Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dungeon Roll Kickstarter Wrap-Up

So the Dungeon Roll Kickstarter ended the night before last. For a $15 game (well, it'll likely retail for $20), this was insanely successful. It brought in over $250K! Every stretch goal was unlocked. This was the first Kickstarter that I've ever backed (I kick myself all the time for not getting in on the Reaper Bones kickstarter), and even though I haven't received anything yet and won't for a while yet, I'm pretty pleased. For my meager $15 pledge I'm getting the base game (7 party dice, 7 dungeon dice, 8 characters, 8 Expansion Pack #1 characters, exclusive 1 extra party die, exclusive Guild Leader character, exclusive 2 extra dungeon dice, exclusive Dragon's Lair card, exclusive Graveyard card, exclusive box that looks like a Mimic, and an oversized d10 to track dungeon level). That's a lot of stuff for $15.

While I know there has been some...drama, to be diplomatic, surrounding some kickstarters of late, and I'll likely wait until I receive my Dungeon Roll set before leaping into another Kickstarter, I definitely see the value of crowdsourcing. Where I didn't really pay attention to Kickstarter announcements before, I will now.

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