Saturday, March 13, 2010

Game Day

We just got back from a Game Day/Family Day.  Didn't get to run Mutant Future like I hoped because one member of the group wasn't going to get back until late.  That got pushed back to the next game day next month.  Instead, we tried out "A Touch of Evil" from Flying Frog Productions, which I picked up last week.  It's a pretty fun game. 

The premise of AToE is that it's the late 18th century and the players are trying to protect the town of Shadowbrook from supernatural evil in the form of a Vampire, a Spectral Horseman, a Scarecrow, or a Werewolf.  Each boss monster has minions and nasty tricks up their sleeves.  You have 20 rounds (to start with) to amass allies and items to allow you to take out the monster.  You can play either as co-op or trying to be the first to take out the monster.  We played co-op each time. 

The first game we (my friend, Mike, my wife, and myself) took on the Spectral Horseman.  It came down to the last round, but we were victorious.  With only my outlaw, Katarina, left standing (barely) at the end of the fight. 

The second fight was against the Werewolf.  There were 5 of us playing this time around: Mike, my wife, Mike's wife Cynthia, and my cousin Danielle.  Holy crap, it was a bloodbath.  It came down to the last round again (poor decision on our part), only this time we got slaughtered.  Three of the city elders turned evil on us and joined forces with the Werewolf.  Plus, since we were playing co-op, the Werewolf was extremely tough (29 hit points and 7 attack die that hit on a 4+).  My wife and I were both slaughtered handily in one round.  Mike never got into the fight to begin with.  Cynthia and my brother Dan (who took over for Danielle after she had to leave) lasted two round before getting slaughtered.  In the end the Werewolf took over Shadowbrook having only lost 10 hit points and the three evil town elders.  Ouch. 

All in all, everyone enjoyed the game and it's going to be a staple of our game nights along side games like Last Night on Earth (another Flying Frog game), Trivial Pursuit, and Runebound.  Check it out if you're looking for a great boardgame to add to the mix. 

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