Thursday, January 03, 2013

Personal Shields for SWN

I'm going to go a head a post this now since I am working on my Xenobestiary and this tech is used in several of the entries, primarily my write-ups on the various forms of Geth from the Mass Effect series of games.

Personal Shield units are Tech Level 5 items that can either be worn on a belt or added to the following armors: Combat Field Uniforms, Assault Suits, Land Warrior Armor, and Powered Armor. These items create a kinetic barrier similar to those generated by Field Emitter Panoplies. They protect against all forms of attack, but the more damage absorbed by a personal shield the more the shield degrades. Personal Shield units come in varieties from 5 to 10. When a wearer is stuck by a successful attack, the personal shield lessens the damage done to the wearer by the shield’s rating. So a soldier wearing a personal shield (5) would take 5 points less of damage than he would have otherwise taken. However, each time that a wearer of a personal shield takes damage that exceeds the protection, the effectiveness drops by 1. Damage that does not exceeds the protection offered by a personal shield does not deplete the effectiveness of the shield. Shields will regenerate effectiveness by 1 point each round that the wearer has not taken damage. Personal shields require 1 Type A power pack to operate for a 24 hour period.

The costs given below are for Standard units/imbedded units. Imbedded units are personal shield units that have been integrated into armor and the price given is the additional cost added to the armor for both the shield unit and the time and expertise to add it to the armor.

Shield Rating: Cost
5: 1,500/+1,650
6: 2,000/+2,150
7: 2,500/+2,650
8: 3,000/+3,150
9: 3,500/+3,650
10: 4,000/+4,150

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