Friday, May 10, 2013

I've been laid low...

I've been battling a sick baby and a sinus infection this week, so that's why everything has been pretty quiet so for here at Worlds Galore. Go firgure, the weather is finally nice for more than a couple days and my head feels like its full of concrete a sick nearly 1 year old doesn't help matters either.

Needless to say, I haven't put in much work on the S&W setting this week. What little time I've either had for writing or felt like writing has been spent updating the rulebook. Here's my most recent changes:

Added a Shaman class based largely off the class of the same name from GAZ12, but combined with bits and flavour from GAZ14 as well. Shaman deal in totem animal spirits and the spirit world from which they draw their power. They are a cleric-like class who are the holy men of nomadic tribes primarily found in Ethengar and the plains of the Atruaghin tribes.

Added in the Magic Item Creation rules from the Rules Cyclopedia.

I'm starting to rethink my use of Drow over Shadow Elves. I may relegate the Drow back to NPC/Monster status and use Shadow Elves instead, complete with their own additional spell list akin to that of the Wood Elves, but with spells that are more of use in underground settings.

Added a lot of spells from the various GAZ books.

I hope to start work on the world map this weekend, but we'll see. Hopefully, I'll have something to share soon.


Brutorz Bill said...

Sorry you've been under the weather.

Giles Kiser said...

Thanks, Bill. I've pretty much over it now thankfully. Grayson is still snotty though, but I think he's in the tail end of the crud finally.

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