armor: +4 armor due to very tough, bony plates that cover much of their bodies.
Bite: Str+d8
Claws: Str+d8
Huge: Attackers receive a +4 bonus to their attack rolls when attacking a Brood Firstborn due to their immense size.
Size +6: Firstborn Brood stand up to 20 feet tall

Brood for Rogue Space
DRM: +1; TP: I; SZ: RB; MV: 50' crawl, 80' fly; AR: M; DM: V (laser rifle), M (tail stingers), or L (bite); HP: 3; SP *
Poison: One tail stinger has a paralytic poison (Fighting roll against TN 8 or become paralyzed for 2d6 minutes) and the other has a lethal poison (Fighting roll TN 8 or die within 2d6 rounds, but application of anti-venom can neutralize the poison). The poisons only take effect if the stingers cause HP damage.
Can be armed with laser rifles.

Brood Queen
DRM: +2; TP: I; SZ: RB; MV: 50' crawl; AR: M; DM: M (claws or bite); HP: 5; SP *
Paralytic Spit: Brood Queens can spit a wad of paralytic goo up to L range. Any hit by this spit must make a Fighting roll against TN 10 or be paralyzed for 3d6 minutes.
Infection: Anyone struck by a Brood Queen attack (even if no damage is dealt) must make a Fighting roll against TN 12 or become infected. Unless advanced genetic therapies are given to the victim within 4 hours, he will flee his companions in order to complete the conversion process into a Brood Sleazeoid.

Brood Firstborn
DRM: +3; TP: I; SZ: ZOMG; MV: 60' Arachnid, AR: V; DM: M (claws or bite); HP: 5; SP - 

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Betaurians (Centaurians from the Marvel Universe)

Quick Note: There are a lot of Centaurian species in sci-fi. Centaurians in Mythic Space are those found in Babylon 5. However, I don't want to just chuck out any other interesting species with the name "Centauri", so they are going to get renamed and placed into other parts of the galaxy. With that, here's how Marvel's Centaurians fit into Mythic Space...

Betaurians hail from the fourth planet in the Betauri system, not far from both Minbari and Badoon space. Until recently, they lived simple, primitive, yet fulfilling lives. Now, they are coming to terms that much of what they thought they knew of the universe was wrong as they've been thrust onto the galactic stage.

It wasn't long ago that the Betaurians would look up at the stars in the night sky and see heroes and monsters and tales of great deeds. They knew that their world was the gift to them from the elemental spirits to protect and safeguard against their own desire to want and destroy. They lived primitive lives in nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers. Betaurians built few permanent structures, and most of those that they did were religious in significance. Their only real technology was the adaptation of the sound sensitive metal, yaka, for use as their arrow shafts. By giving out whistles of a certain pitch, yaka arrows can change direction, allowing Betaurian hunters to strike at prey from behind cover.

When the Badoon struck, the only war that most Betaurians had known were small skirmishes with rival tribes, but such conflicts were rarely very bloody. The Badoon assault was relentless and decimated much of the Betaurian species in the first couple of days. They fought back, but their yaka arrows and warclubs were no match against Badoon energy weapons, advanced military tactics, and war machines. If it were not for the timely arrival of the Minbari, there likely would not be any Betaurians alive today.

The Badoon, upon determining that the invasion has failed, released toxin bombs in the atmosphere to poison the atmosphere of Betauri IV. The Minbari evacuated as many survivors as they could, but the loss of Betaurian life was staggering. The Betaurians were settled on the planet, Moruslan in the Tinneb system in Minbari space, where the remaining estimated surviving 24% of the Betaurian population now call home.

Typically the Minbari would not get involved with the affairs of other species, especially primitive species out of fear of contaminating their natural cultural and societal evolution. However, the ferocity of the Badoon assault forced them into action. Knowing that irreparable damage to their culture had already been done, the Minbari decided to keep a presence on Moruslan, a couple starports that house a garrison of Warrior Caste troops, several Worker Caste technicians, and even a couple representatives of the Religious Caste. The warriors would be the first line of defense should the Badoon attempt to strike again. While the other castes were there to offer food, answer questions about the galaxy, and to help in any other ways the Betaurians would need. They would not go out of their way to interact with the Betaurians, and for many months the Betaurians steered clear of the starports, but they knew that eventually curiosity about everything they had witnessed would get the better of some of their number.

The Badoons' attempt at genocide was horrifying to the Betaurians, but they were just as terrified of the Minbari at first as well. All they knew was that monsters in metal clouds that hurl terrible lightning and fire at each other had suddenly appeared. Surely the spirits were angry about some unknown slight, but it was obvious that they wanted them to go with the Minbari...for now. As they entered into Minbari space, they saw other lifeforms, different starships, other worlds, and even cities in space! It was difficult to comprehend, and still is, for most Betaurians. As they began the process of learning the ways of their new homeworld, many shamans insisted that the spirits are angry and demand more supplication and sacrifice from the Betaurians. A few shamans even suggested that the spirits are demanding blood sacrifices, something that did not sit will with many of the peaceful Betaurians. One shaman, Undrote, began to consolidate power through tactics of fear and intimidation. Before he was finally slain by some brave Betaurians that had had enough of his violence and fear-mongering, 100 Betaurians had been "offered" to the spirits.

Today, most Betaurians still live primitive lives following herds of kuldu (a sort of buffalo/horse hybrid) and honoring the elemental spirits. However, more and more young Betaurians leave Moruslan every generation to learn more about the galaxy at large. Due to this, the Minbari have sponsored the Betaurians as candidates for membership in the Galactic Concord of their own accord. (Being essentially a vassal state of the Minbari, Betaurians are already members of the Concord.) A few Betaurians have even entered into the Concord Naval Academy or enlisted as soldiers in the Concord Navy, though most are content to travel and study among the stars. These young Betaurians do not tend to revere the elemental spirits as their parents and their parents before them, which puts them at odds with more traditional Betaurians who fear their are losing their culture.

Betaurians are humanoids that stand around 6 feet tall, but the dorsal fin that runs from the tops of their heads down their backs can make them clear 7 feet. Their skin is blue of varying hues from baby blue, to blue green, to a deep, dark navy, with their dorsal fins ranging from bright red to a darker, almost maroon color. They are hairless, except some males are able to grow sparse black hair on their upper lip and chins. Betaurian ears are pointed. They are a marsupial species. Female Betaurians have a pouch on their stomach in which their carry their young until they are old enough to walk and run on their own (usually around 7-8 months old). Other than their outward physical characteristics (fins, pouch), Betaurians share the same physical form as most other humanoid species, with the same gender dimorphism, and the same hand and foot design. Tattoos are popular among Betaurians, with the markings having various religious and personal meanings.

Betaurians for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Betaurians start play with a d6 in Agility.
Alertness: Betaurian senses are a cut above the average, they start play with the Alertness Background Edge.
Low Tech: Betaurians, even those that have embraced galactic society, start play with the Minor version of the Low Tech Hindrance.
Racial Enemy: Despite their generally peaceful natures, Betaurians carry a burning hatred for the wanton slaughter of their people and the destruction of the homeworld. Betaurians suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with a Badoon, and are likely to attack at the slightest provocation.

New Combat Edge
Yaka Whistler
Requirments: Seasoned, Betaurian
A Betaurian using a bow with an arrow made from Yaka metal can cause the arrow to change course allowing him to turn a miss into a successful hit. Upon rolling a miss, the character may roll the attack again against either the original target or a nearby target. However, the attack roll suffers a -2 penalty when attempting to strike a nearby target or a -4 penalty if trying to strike the original target.

Betaurians for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Betaurians can be Soldiers and receive a +1 bonus to either Fighting or Empathy.
Yaka Arrows: Betaurians can cause a arrow made of Yaka metal to change course, allowing them an additional attack against either their original target or another nearby target when the initial attack fails. This is done by rolling another attack, but adding either a -2 penalty is attacking a different nearby target, or a -3 penalty if attempting to attack the original target.
Primitive: Betaurians come from a primitive culture and therefore suffer a -2 penalty when attempting to utilize any gear of a tech level beyond simple weapons and tools.
Psionics: Betaurians can be espers with Empath being the most common power.

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Satyxis in Mythic Space

For this entry, I'm leaving the Marvel Universe and converting a race from the Iron Kingdoms setting by Privateer Press.

The Satyxis are a species of humanoids from the Cryx system in the Vilnius Cloud along the edge of charted space between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants. This nearly all-female species has a culture comprised of various pirate and mercenary factions all vying for power and wealth, and for mates.

Satyxis hail from the third planet in the Cryx system, Satyx. Their society was much like any other until they learned of the existence of life on other planets. A Ferengi merchant vessel crashed landed on Satyx, where they were quickly captured and interrogated. The Satyxis feared the influence of aliens on their culture, and were doubly fearful of their technology, which far surpassed anything they had developed (Satyxis technology was firmly in their Information Age). Their government went into full war preparedness mode, with little regard for environmental ramifications. Using Ferengi technology as a guide, the Satyxis  government put all of their resources into developing starships and planetary defenses.

The ecological cost was great. Even before the anti-alien war effort moved into full swing, the Satyxis had already shown a total disregard for environmental conservation. By the time they had colonized the moon, Xamvir, the environment on Satyx was one of smog, radiation, and rampant global warming. This is when the first signs of the Wasting was seen in the Satyxis men. They were becoming weaker, more prone to birth defects and mental retardation with each generation. Within 100 years, the male gender was reduced to little more than breeding stock. The females, however, grew strong and healthy.

The ecological disasters and the loss of the males also caused a economic breakdown in Satyxis society. The high cost of caring for half the population, along with food shortages and the lack of much of any research being devoted to agriculture and environmental concerns left Satyx a dying world with little food and virtually no goods or services. Satyxis society splintered into warring factions. Those that were able to seize control of starships were those that survived. Since that point, Satyxis society, or what's left of it, is comprised of various factions of pirate and mercenary crews terrorizing the Vilnius Cloud and beyond.

Satyxis look upon other species with the same level of disdain that they did when they first met an alien. However, now, they depend on other species to keep their own species alive. While Satyxis women can use their males to reproduce, few care to do so. They found early in their first days of piracy that they can reproduce with many other humanoid (near-humans and humans mostly) species. Satyxis pirates will board starships not only for goods and tech, but for males as well, and the better the fighter, the more fiery the temper, the better. Male crew members in relatively good health with generally good looks will be taken hostage, while female crew members are either shot or left on the derelict starship to either die or be rescued. Hostages are treated well as long as they perform, but many Satyxis pirates tire of their playthings quickly. Those that have lost their allure are typically slain, but physically superior specimens are outfitted with slave collars and forced into menial labor. However, if a hostage gives a Satyxis a male child, he is typically executed before the child is even a minute old, no matter how useful of a slave he would be.

Satyxis have developed a very fearsome image for themselves. They take foreboding names for their factions and ships like "The Bloodhorns" and "the Vermilion Reaper" to strike fear in other spacers. While most are cruel and heartless to outsiders, they still care for their males contrary to popular tales stating that they sacrifice male children to primitive gods. Many command ships house care facilities for the Satyxis males. Even the male children born from mating with other species are cared for (as all males are born with severe mental and physical maladies). It is the hope of most Satyxis raiders that someday a cure can be found to fix the mutation that has ravaged their species. Still, there are some Satyxis that truly do fall for an outsider, and there are a couple of mercenary teams that have made names for themselves by working with other species to fight off pirate bands. They see the hatred and distrust of other species as being their downfall, and as long as they continue to look at aliens as enemies, there will never be any hope for their people.

Satyxis are a near-humans species. Females stand around 5 and a half to 6 feet tall and are are typically very beautiful. Skin and hair color varies widely depending on who their father was and his species (full-blood Satyxis have fair skin), but beyond that most tend to have the same features. Their ears are large and pointed, but the most striking feature are the two large horns that sprout from their foreheads. Most Satyxis women with sport many piercings, jewelry, and tattoos. Satyxis males are few in number, but all suffer from mental retardation or (typically and) any number of physical maladies. Most are totally reliant on their females for their well being, even those that are able to function can only do the most menial of tasks and even then only under close supervision.

Satyxis for Savage Worlds
Horns: Satyxis have two large horns that they can use to headbutt with for Str + d6 damage.
Beguiling Stare: Satyxis females have an innate ability to stun a male of their choosing with their enchanting stares. This ability can only be used once every four hours. The chosen victim must meet eyes with the Satyxis and make a Spirit roll or stand as if Shaken. The effect lasts as long as eye contact is kept or until the victim makes a successful Spirit roll. This ability has no effect on females, and only affect human and near-human males (vulcans, kree, shi'ar, luxans, centaurians all would count and then some).
Low-Light Vision: Cryx is a faint star, so Satyx is a gloomy world to begin with. Satyxis have developed low-light vision to compensate. They ignore penalties for bad lighting in all but pitch darkness.
Fearsome Reputation: Satyxis come from a lawless society of pirates and slavers. They are also known to kill female crewmembers of the ships they board. This reputation causes them to receive a -4 penalty to Charisma.

Satyxis for Rogue Space
Archtypes: Satyxis can be Soldiers and Technicians and receive a +1 bonus to to either Fighting or Repair.
Beguiling Stare: A Satyxis can meet eyes with a male of a human or near-human species to force him to stand still totally enraptured by her beauty. This ability can be used once every four hours. When used, both the Satyxis and the target make an Empathy roll. If the Satyxis wins, the target stands still, unable to act. If the victim rolls higher, the power was used to no effect. A victim under the effects of this power stay under the effects as long as eye contact is kept, or if he can win a contested Empathy roll (one try at the start of each round).
Psionics: Clearly, Satyxis have the ability to become espers, but few do as the soldier's life is what most follow. Those that do become espers tend to focus on mind-affecting/controlling powers like Empathy, Suggestion, and Telepathy.


The Badoon are a reptilian species from the planet, Lotlara in the Lomora system, not far from Minbari space. They are a species of opposites. The males are aggressive and militaristic while the females are peaceful and pacifistic. They are a young space-faring species with designs on the whole of the galaxy, at least the males feel this way.

Lotlara is a swamp-planet. 85% of the planet's surface is covered in water, much of it rather shallow. The dominant climate is tropical and many trees grow up from the shallow pools, giving much of the planet a very bayou-like feeling. It is not the sort of world that one would expect would-be galactic tyrants would hail from.

200 years ago, the Badoon began making giant strides in technology. Where they had barely entered into their Industrial Age, they quickly took to the stars and mastered technology that took many other species centuries to develop. This caught the attention of Minbari scouts who began to watch the Badoon with interest. Many Minbari leaders felt that the Badoon were getting technology from an outside source, possibly the Drahk, Romulans, or Massassi. When the Badoon colonized the planet, Moord, in the nearby Yastrazi system, reconnaissance of these young upstarts went into full swing. Still, the Badoon had not entered into any contact with any other species, although it was known that they knew of the existence of life on other worlds from monitoring their transmissions.

When the Badoon finally encountered another species, their intentions were laid bare. They attacked Betauri IV, home to the primitive Betaurians, and began a ruthless assault designed to wipe the natives from the planet. The Minbari stepped in and aided the Betaurians, even though they typically didn't involve themselves in the lives of primitive species. The Badoon fought the Minbari and the battles raged for weeks before the Badoon were finally driven back to the Yastrazi system. Betauri IV was decimated by the Badoon assault, however, forcing the Minbari to relocate the frightened and bewildered Betaurians to another planet in Minbari space.

Since their first conflict on the galactic stage, the Badoon have never fully recovered. They still perform raids for resources, supplies, and technology on neighboring systems or merchant convoys, but they've never massed an invasion on an inhabited world. Since they still have yet to have any proven contact with other species that wasn't violent, it is unknown if they have been beaten enough to know they are outgunned or biding their time and massing their strength.

What is known about Badoon culture is from Minbari spies and scouts. The males colonized Moorb entirely, leaving Lotlara to the females. Every year, males who have come of age and those who can still father young travel to Lotlara to find a mate or be with their mate. After the female lays an egg (or eggs, though multiple eggs are rare), the males take them back to Moorb where they are incubated and hatched. Females are then sent back to Lotlara to be raised by the females while male young stay on Moorb and are trained for combat.

Since the departure of the males, the female Badoon have appeared to make Lotlara a haven for science, art, and religion. There is rarely any strife that has been recorded on Lotlara since the males left, and the only instances of violence are typically when the males return to mate. There was hope among the Minbari that the females could be a force of calm for the male Badoon, but they appear to have little influence on the males and vice versa.

There is one dark side to the female Badoon, they are subject to a mutation that makes some of their number savage, and almost ape-like. These mutant Badoon are exiled to the swamp, where they mass in tribes and eke out a living away from the Badoon cities. They are typically violent towards all those who are not like them, even to typical civilized Badoon. Still, the Sisterhood (the leading priestesses of the chief religion on Lotlara) makes and effort to make supplies of food and rudimentary tools for the savages to use.

Male Badoon are lead by an "Emperor." Military training dominates much of a young male Badoon's life. Those that are deemed unfit for combat are given the opportunity to excel at technical skills. Those that fail at that task are give menial tasks or are executed. It appears that their entire lives revolve around training for war. There are no other pursuits. Even in their down time, male Badoon play war games meant to either keep their killing instincts or their tactical instincts honed.

The Badoon are reptilian humanoids that stand around 6 feet tall with stooping postures. Their fingers and toes (two toes on each foot) are webbed. Badoon flesh is made out of leathery scales that are various shades of green, with olive green being the most common. Males sport a ridge down their chests and large, furrowed brows that taper back to their pointed ears. Female Badoon can grow moss-like hair, but their brows are less prominent. They also have the typical form of females seen among other humanoids, although it is unclean as to why because Badoon have never nursed their young. Savage females have claws on their fingers and toes, and grow moss-like over all of their bodies except for their faces, hands, and feet.

Badoon for Savage Worlds

Male Badoon 
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d8, Swimming d6
Pace: 6"; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8 (2)
Gear: Blaster Rifle (RNG 24/48/96, DMG 2d8+2, ROF 1, AP2)
Special Abilities:

  • Tough Hide: +2 Armor
  • Diver: Badoon are “breath hold” divers and can stay underwater for long periods of time on just one breath of air. A Badoon gains a Fatigue level after every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching Incapacitation, the swimmer makes an immediate Vigor roll (and another each minute thereafter) to stay conscious. If the roll is failed the diver has drowned. Once above water, he recovers one level of Fatigue every five minutes.

Female Badoon (Civilized)
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Various skills. GM's should choose 2-4 skills like Healing, Investigation, Knowledge (Art, Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Religion and so forth), Notice, or other scholarly, non-violent skills. The die for these skills should be d8 to d10.
Pace: 6"; Parry: 2; Toughness: 7 (2)
Gear: Typically only professional tools.
Special Abilities:

  • Tough Hide: +2 Armor
  • Diver: Badoon are “breath hold” divers and can stay underwater for long periods of time on just one breath of air. A Badoon gains a Fatigue level after every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching Incapacitation, the swimmer makes an immediate Vigor roll (and another each minute thereafter) to stay conscious. If the roll is failed the diver has drowned. Once above water, he recovers one level of Fatigue every five minutes.

Female Badoon (Savage)
Attributes: Agility: d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6, Stealth d8
Pace: 6"; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (2)
Gear: Typically none, but some may wield ancient weapons like rudimentary clubs and spears (Str + d6 dmg)
Special Abilities: 

  • Tough Hide: +2 Armor
  • Claws: Str + d6 dmg
  • Diver: Badoon are “breath hold” divers and can stay underwater for long periods of time on just one breath of air. A Badoon gains a Fatigue level after every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching Incapacitation, the swimmer makes an immediate Vigor roll (and another each minute thereafter) to stay conscious. If the roll is failed the diver has drowned. Once above water, he recovers one level of Fatigue every five minutes.
  • Camouflage: Savage Badoon can blend in with the surroundings of their swamp homes, granting a +2 bonus to their Stealth skill rolls. 

Badoon for Rogue Space
Male Badoon
DRM +1; TP H; SZ A; MV Biped (40'); AR M; DM V (see below); HP 4; SP -
Armed with Laser Rifles (V damage, F range)

Female Badoon (Savage)
DRM +1; TP H; SZ A; MV Biped (40'); AR L; DM L; HP 3; SP - 
Usually fight with claws, but sometimes also with primitive weapons.


Ovoids are a humanoid species from the Janstak system. They are an enigmatic, but largely unassuming species known largely for their scientific advancements. Their homeworld, Birkeel, is a technological wonder. They Ovoids are also know for their potent psionic abilities, which they have honed to the point that they have developed a sort of immortality.

The Janstak system has always lied inside Concord-controlled space, but the Ovoids never joined the Concord until 15 years ago. They felt it better that they remained neutral in galactic politics. They felt they could contend with any threat with their own defenses easily enough. However, technological troves the likes of the Ovoids don't tend to stay safe for long. Even though the Ovoids have a very advanced level of tech, weapons are not something they deal with, that doesn't stop the stories from circulating that the Ovoids have tech that could turn men into gods and pirate lords into emperors. The Ovoids were attacked by a large pirate band that was able to defeat their planetary defenses. The Ovoids entreated to whoever could pick up their transmissions for aid, and the Concord answered. The pirates were repelled and Ovoids became members of the Galactic Concord.

Much of Ovoid technology is biological in nature. They are considered to be the foremost experts of psionic powers in the Concord. This area of study is of particular interest to Ovoids since all of them are telekinetic, and many have developed many different psionic powers. The other ability that all Ovoids have is to be able to transfer their minds into a cloned body upon the time of death, essentially making them immortal. The greatest sadness to an Ovoid is to die without a clone close-by, thus their death would truly be death. It is for this reason that many Ovoids do not leave Birkeel. Those that do make arrangements to have a clone in a hyperbaric chamber make the journey with them as well.

Ovoids are tall, standing around 8 feet tall on average, but weakly built humanoids. Their heads are large, with craniums that are oval shaped and are hairless except for some facial hair, although most Ovoids prefer to be clean-shaven. Ovoids have the standard humanoid hand of four fingers and an opposable thumb, but their feet are spatulate, with no toes at all. Ovoids genders display the typical dimorphism of other dual-sexed species, but thanks to their ability to transfer their essence to a cloned body upon the time of death there's little need for procreation in Ovoid society.

Ovoids are generally friendly and easy to get along with. However, many other species find them difficult to relate to. Ovoids carry themselves as if they are on a higher plane of thought, and many are. They do not attempt to act as if they are better, or at least more advanced or evolved than other species, but that is the way they can come off. Their culture can also feel a bit more sterile to other species as well. A trip to Birkeel is pleasant. Their cities are beautiful, the culture is welcoming, but there are few places of entertainment unless you have a certain level of psionic ability (Ovoids love to play games with their telekinetic abilities). Until the Ovoids allowed the construction of some cantinas and some holo-arenas, being in the Concord Navy and drawing duty in the Janstak system was seen as a punishment for the lack of entertainment.

Ovoids for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Ovoids start with a d6 in Smarts.
Psions: All Ovoids start play with the Psionics Arcane Background and the Telekinesis power, the other two are up to the player.
Size +1: Ovoids stand around 8 feet tall. This grants them a +1 to toughness, but they must pay 50% more for armor and clothing.
Mind Transferal: Upon the time of death, an Ovoid can transfer her mind into a clone as long as the clone is within 100 miles of the dying ovoid. There is no check with this power as its something Ovoids have done for many lifetimes so they are prepared to do so. Sudden deaths do not allow them to prepare for the transferal, so in those cases the Ovoid will be unable to transfer their minds to their clones.
Frail: Ovoids are not physically strong, so they receive a -1 penalty to Toughness.
Social Difficulty: Ovoids have a hard time relating to species that are not immortal like they are. Therefore, Ovoids suffer a -2 penalty to Charisma checks when dealing with other species.

Ovoids for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Ovoids can only be Technicians and receive a +1 bonus to either Science, Repair, or Empathy.
Empathic: All Ovoids gain a +1 bonus to Empathy.
Mind Transferal: Upon the time of death, an Ovoid can transfer her mind into a clone as long as the clone is within 100 miles of the dying ovoid. There is no check with this power as its something Ovoids have done for many lifetimes so they are prepared to do so. Sudden deaths do not allow them to prepare for the transferal, so in those cases the Ovoid will be unable to transfer their minds to their clones.
Psionics: All Ovoids are espers with the Telekinesis power.

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Saurids are an amphibious humanoid species from the Varanus system in Shi'ar space. Their homeworld, Timor, is about twice the size of Earth and the surface is over 85% water with the only dry land being small island chains. Their society stretches between both the islands and in underwater communities.

The Shi'ar has been in control of the Varanus system for hundreds of years. Their takeover of the Saurids didn't require much at all. the Saurids knew they were outgunned and saw the benefits of being part of the Shi'ar Empire from a trade and defense standpoint. Saurids were conscripted into the Shi'ar defense force and Timor was equipped with efficient power sources, medicines, and other technology. Like many members of the Shi'ar Empire, Saurids joined peacefully and willingly. That is not to say that there haven't been a few bumps in the road between the two species.

Saurids have a philosophical culture. The concepts of honor, family, and friendship are central in their culture. Over the centuries, the Saurids have been called upon perform acts that they considered to be less than honorable. One of those instances was the quelling of a Mephistoid uprising. Some Saurid soldiers came upon a couple of Shi'ar officers taking advantage of some Mephistoid captives. Seeing this act as highly dishonorable, the soldiers opened fire on the officers and helped the Mephistoid women escape. Such things have happened enough times over the centuries that there are a couple of Saurid mercenary crews operating on the fringes of Shi'ar space that take jobs that allow them to punish the dishonorable Shi'ar. Truth be told Saurid sense of honor is pretty fluid and largely up to individual interpretation. Some concepts like stealing is for the weak and cowardly and family is the cornerstone of life are universal, but context of the moment and personal bias play a large role in what each individual feels is honorable or not. This is why despite most Saurids knowing about the abuses of the Shi'ar Empire, they do not rise up against the Empire in large numbers.

Saurids are large, muscular humanoids. They stand around 9 feet tall on average. They are amphibious and have the look of fish-like humanoids. Their eyes are red and black in color and their bodies are covered in scales ranging from silvery blue to green in color (green scales being the most common). Their hands consist of four digits, one of which being an opposable thumb) and their feet have two large toes with a clawed heel. Saurid fingers and toes are clawed, but they are large and fairly blunt so are of limited use in combat.

Saurids for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Saurids start play with a d8 in Strength
Amphibious: Saurids are equally adapted for life in and out of water. They cannot drown in water and have a free d6 in Swimming. Their Pace in water equals their Swimming die.
Size +3: Saurids grow to a height of 9 feet tall on average. This adds +3 to their Toughness. However, Saurids must pay 150% more for armor and clothing.
Code of Honor: Saurids all have a code of honor that dictates their actions. This code is personal to each individual, but there are a few points that are universal to all Saurids. They have a strong sense of justice. Young of any species should be protected and cared for. Abuses of power should be fought against. A player creating a Saurid character should work with the GM to set up some other points for the character's personal code of honor.
Environmental Weakness: Saurids suffer a –4 penalty to resist heat. If the being suffers heat-based attack, the penalty acts as a bonus to damage. Plus, in very dry environments, Saurids suffer a -2 to -4 penalty (depending on the severity of the dryness) to all rolls unless they are wearing environmental suits to regulate their body temperatures and moisture levels.

Saurids for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Saurids can be either Soldiers or Technicians and gain a +1 in either Fighting or Repair.
Amphibious: Suarids can survive equally on land or in water. They are also adapted to survive the intense pressure of the deep seas.
Psionics: Saurid espers are rare and those that have the ability tend to have the Empath or Psychometry powers.

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Mephistoids are a feline-like humanoid species from the Cyrane Om'lr system. They were once the chief rivals of the Shi'ar Empire and the two groups waged a vicious war against each other. The Shi'ar won and the Mephistoids were relegated to scattered colonies in Shi'ar space. 

Not long after the species first met, it was discovered that Mephistoid males give off a pheromone that can weaken the will of other humanoid species that breathe air. The Mephistoids used this ability to broker advantageous trade treaties with other species. The Shi'ar became enraged when this ability was discovered and went to war. The Cheater War (as the Shi'ar call it because they felt cheated by the duplicitous Mephistoids) was a long and bloody conflict. In the end the Mephistoids were defeated and the males were relegated to interdicted colonies. Female Mephistoids were free to roam to the galaxy once their penance had been served. To this day, hundreds of years later, there are very few free Mephistoid males in the galaxy, as they are largely still confined to their colonies and are not allowed to leave them. 

One might think that a defeat of such magnitude would break the spirit of a species, but the Mephistoids are stubborn and dream of freedom for all their species. There are several terror cells made up largely of Mephistoid females that seek to free their men from their imprisonment to this day. While their numbers are only a small percentage of the overall population, their acts of terror against the Shi'ar Empire have stripped the entire species of their citizen status in the Empire. They can travel the various systems in the Empire, but they are under strict scrutiny wherever they go. 

Due to their treatment by the Shi'ar, Mephistoids are among the most common aliens from the Shi'ar Empire encountered in the Alpha Quadrant and the Concord in particular. An enclave of Clerans (members of a peace-loving religion popular among the Mephistoids) have even entreated the Concord Senate to aid their in their quest to free their males. Due to the distance and scant contact with the Shi'ar Empire, but the possibility of building a cooperative relationship with a large empire in the Beta Quadrant, the senators sent the Clerans away without any more than platitudes that they feel for their plight but can do nothing more. Still the Cleran sisters seek for aid from others in the galaxy, while the Mephistoid underground continues to fight. 

Mephistoids stand a little over five and a half feet tall, but males can sometimes reach six feet or more. Their skin is stark white, but is covered in fine fur that becomes thicker around their stomachs (though many Mephistoids trim this hair) lower arms and legs, and their heads sport hair much like many human species (although typically white in color). Their have long, bushy tails as well. The color of their fur is largely white, but some have black fur with white stripes reminiscent of an Earth skunk. Their eyes are feline-like with slitted pupils and are usually yellow or orange in color. Their ears are pointed as are their incisors and the nails on their fingers and toes. Mephistoids are a very agile people with excellent night vision and a keen sense of smell. They have the standard gender dimorphism of other humanoid species in regards to reproductive organs. Mephistoids can produce viable young with many near-human and feline-like humanoid species. 

The feared "mind-controlling" pheromones are given off by both sexes. The males can use the pheromone at will, but females can only give off the pheromone while mating. Even so, the properties of their pheromones are greatly exaggerated. They do not control the minds of other humanoids, but can make them more open to suggestion. Most Mephistoid pheromone use is in their language. They have a verbal language, but along with spoken words, they give off scents that only a few non-Mephistoids can smell and few others can understand. This makes talking with a Mephistoid a confusing affair when attempting to converse in their own language. Even those that speak Basic or Shi'ar do so in a manner that is difficult to understand due to their strange sentence structure. This is an example of a Mephistoid speaking (broken) Basic: "Shi’ar not friends anymore ... if ever were ! Turned, Lilandra has! Forget you how we met ?" Still, some do learn how to speak other languages fluently, even if they still want to punctuate their speech with their pheromones. Translators can be purchased that can detect and translate all of a Mephistoid's speech, both verbal and not, but they are typically expensive (5,000 credits or more)

Mephistoids for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Mephistoids start play with a d6 in Agility. 
Low-Light VisionMephistoids ignore penalties for bad lighting in all but pitch darkness.
Claws: Mephistoids have retractable claws that do Str+d6 damage and grant +2 to Climbing rolls on all but completely sheer surfaces. 
Keen Sense of Smell: Mephistoids gain a +2 bonus Notice rolls pertaining to scent. 
Pheromones: Mephistoid males can give off a pheromone that grants them a +2 bonus to Persuasion rolls against other humanoids that breathe in the pheromone and fail a Vigor roll. The pheromones are only effective up to 10 feet away, but can only be smelled by Mephistoids (who are immune to the effects) and by other species with keen olfactory senses. This pheromone's effects only last 15 minutes, after which the victim cannot be affected again for another 24 hours. 
Racial Enemy: Mephistoids hate Shi'ar. When dealing with Shi'ar, Mephistoids receive a -4 penalty to Charisma can be provoked very, very easily. 
Outsider: Mephistoid females aren't generally welcomed in Shi'ar space, and have the reputation for being terrorists, thieves and pirates in other parts of the galaxy. They start play with the Outsider hindrance. Mephistoid males also start with this Hindrance and well, but they are seen as wanted criminals if found walking free in the Shi'ar Empire, as are any that aid a runaway male. 

Mephistoids for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Mephistoid females can be Scoundrels or Technicians with a +1 bonus to either Acquiring, or Repair. Males are Soldiers with a +1 to Fighting. 
Pheromones: Any air-breathing humanoid within close range of a Mephistoid must make a Fighting roll or come under the influence of the musk. This allows the Mephistoid a +2 bonus to Empathy checks to influence the victim.
Psionics: Mephistoid espers tend to have the Suggestion power most commonly, but any are possible.

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My Conversion Mindset

As I'm posting my take on various aliens and such from comics, TV, movies, and other games, I thought it might be somewhat helpful to understand my thoughts behind the conversions.

First off, I don't really care about staying overly true to the original representations. This has been pretty evident with my write-ups recently. The Kree, Shi'ar, and Autocrons all can lift over a ton in the Marvel Universe (5 tons for Autocrons). I don't want Mythic Space to turn into a Rifts-like arms race to see who can build the most unkillable PC, so I'm dialing that kind of thing way back. The Skrulls also got dialed back. There are no Super-Skrulls walking around mimicking mutant powers. They can't even shapeshift into specific people! However, their ability is still pretty damn useful, especially in a campaign that's high on spying or subterfuge in general. You'll see this the more I post other species. Vulcans are more human and less "Logical Mary-Sue" like they sometimes are portrayed to be in the various Star Trek series/movies/books, for instance.

This goes for background information as well. Take the Autocrons I just posted. In the Marvel Universe, they hail from the sixth planet in the Betelgeuse system. Since Betelgeusians are a member of the Concord and that system is deep within Concord-controlled space, I didn't want an Autocron empire in the middle of it, so I sent them off to the Fringe of the Orion Arm; still close enough to be a problem, but not right in the mix. Plus, I tied them more into my setting by giving them a deep hatred of two Star Trek species. They are still Autocrons, but now they are Mythic Space Autocrons rather than being solely Autocrons from the Marvel Universe.

My bottom-line philosophy in adapting material is "spirit, not the word." When someone in my campaign decides to play an Eldar, Luxan, Shi'ar, Wookiee or whatever I want them to be relatively on par with they other characters in the group mechanically, and I want that character to have enough cultural background info (and stats) to make the player feel like they really are playing a member well-known species...even if they can't throw a 2 ton crate across the cargo bay!

So there you go, a little look into the cluttered mess that is my mind!


Autocrons are a humanoid species from the plant, New Cron in the Autocylonis System. They originally hailed from the Betelgeuse system, but the Betelgeusians, along with help from the Vulcans, drove the Autocrons out of the system and far into the fringe of the Orion Arm during the Betelgeusian War. Since that time, the Autocrons have built a small, but technologically impressive empire in the Fringe; enslaving other species and nursing old hatreds. It is the dream of every Autocron to return to their home system and annihilate the Betelgeusians, Vulcans, and Asari.

The Autocron government is a Technocracy. Even before their defeat in the Betelgeusian War, they had began the construction of super-computer that would control all aspects of Autocron lives from where to mine, what to food to produce, and even military tactics. Upon settling on what is now known as New Cron, they took what they could salvage of their world computer and completed it. This has allowed the Autocrons to make great leaps in technological research, production efficiency, and even the survivability of the species. The wold computer is the primary reason the Autocrons are in control of many systems instead of scraping by just trying to survive thousands of light years from their homeworld.

Also thanks to the world computer, Autocron society is highly ordered and regimented. Everything and everyone has their place. Those that are inefficient and cannot be "corrected" are done away with. This have also changed the Autocron perception of life. Before, they were still just as militaristic, but they were like many other species: they cared for their children and spent time with their families. Now, the concept of family has lost all meaning. Lives are only valid if the life is useful. Birth defects are dealt with swift and horrific action (thankfully defects are rare in the hardy Autocron physiology), and any Autocron that has been incapacitated is also dealt with swiftly so as not to slow down any others. This cold, emotionless, and callow view of life has lead to the creation of an Autocron underground for those who wish to see a return to living Autocron rule and an end to the World Computer. This is not to say that these rebel Autocrons are kind and caring lovers of life, they are just more open to emotion. In fact, since the underground mostly sees to the escape of Autocrons wanting to leave the empire, with very little infrastructure in place for planning any actual attack on the World Computer, all they have really accomplished is set up a new group of Autocron pirates and mercenaries that harass the fringes of the Autocron Empire and the surrounding systems.

Autocrons are humanoids, but since their physiology is iron-based rather than carbon-based, they almost look like androids. Their dark blue to black skin is very tough and they possess more average strength than humans. However, since they are so dense, they move with a plodding gait and are not very agile. They stand around 6'5" on average. Their hands consist of the standard four fingers and a thumb, but their feet are wide and flat with only two large toes. Autocrons are completely hairless, but they all have a marking where eyebrows would be on humans that is generally yellow, orange, or red in color. This markings are different for each Autocron, but the difference can be very subtle. One final fact about Autocrons, they have no ability in psionics. It is unknown why that is as their brains are not structured very differently from many other psionic-capable species other than the elemental make-up of the tissue.

Autocrons, be it those loyal to the Empire or ex-pat pirates and mercenaries are all gruff and foul tempered beings. They have little patience for other beings since they feel they are above most other forms of life. They all harbor a deep-seated hatred for Betelgeusians and Vulcans and dream of the day when they will crush them under their heels.

Autocrons for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Autocrons start play with a d6 in both Strength and Vigor.
Hardened Flesh: Autocron flesh is tough and armor-like, granting them a +4 bonus to Armor. This also grants them a +1 bonus to Toughness.
Methane Breather: Autocrons are methane breathers and will suffocate in an oxygen-rich environment without use of some sort of breathing apparatus.
Attribute Penalty: Autocrons are not very graceful, they suffer a -1 penalty to all Agility rolls.
Racial Enemies: Autocrons hate Betelgeusians and Vulcans even though no living Autocron remembers the Betelgeusian War. They suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with either species.
Slow: Autocron Pace scores start at 4", and they have a d4 for Running die.

Autocrons for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Autocrons can be Soldier and Technicians and receive either a +1 to Fighting, Science, or Repair.
Tough Flesh: Autocrons are always considered to be wearing M armor.
Bellringer: Autocrons that strike with their fists grant them a +1 bonus to damage.
Psionics: Autocrons have no psionic aptitude.

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Kree Sentries

The Sentries are robots built by the Kree to use as guards for military outposts and installations and to supplement their own living soldiers on the battlefield. They are largely autonomous, but their AI is limited to adhering to their mission parameters. They can "think outside of the box" as long as doing so does not stray too far from their mission. All are built to be humanoid, and all have strong armor plating and energy emitters in their hands and eyes, though they are built to different sizes ranging from 3 feet tall to over 12 feet, although most are around 6 feet tall. All sentries are able to receive and send data via subspace communications, allowing them to survey and report from vast distances. They are also equipped with delicate sensors making their notoriously hard to get the drop on or to evade or escape from. If sentries have one weakness, it's that they are slow and not typically graceful.

Kree Sentry (6 feet tall) for Savage Worlds
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d12, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d8, Shooting d10
Pace: 4; Parry: 7; Toughness: 11 (4)
Gear: None, all weaponry is built in.
Special Abilities:

  • Energy Cannon (hands): 3d6+4 damage (Range 100/200/400; ROF 1; Shots: 250, but can recharge after 2 hours of non-use)
  • Energy Cannon (eyes): 2d6+3 damage (Range 50/100/200; ROF 1; Shots: 250, but can recharge after 2 hours of non-use)
  • Armor +4: Heavy Armor
  • Sensor Suite: +4 to Notice rolls vs sound, motion, strong chemicals, radiation, or electrical fields up to 500 yards.
  • Construct: Artificial beings add +2 to recover from being Shaken, don’t breathe, ignore one level of wound modifiers, and are immune to poison and disease. Constructs cannot heal naturally. To heal one requires the Repair skill—which is used like the Healing skill only with no “Golden Hour.”
  • Kree Sentries do not have the typical weakness to electricity as their systems are shielding and insulated. Ion and EMP attacks do affect them however. 

Kree Sentry (6 feet tall) for Rogue Space
DRM: +2; SZ A; MV Walks (20'); AR V; DM Vx2; HP 4
Task: Sentry +1
Design: humanoid design for guard duty and active combat. Equipped with energy emitters in hands, motion/infra-red/aural sensors. 

Skrull Empire

The Skrull Empire rounds out the trio of ancient empires that dominate the Beta Quadrant. Out of the three, the Skrull Empire is the longest lived, and is counted among the oldest empires in the galaxy. They were nearly wiped out by the Kree, but have since made a startling comeback. Skrulls hail from a lush, jungle world called Skrullos in the Drax system.

The Skrull Empire is ruled by an Emperor or Empress much like the Shi'ar Empire, and also like the Shi'ar, the Emperor/Empress rules completely. Early in their empire, the Skrulls built their power base on the basis of free trade with the other species and cultures their encountered. Their inherent ability to shapeshift to look like nondescript members of other species gave them a distinct advantage in diplomacy. This allowed the Skrull Empire to amass great wealth and fostered the arts and sciences. However, upon meeting the Kree, that all changed.

The Kree-Skrull War has raged for generations. About 20 standard years ago, the Kree seemed to be on the verge of victory. They were seemingly in position to take Skrullos. The Skrulls had never had a very strong military, but the ferocity of the Kree assaults changed that. The once peaceful Skrull, who would rarely use their shapeshifting abilities for subterfuge, developed a spy program that is among one of the most efficient and effective in the galaxy. With knowledge gained from spy missions, the Skrulls developed weapons that took advantage of every flaw in Kree defenses that they could uncover. The creation of the Nega-Bombs was a pinnacle achievement. The Nega-Bombs have allowed the Skrulls to push back and even seemingly gain and upper hand in the war, but at the cost of millions of lives not all of which were military casualties.

The wanton destruction wrought by Skrull Nega-Bombs has changed the image of the Skrulls from merchants and diplomats (and even "shapeshifting thieves among some cultures) to bloodthirsty warlords hellbent on the annihilation of the Kree. Many stellar powers, once sympathetic to the plight of the Skrulls, have turned their back on the Skrull Empire. There is also derision in Skrull culture with some circles feeling that Emperor Dorrek IV, has allowed his quest for vengeance to allow him to throw away everything that made the empire great in the first place. Such groups meet in the shadows and talk only in whispers, however, as Dorrek IV's gaze turned inward on his own people when he discovered there was rebellious underground forming.

Skrull technology is on par with that of the Concord. Skrulls have developed more advanced matter creation technology that requires less energy than anything found in the Concord. Until the last 15-20 years the Skrull military was outclassed by the Concord and many other stellar powers, but since that time they have developed warships and weaponry on par with most of the neighboring stellar nations. Most credit the Skrull spy network and their innate shapeshifting abilities for the great leaps in weapons tech in such a short amount of time.

Skrulls in their natural forms are reptilian humanoids of slight build and small stature. Their flesh is green and smooth, except for pronounced wrinkles on their chins. Females lay eggs, but nurse their young upon hatching for the first eight-nine months of life. Their shapeshifting ability is their most significant feature. They can take the shape of any humanoid up to 1.5 times their size (about 12 feet tall). They cannot take the shape of specific people, but they can come close. Plus, they are unable to mimic traits of other species. So a Skrull shapeshifting into the form of an Autocron does not develop iron-hard flesh, only the look and feel with none of the durability. Skrull DNA is incapable of mutation and cybernetic implants do not work for them unless they stay in their natural state. Skrulls are incapable of producing viable young with members of other species.

Skrulls for Savage Worlds
Shapechange: Skrulls can transform into any humanoid creature between Size -2 to 3. This change requires a full action in order to complete. Skrulls do not gain any change in Toughness as they do not add mass, and they cannot change into specific members of any species. They can come close, but anyone a Skrull who is trying to impersonate a specific person will receive a +2 bonus to their Notice roll to see something is wrong with the disguise. Skrulls can only hold a shape for 6 hours before returning to their natural state for at least 4 hours. This ability does not allow a Skrull to develop additional limbs (except for vestigial wings and tails) or to regenerate lost limbs. If a skrull has cybernetics installed, they cannot shapechange and still be able to use the implant.
Racial Enemy: Skrulls hate the Kree. They suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with Kree, and require little provocation to resort to violence.
Outsider: Skrulls no longer have a reputation for being peaceful merchants. The fear of their spy network and the tales of the ferocity of their attacks on Kree settlements has turned the court of public opinion against them. Skrulls are not trusted in many parts of the galaxy that know of their species. Many worlds have added Skrull genetic markers to their genetic scanners and will refuse entry to any Skrull attempting to enter, whether or not they are shapechanged at the time.

Skrulls for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Skrulls can be Scoundrels or Technicians and receive a +1 bonus to either Acquiring or Science.
Shapechange: Skrulls can take the form of any Small to Really Big humanoid. They only gain the look of an average member of that species, but none of the special traits. Changing forms takes one round during which they must concentrate on the transformation.
Weakness: Skrulls cannot have cybernetic implants.
Psionics: Skrull espers most commonly have the Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, or Cloaking powers.

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The Shi'ar Empire

The Shi'ar are the second of a trio of stellar empires that dominate much of the Beta Quadrant. Much like the Kree, the Shi'ar Empire has stood for far longer than mankind even knew the Earth was round. However, unlike the Kree, the Shi'ar are much less nationalistic and military-minded. They are a more cultured and civilized people. Still, they are one that has amassed their power with military might and the subjugation of those that stand in their way of expansion.

The Shi'ar Empire is roughly the same size as the whole of the Galactic Concord member systems. They hail from a planet roughly translated as "the Aerie" in an unknown system. It is assumed that the Aerie is located somewhere coreward in the Beta Quadrant, but there is evidence to suggest that the Aerie is actually located in another galaxy, possibly the Andromeda galaxy. However, much of the "evidence" is based off of reports from cryptic things Shi'ar representatives say in trade talks to impress their superiority upon their "lessers." The Shi'ar rule from a giant space station called the Throneworld. The Throneworld is over twice the size of the Citadel, making it the largest known artificial body in known space.

The Shi'ar are ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who has absolute authority over the Empire. The line of succession is typically hereditary, but Shi'ar politics are complex with many rival noble houses all vying to prove descent from one emperor or empress or another. While assassinations are rare in Shi'ar history, most of the machinations among the noble houses are attempts to embarrass or dishonor a rival house rather than cause any physical harm. Should the dealings of the nobles raise the ire of the Emperor/Empress, the consequences can be, and often are, dire, so feuds are kept as quiet and un-disruptive to the Empire as possible.

The Shi'ar Empire controls hundreds of worlds and contains many species. Many worlds offer themselves to the Empire for protection or to be able to freely trade with Shi'ar worlds. The number of worlds under Shi'ar rule only continue to grow as the Skrull and Kree continue their bloody war across the Beta Quadrant. Worlds that have come willingly to the Empire become full citizens after a standard year. Those worlds that had to be taken by force, however, may never become full citizens of the Empire and may stay confined to their worlds for decades or longer. The time span that those beings must wait to be considered full members of the Empire lasts as long as the Shi'ar detect signs of sedition and treason among the subjugated. Most species ruled by the Shi'ar are loyal to Empire however.

Shi'ar are humanoids with avian characteristics. On average, they have lithe, athletic bodies built for endurance. They are completely hairless, but where humans grow hair Shi'ar grow feathers. They wear their head feathers in wide styles that fan out from their heads. They even grow facial feathers much like humans can grow facial hair. Many Shi'ar have smaller feathers growing on their elbows and even up the backs of their arms. At one point in their evolution, they had wings that extended up their arms and allowed for flight and gliding. It has become fashionable in some circles to have wings capable of gliding short distances surgically implanted in their arms. Shi'ar are mammalian, and give birth to live young. They are also genetically compatible with many near-human species, including humans.

Shi'ar are a proud people. They take pride in their Empire. They take pride that unlike other stellar empires, the Shi'ar Empire is one that was not built entirely on the blood and death that comes with more totalitarian empires. They see themselves as a beacon of light in a dark universe. While it is true that compared to other stellar empires in the Beta Quadrant, and even the Alpha Quadrant, the Shi'ar Empire is much more egalitarian. However, the still have dark spots in their history. The politics and level of diplomacy with outsiders can swing wildly with the ascendance of a new Emperor or Empress. Emperor D'Ken, the former ruler of the Empire cared little for diplomacy and was much more interested in sampling the women of the galaxy and showing off Shi'ar might than entering into diplomatic relations with other stellar powers. The current Empress, Lilandra, D'Ken's niece, however is more concerned with peace and has attempted to broker peace between the Skrulls and Kree, and has even entered into diplomatic trade negotiations with the Concord and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

Shi'ar technology is on par with that of the Galactic Concord. Their warp drives are more efficient, and there is intel that suggests that they may have technology that allows their to open and direct the destination of wormholes over short distances (cosmically speaking), which is something that no other species has been able to accomplish. Their warships are more maneuverable as well, giving them a slight tactical advantage over the Concord Navy.

Shi'ar for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Shi'ar are hardy individuals and start play with a d6 in Vigor.
Keen Sense: Owing to their avian heritage, Shi'ar receive a +2 bonus to sight-based Notice rolls.
Greedy: Shi'ar like shiny, beautiful things. When they see something they wish to acquire, they will badger and bicker over the item. They rarely resort to violence, but it has been known to occur in rare cases.

Shi'ar for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Shi'ar can be Technicians and Soldiers with a +1 bonus in either Fighting, Acquiring, or Science.
Keen Sight: Shi'ar gain a +2 bonus to sight-based Acquiring rolls.
Psionics: Shi'ar have the same level of psychic potential as humans.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Kree Empire

The Kree Empire is among one of the largest empires in the galaxy, and it is one of the oldest. The heart of the Kree Empire is found on Kree-Lar in the Turunal system deep in the Beta Quadrant. The empire is very militaristic and aggressively expansionist, which has lead them into conflict with other stellar powers many times over their history. These wars have cost the Kree dearly, as their empire is in decline due to too many costly losses on the battlefield of late.

The Kree are ruled by Supremor, a sort of organic computer made up of greatest minds in Kree history. When a kree regarded as a great leader, thinker, or innovator dies, his or her brain is added to the Supremor. The Supremor is a living being that looks like a large, obese, male kree disembodied head with tentacles growing from the scalp that are connected to a vast array of machines. These machines allow the Supremor to absorb the brains of Kree influencers as well as allow the Supremor to access various systems connected to vast Kree network and the machines also provide for Supremor's sustenance and well being.

The Kree are near-human in form and function. They are humanoid, with the standard two legs, two arms, five fingers and toes, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and two genders physiology that is overwhelmingly common in the galaxy. Most kree have blue skin, but pink (slightly more pink than typical human Caucasians) skin is also found in the species as well. Their original homeworld, Hala, has slightly higher gravity than Earth making the Kree a bit stronger and more hardy than humans. Kree are also used to atmospheres higher in Nitrogen compared to humans, and therefore must wear rebreathers or environmental suits on standard oxygen-rich atmosphere worlds. However, Kree scientists have developed genetic therapies that can allow agents to breathe oxygenated atmospheres normally, which has made their spies much more effective. It is unclear whether the Kree have always been able to produce offspring with other humanoid species or if it is the effect of genetic modification, but Kree and humans (as well as other near-human species) can produce viable offspring.

Kree technology is on par with that of the Concord. Their ships utilize warp drives and their military is very well equipped with energy weapons. The Kree military is made up primarily of Kree volunteers (it is a great honor among many young kree to be selected to serve in the Imperial Army), but they also make use of robotic soldiers, called Sentries, as well. Kree genetic sciences are beyond that of the Concord however, much closer to that of the Thuldan Empire. The Kree have few concerns about the morality of certain genetic tests and modifications as long as it benefits the Empire.

The Kree Empire is in decline. Their current war with the Skrulls has cost them dearly. After almost decimating the Skrulls just two decades ago, the Skrulls now have the upper hand. They have detonated a power weapon called a "Nega-Bomb" on the original homeworld, Hala, killing 98% of the kree on that world and making the planet virtually uninhabitable. The current Skrull offensive continues to push deep into Kree territory and threatens Kree-Lar. The Kree have made few friends in their quadrant of space, and word of the arrogant Kree has has spread to the Concord as some members have had dealings with the Kree before, so they have few friends on which they can count support. Recently, the Thuldan Empire has been seen sending ships into Kree Territory. The thought that either empire would concede any ground to the other for very long is virtually unthinkable, but it does appear that they have entered into diplomatic relations. With the Thuldan Empire being so far from the Beta Quadrant, no less the Kree Empire within, it is unclear how far this relationship would be able to go.

Kree for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Kree start play with a d6 in Stength.
Toughness: Kree are very hardy people and receive a +1 bonus to Toughness.
Warrior-Born: All Kree go through some sort of military training. Select one skill (Fighting, Pilot, Shooting, or Throwing) and increase that skill's starting die to d6.
Arrogant: The Kree are extremely headstrong and proud to be Kree, and therefore start play with the Arrogant Hindrance.
Racial Enmity: The Kree hate the Skrulls above all other species. They suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with Skrulls, and require little provocation to resort to violence.
Environmental Weakness: Kree cannot breathe standard oxygenated air. If left without genetic modifications, or some sort of breathing apparatus, Kree will essentially drown in non-nitrogen-rich atmospheres.

Kree for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Kree can be Soldiers and Technicians, and receive a +1 to Fighting.
Hardy: Kree are tough and start play with two additional Hit Points.
Psionics: Kree have psionic potential on par with that of humans.

Saturday, August 02, 2014


This morning I did something that I very rarely do: go to the movies. I've been excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy ever since I saw the first trailer, but I generally don't like going to the theater because I've had too many bad experiences with other people ruining, or at least dampening my enjoyment of the movie. (That, and I feel it's too damned expensive, and I can generally wait until a movie hits Redbox.) Every now and then a movie comes along that I really have to see immediately, and GotG was that movie.

For those of you that don't know, the Guardians of the Galaxy is the story of a rag-tag bunch of outlaws and losers that band together to save the planet Xandar (and by extension the rest of the galaxy) from an alien fanatic who hate Xandarians. It also ties into the rest of the Marvel Studios movie timeline (Iron Man, Thor, and the Avengers) that appears to be leading up to them bringing the mother of all Marvel stories to the big screen: The Infinity Gauntlet! (Not that you'll miss anything in GotG is you haven't seen any of the other movies, but it wouldn't hurt.)

I have to say that not only did I leave happy to have gone to the theater, but that GotG met and exceeded my expectations, and that's hard to do. It was true to the spirit of the comics and the characters, was exciting, funny, and even very touching at times. I thought the casting was very well done, the FX were fantastic, and left me looking forward to not only GotG2, but also for Avengers 2.

Not only is GotG a great comic book adaptation, but it's also an excellent space opera movie. I've always loved Marvel's sci-fi offerings and GotG showcases this side of the Marvel Universe pretty well. My one and only complaint is that they used so many of the humanoid species and not enough of the more alien aliens in the MU. I get it, it's cheaper and easier to do, but I hope we get to see some of the more alien species in GotG 2.

This has kick started my desire to write again (I've been in a bit of a creative funk lately, hence the lack of activity here). I've still got a mountain of various articles and entries that are in various states of completion, but I'm going to try a little focusing for a change. I'm going to start a (hopefully) semi-regular series on Marvel Universe aliens for Mythic Space. So get ready to see Shi'ar, Kree, Zenn-Lavians, and others on this blog in the near future!