Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to Basics

I haven't written much this last week.  Too many things going on a work, home, etc...  The only gaming I've done of late is playing through the Dragon Age Awakenings expansion pack.  It's a little light on content (most play-throughs have been around 15-20 hours, so I'm likely nearing the end since I'm at 12 hours) for the $40 price tag, so if you're on the fence you might want to wait for a price drop.  All in all, its a good expansion though.  The story takes the Darkspawn to the next level, the party members are pretty interesting (even if I do miss Shale and Morrigan) and their in party talk is pretty amusing. 

In the case for Awakenings, there was a card with the bloody dragon mascot for the line with the date "2.01.2011."  Sounds like a release date for Dragon Age II!  I can't wait.  If you haven't picked it up, definitely give Dragon Age a try.  It's the best fantasy CRPG put out in a long time. 

On other fronts, I've started slowly collecting my various Basic D&D houserules into one tome.  It will eventually be my D&D bible.  I'm changing a few things here and there like removing ability requisites for playing certain classes/races, using the rules for all classes to reach level 36, adding some new classes and races, and so forth.  It's going slowly, but it's getting there.

In sports news, my NCAA bracket is busted into a million pieces.  KU's loss destroyed what was already a pretty shot group of selections.  Even though I'm going to lose my $3 (yeah, big money) in the office pool, this has hands down been the most exciting tournament I've seen in a long time, if not ever.  Lots of great, close games.  This is why I like college basketball. 

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