Tuesday, October 07, 2014

What a week...

First off, sorry for the silence here over the last few days. I spent a little time in the hospital after my appendix decided it wanted nothing to do with the rest of me anymore. (No worries, caught it in time and I was only in the hospital for a day, but I've been home convalescing the last couple of days and I'm just now able to sit upright long enough to type out a post.) I'm not promising anything, but I should be back in the saddle before long. (It's still a bit uncomfortable to sit here for very long.)

I do have a bit of news on the Mythic Space setting. I'm going to start posting some past articles from this blog into a wiki to help me keep all this a bit better organized. The wiki can be found here. New stuff will still get posted here first, but there will likely be some background setting updates made on the wiki that weren't seen here first.

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