Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Quiet Week... least it has been quiet on the blog that is. I am still kicking and I am still working on a few things, just not a lot of time to write up anything for here. Sorry about that. I do hope to get some stuff I've got on the burners finished up once a few things on the homefront calm down. Possible changes in employment can kind of throw a monkey wrench into plans for creativity. Plus, it's been freaking gorgeous outside, so we've been taking advantage of it before the weather turns stormy or too hot.

Here's an update on my current projects:

Mythic Space: I'm still working on the main rulebook. It's coming along pretty well. Really, it's pretty much done, but I'm constantly finding things to tweak and add to the book. Once that's done, I'll be posting more setting material and write-ups on the various species, systems, ships, and creatures. In fact, I've got a post of Farscape species for Rogue Space already queued up, I'm just waiting to get the Savage Worlds side of the statblocks wrapped up before I post it.

S&W Setting: When I started tossing together some ideas for a setting for Swords & Wizardry using the Known World/Mystara setting as a base, I thought I'd be able to keep it focused on primarily Mystara. However, it has since blossomed into another wide-ranging setting drawing material from across the D&D/OSR/D20 spectrum. I wouldn't expect anything too concrete on this beyond snippets here and there, as this is more of a fall back project that I work on when I want to get away from Sci-Fi for a bit.

Dungeon Crawler Board Game: This project kind of took off on its own. I sat down one night to put together some ideas of things I thought might work and ended up writing a lot. I've got some monster cards and character cards already worked up, and I think I'll be playtesting this shortly. It's largely based off of the Talisman system, but tweaked liberally to make it work for a dungeon crawler. I think it's going to harken back to Hero Quest and Warhammer Quest once I get it into a playable state.

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