Monday, April 08, 2013

BAH! BAH I say!

I've hit the dreaded writer's block this weekend. It's not a matter of not having anything to say or anything to write about or work on, but a matter of where to start or where to go next. I'm pretty well done with my hack of SWN except for adding in converted material. I've got some ideas for Marvel FASERIP. I'm slowly putting together my idas for my S&W campaign as well. The issue largely is life is getting in the way so much that when I do get time to sit down and write, I'm exhausted and these projects are all large enough that I just can't get engaged. What I really need is a good night's sleep. That would likely help me more than anything.

Hopefully, tonight will be nice and restful, and I'll be able to start writing.

Heads up on this week, though, I've got trainings this week, so it'll likely be a bit sparse around here...especially if this uncreative malaise I'm in sticks around. Hopefully that won't be the case.

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