Sunday, February 23, 2014

Setting Title

I suck at titles. I really have no idea why, but they always end up sounding lame or silly and I feel like it dampens the feel of the game before the die are even rolled. I've gone round and round with names for the sci-fantasy setting I'm working on, but I think I've finally landed on one that while not the greatest, will suffice and is better than the others. So, from here on, or at least until I think of something better, I'll be labeling setting posts as "Mythic Space."

That's really all that I have today. I've been putting together the background rules for the setting as well as gear lists and such. After seeing the latest preview for Mercenary Breed 2.0 (right here), I'm really starting to look forward to seeing the finished product. Looks like even more great sci-fi material for Savage Worlds players.

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