Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fleshing Out Ideas for my S&W Setting: Races Part 1

I've mentioned a few time the setting that I'm slowly making progress on for S&W. It's using a lot of Basic D&D material, mainly the GAZ series, which to this day I still consider to be some of the best setting material ever put out for any edition of D&D. I'm also adding bits and pieces from other D&D settings like Ravenloft, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, and other D20 sources like Iron Kingdoms and Freeport.

Anyway, I've got a few things I'm trying to sort out as far of the history of the world and what races I'm going to allow and what their place in the world will be. This post (and likely the next two after) are going to deal with some really basic ideas behind the races in the world.

Playable Races
Avalonian (Aasimar): The last vestiges of an acient race that ruled the First Kingdom.

Cyclopskin: Civilized brutes that are allies of convenience with Dwarves of Rockhome.

Dwarves: There are two playable races of dwarf: Mountain and Red. Mountain Dwarves are the more common variety that are found throughout the known world.
The Red Dwarves are the descendants of the lost hall of Dhar Korvon, who became shipwrights, sailors, and pirates after being taken in by a fishing village.
Elves: There are two playable varieties of elf: Drow and Wood elves. The Drow are once recently becoming part of the world. Long have they been the enemies of all that stood in their way. Xenophobic and fanatical in their devotion to their spider goddess, a "cataclysm" has sent them scurrying into the light to live among their foes. What this disaster is, is still unknown.
Wood elves are the common elves that seen throughout much of the world. Their primary nation is that of Alfheim, but there are other scattered areas where they hold sway.
Giantkin: These hulking brutes are the offspring of humans and giants. Typically found wherever giants and men come into contact, they are still very rare. Giants see them as weak and readily kill them, while humans see them as a prime example of the cruelty of the giant races. In some areas, where the giant races are not hated invaders, giantkin can find love and acceptance, but these areas are rare.

Gnomes: Gnomes are a short race that look like a curious mixture of dwarf, halfling, and elf. They are an inventive and magically-focused species. They are the chief creators of the airships that can be found traversing the skies, though rarely these days as the world has grown darker.

Goblins: A more maligned and misunderstood race you are not likely to find. Yes, they are brutish, largely uncivilized and have a long history of warring against many of the civilized races of the world alongside orcs, hobgoblins, and various other nefarious characters. Goblins however, are not vicious little monsters, but due to their small size and relative weakness are easily coerced and bullied into serving others. Their natural culture is that of gypsy-like nomads. Contrary to popular opinion, goblins are not a stupid race. They are quite inventive, and well adapted to using the refuse of other cultures to build their machines. Goblins troupes have made strides in dispelling the stereotypes among others in borderland areas, but most kingdoms still see them as a threat to be exterminated.

Next up (hopefully tomorrow): Half-breeds, Halflings, Humans, Minotaurs, Lupins, and maybe a few others.

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