Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Current State of Things...

Jeesh, it's been over a week since my last post. I keep promising more details about my S&W campaign, but time just isn't on my side these days. Between being busy at work (lots of boofungus going on there, which is spurring a pretty frantic job hunt), and the typical crazy summer schedule of things to do with the kids at home I'm left with no time to myself to do much of anything other than sleep. If things progress along a couple fronts, I hope to have more free time soon, which will allow me to start churning out updates like crazy...well, comparitively.

About the only gaming I've been able to do of late is a little Skyrim on the PS3. I waited for the Legendary Edition to come out so I wouldn't have to bother with purchasing DCL seperately. While no CRPG matches the experience of gaming with friends gathered around a table, Skyrim is a pretty damn good game. I've been enjoying it emmensely, even if I've only be able to log a couple hours in it.

I was going to continue on the video game front with the whole PS4 vs XBox One debate, but seriously, it's been done to death. I'm in the PS4 camp primarily because I'm already an entrenched PSN user, but I'm not writing off the XB1 yet. At any rate, I'm waiting on picking up any next gen system. I learned my lesson with 3 RROD'd XBox 360's and one YLOD'd PS3. Let the early adopters ferret out the hardware issues and I'll swoop in when the systems are cheaper and in a much more stable state.

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