Saturday, March 02, 2013

Dungeon Roll Kickstarter

Kickstarters have caught on like wildfire of late. There have been several that I've considered backing in the past, but for one reason or another I haven't pulled the trigger on. When a cousin of mine posted about the Dungeon Roll Kickstarter on his Facebook page, I checked it out. I also found a review of a beta copy of the game and checked out the buzz at the BoardGameGeek. At $15 you get a copy of the game and any unlocked stretch goals. So far, there are 17 days left, the base game is funded, four extra characters have been funded (Dragonslayer, Bard, Half-Goblin, and Enchantress), and more stretch goals have been added. This looks like a great "press-you-luck" type of dice game in the style of a dungeon crawler. It's 1-4 players and a game can be played in 15-30 minutes, great for those times that you're waiting for others to show up for game night. This all intrigued me enough to lay down my $15. I'm not anything more than a backer, but I hope if this very brief description of the game interests you, you go check out the kickstarter or any of the links about the game below. If nothing else, more backers means I get more goodies added to my treasure chest! review

BoardGameGeek Dungeon Roll Page

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