Saturday, May 18, 2013

1,510 and why I tend to keep my toys to myself...

So, I've been so busy on the work and home fronts that I haven't really had time to devote to much of anything. Since I feel like I need to be "in the zone" to get much setting writing done, I've balked on sitting down and chipping away at that. However, I have been building a master catalog of creatures (something I can sit down and work on a bit at a time and not worry about losing my focus). Between Monstrosities, Tome of Horrors, and various other outlets like Knockspell and Hex Crawl Chronicles (of which I still have a few to buy) and my own conversions and creations, I've built up 1,510 creatures for use with S&W!

I've still got a few other S&W related products to add to my Monster Codex (which, once printed and bound, will sit beside my copy of Tome of Horrors and used in conjunction with my pdf copy of Monstrosities). Plus, there are thousands of great creatures out there ripe for conversion from other sources. I've already converted the Basic D&D Creature Catalog and a handful of creatures from the 2nd edition Monstrous Manual. I have tons of creatures in the various MC Appendixes, OSR monster books, 3E monster books and so on. This is an ongoing project that will grow and grow over the years.

I doubt I'll ever post these because I'm terrible at keep track of my sources and I'm just as bad at writing the legalese for OGL. While I am tremendously thankful to the Gods of Gaming for the OGL, I'm not really comfortable with sticking my neck out to post my collections of things converted from other sources. Plus, I know that if some creation of mine was used in another's product I would like to get credit for it. Collecting sources is something I'm getting better at, but I'm still using material I downloaded back from the old AD&D-L mailing lists, and I didn't have the foresight back then to make a note of who wrote everything that I use. Not to mention the fact that I'm terrible at making sure that something is "open content" before I use it. So while I'd love to post my Monster Codices and my version of the Swords & Wizardry rules, I doubt I ever will. There will always be bit and pieces that will get posted like my conversion of Mass Effect foes, but that's likely about it.

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