Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Savage Worlds Sc-Fi

I'm still tearing through my copy of Rogue Space, which has also kept me from getting my full review of Seeded Space finished as well...and while I'm not ready to give a full verdict yet I will say that I'm very pleased with the purchase.

Another book that I've been anxiously awaiting is the Savage Worlds Sci-Fi Companion for the current edition of the game. I've got the original, and it was good, but it felt a bit thin. That's always been one thing that fans of Savage Worlds have been clamoring for: better support for the Sci-Fi genre. Now, there have been some great 3rd party settings and sourcebooks that have helped fill the void like Slipstream, Savage Space (which you can find here for free), Interface Zero, Mercenary Breed, and High Space, among others. While many of those are fine products, they also largely have a focus on particular sub-genres. At any rate, the new SF Companion was due out today, but it's been pushed back a week so the guys at Pinnacle can apply some last minute "spit and polish" to it. While it's a bummer that it didn't come out today (I was looking forward to picking up my copy as soon as I got home), I can wait another week.

I've put together some sci-fi rules for Savage Worlds that I feel pretty good about. It covers pretty much all of my desired "sweet-spots" for my ideal sci-fi/fantasy game. However, I set it aside when I got bit by the OSR bug and discovered systems like Stars Without Number, Starships & Spacemen, and the like. Heh. Once again my gamer ADD has reared its ugly head. I now have my sci-fi heartbreaker, Stars Without Number, Rogue Space, and Savage Worlds all once again vying for my interest!

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