Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rest in Peace, Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen is on a short list of people that have spurred my imagination more than any others. I got my first taste of his work in the original Clash of the Titans and seeing the mythical creatures from my storybooks come to life was nothing short of magical. I've since devoured the various Sinbad movies, and his other works.

While the movies and TV show of today can seamlessly blend FX and live action in ways that few would have ever dreamed possible back when Mr. Harryhausen started, I still look back fondly on his stop-motion creations. It's because of Mr. Harryhausen that I'm still so involved in gaming today. It's funny, whenever I use creatures like skeletons, medusas, or iron golems, I still envision them as I saw them in him movies.

Thank you, Mr. Harryhausen. Thank you so very much. I'm going to introduce my sons to Clash of the Titans tonight in your honor.

So this is my 100th post. I can't think of a better way to mark it than by honoring a man that helped get me to a place where I wanted to create worlds and creatures like what he brought to us in his movies.

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