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Stat Updates for Rogue Space Part 2

Time for Collector and Reaper forces to receive the Rouge Space treatment!

(Note that in my campaigns I call the Reapers "Nano-Terrors" since I'm not using the whole kill cycle storyline from Mass Effect).

Collector Drone

DRM: +1 TP: I SZ: A MV: Biped (30’), Fly (40’) AR: M DM: V/M HP: 5 SP: -
Collector drones are armed with Laser Rifles (their claws do M damage)

“Harbinger” Drone

DRM: +1 TP: I SZ: A MV: Biped (30’) AR: V DM: V HP: 6 SP: *
Harbinger Drones are armed with Laser Rifles.
They can unleash a Psychic Blast (as the Psionic power) once every other round.
Harbingers have a bolstering effect to all other Collector drones within 100’ feet and in line of sight of a Harbinger drone, granting them a +1 bonus to all rolls.
Harbinger drones are utterly destroyed by the psionic energy coursing through them after 20 minutes or at the end of combat, whichever comes first.

Collector General

DRM: +2 TP: 1 SZ: A MV: Quadruped (20’) AR: M DM: M HP: 6 SP: *
Collector Generals can assume control of a single Drone, transforming it into a Harbinger Drone. Once either a Harbinger is destroyed by combat or by the psychic energy used to assume control, they cannot create another Harbinger for 1d6 rounds. Plus, while in control of a drone, Generals cannot perform other actions.

Collector Web

DRM: - TP: U SZ: RB MV: Fly (15’) AR: M DM: - HP: 4 SP: *
Collector Webs are only damaged by an attack on the central core. This is a Tiny target and due to the web the core emits, it’s difficult to pinpoint; thus any attacks made on the core suffer a -3 penalty to the roll.
Anyone caught in the 20’ web has their speed dropped by half (round up) and they automatically fail any Fighting rolls made to perform any acrobatic maneuvers. Collectors are immune to this effect.


DRM: +3 TP: U SZ: RB MV: Fly (30’) AR: V DM: X HP: 10 SP: *
Praetorians are armed with Twin Particle Beams.
The Praetorian’s most fearsome attack is its Death Choir. If foes are within 30’ of a Praetorian, it will drop to the ground crushing anyone beneath it for X points of damage that fail a Fighting roll against Difficult (9) to dodge out of the way. After a round of charging up (during which it cannot do anything else), it unleashes a blast of energy that does X damage to all within 30’ of the Praetorian. This energy blast ignores 2 points of Armor as well.


DRM: +2 TP: U SZ: RB MV: Biped (20’) AR: V DM: X HP: 8 SP: *
Scions are armed with pulse cannons that hit all in a straight path to a range of 150’.

Seeker Swarms

DRM: +1 TP: I SZ: T (singly) RB (swarm) MV: Fly (60’) AR: - DM: - HP: 5 SP: *
When a non-Collector lifeform is in sight, they will swoop in and attempt to sting their target; their venom causing a sort of stasis effect of near complete paralysis with only the victim’s eyes being able to move. Seekers have enough venom for 20 stings, once that venom is used up a Seeker dies.
A Seeker Swarm is a mass of flying seekers. Anything living that comes in contact with a Seeker Swarm is automatically attacked. The swarm’s attack roll ignores the any armor that does not fully enclose the wearer, so flak vests and even open helmed armors does not offer any protection, but most power armor does. Those that take damage from a Seeker swarm sting must make a make a Fighting roll against Tough (11) or become perfectly, and instantly rigid. The victim can move his or her eyes and is totally aware of everything going on around them. Psyker victims are unable to use psionic powers.

A swarm that has taken enough damage to be “killed” doesn’t mean that all seekers in the swarm are killed, but have been scattered enough to not be a threat. However, if there are at least three swarms within 100’ of each other that have been scattered, they will reform into a new swarm after 2 rounds from the scattering of the third swarm.


DRM: +2 TP: U SZ: A MV: Biped (25’) AR: M DM: V HP: 8 SP: *
Banshee claws do V damage.
Banshees can use the Psychic Blast psionic power.
Banshees regenerate 1 hit point every round.
They release a shockwave that affects all non-Nano-Terror beings within 30 feet of them after concentrating (and only concentrating) for 2 rounds. This attack does V damage.
Banshees can teleport up to 40’ away once every 3 rounds.


DRM: +3 TP: U SZ: RB MV: Loping Biped (40’) AR: V DM: V HP: 7 SP: *
Brute claws ignore 1 point of armor due to their sharpness.
Brutes can make a charge attack that slams everyone in a straight line up to 40’ for M damage.


DRM: +1 TP: U SZ: A MV: Biped (35”) AR: M DM: M HP: 5 SP: *
Cannibals are armed with imbedded Laser Pistols in their right arms.
Cannibals who spend a round devouring their fallen comrades heal themselves for 3 HP (up to their max of 5) and increase their armor to V.


DRM: +4 TP: U SZ: RB MV: Walk (30’), Fly (60’) AR: V DM: X HP: 10 SP: -


DRM: +1 TP: U SZ: A MV: Biped (30’) AR: M DM: M HP: 6 SP: -

Husk Abomination

DRM: +1 TP: U SZ: A MV: Biped (30’) AR: M DM: V HP: 6 SP: *
Abominations are Husks that are imbued with explosives that go off whenever they are made non-functional, spreading super-hot plasma over a 40’ area for V damage. Their bite attacks are more deadly thanks to the high temperatures in their bodies making their already sharp teeth exceedingly hot as well.


DRM: +2 TP: U SZ: A MV: Biped (40’) AR: V DM: V HP: 6 SP: *
Marauders are armed with Laser Rifles.
If a marauder does nothing for one round all other Nano-Terror units within 20’ have their Armor increased by one level (L to M, M to V, V to X) until they are damaged. Plus, due to the hive-mind that all Nano-Terrors share, any Nano-Terrors within 50’ of a Marauder have their actions coordinated, granting them a +1 bonus to rolls while a Marauder is still in action.


DRM: +1 TP: U SZ: A MV: Quadruped (25’) AR: V DM: V HP: 6 SP: *
Ravagers bear egg sacs that spawn swarmers. Unless targeted by a called shot, there is a chance each time a Ravager takes damage that a swamer sack has burst (roll 1d6, on a 1 or 2, an egg sack bursts). Anyone directly adjacent to a Ravager when a swarmer sack bursts suffers L damage from the acid (armor reduces this damage). See the Swarmer entry for details, but each sack holds 3 swarmers. Once 4 sacks have burst all sacks are depleted. If a ravager dies before all sacks have burst, the swarmers are slain with the ravager.


DRM: -2 TP: U SZ: T MV: Quadruped (10’) AR: - DM: L HP: 4 SP: *
Swarmers are not generally dangerous on their own. Their only attack method is to leap at foes and explode (thus ending their existence). Their real danger comes from several leaping at the same foe, which can quickly dwindle armor and health.


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Holy crap this is MOST IMPRESSIVE! My IPad died on my trip and I was in an internet blackout for the last few days...sorry not to have responded quicker to this AWESOMENESS!!

Giles Kiser said...

Thanks! These were my first attempt at writing up stats for the new Rogue Space, so I'm sure there's some errors that need to be corrected.

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