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Homebrew Supers: Agent Jason & the Argonauts

Agent Jason 
PL: 10 (150 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 25 (+7/+2) DEX: 12 (+1) CON: 14 (+2) INT: 16 (+3) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 14 (+2)

SKILLS: Bluff (+2), Climb (+7), Concentration (+2), Diplomacy (+2), Disguise (+2), Escape Artist (+1), Gather Info (+2), Handle Animal (+2), Intimidate (+2), Tactics 12 (+15), Notice (+2), Pilot 12 (+13), Military 12 (+14), Search (+3), Sense Motive (+2), Stealth (+1), Survival (+2), Swim (+7)

FEATS: Attack Focus (Ranged) (2), Power Attack, Minions (12), Leadership

POWERS: *Device (Hard to Lose) Argonaut Prima Armor [18], Blast [12], Enhanced Strength [11], Super-Strength [5], Immunity (Life Support) [9], Protection (Impervious) [10], Flight [5], Super-Senses (Radio, Infravision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Time Sense, Comm Link, Ultravision) [6]

COMBAT: Attack 8 [Unarmed +7 (Bruise)] Defense 15 (13 flat-footed) Init 1

SAVES: Toughness 12 (12 flat-footed) Fortitude 5 Reflex 1 Will 2

Abilities 24 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 16 + Powers 72 + Combat 26 + Saves 3 – Drawbacks 0 = 150 / 150

Real Name: Classified
Height: approximately 6’3” while not in armor, 7’ in armor.
Weight: approximately 195 lbs while not in power armor, 700 lbs in armor
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian, possibly of Greek descent.

Little is known of the man that became Agent Jason, leader of the US government’s Argonaut Powered Armor Battalion (APAB). It is theorized that he was a test pilot that held certain anti-mutant beliefs that volunteered for the Argonaut program. His past is so classified that only a handful of people in the world knows anything about him.

Agent Jason is tasked with bringing in mutants and various other rogue meta-humans and aliens that the US government deems a threat. Due to the highly publicized failure of the Sentinels who did more damage to the nation’s handling of the mutant issue, a more covert and human approach was deemed necessary. Agent Jason is the public “face” of the Argonauts. He’s the one that the media talks to whenever the Argonauts take down a fugitive in public, but that’s rare as most Argonaut missions are covert and public rarely hears about them.

By all accounts, Agent Jason is fanatical about his work. He has gone off on rants about the “mutant menace” and has even directed his ire at more publicly accepted heroes like Captain Thunder, Superman, and even Captain America. This has put him on shaky ground with the current administration who is trying to recover from very public flubs and allegations of human rights abuses thanks to the Sentinel attack in Times Square in 2000 that not only killed 3 mutants, but 50 bystanders as well. Agent Jason has been getting the feeling for a while that the President isn’t really on board with the mission of the Argonauts anymore; that’s something that Agent Jason just can’t allow.

Agent Jason fights in an upgraded form of the Argonaut armor, the design of which was taken from a design created by Daedalus, something the Freedom League member is distraught over. Agent Jason stands almost a foot taller than the rest of the Argonauts in his command. While his mission is to bring in mutant fugitives alive, his tactics are extremely aggressive, overly so, which has lead to more than a few deaths. He is loyal to his men, but will gladly sacrifice every one of them if it means that the mutant threat would with totally dealt with.

The Argonauts 
PL: 8 Minion (120 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 20 (+5/+1) DEX: 10 (0) CON: 12 (+1) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 10 (0)

SKILLS: Climb (+5), Concentration (+1), Notice 8 (+9), Pilot 10 (+10), Military 10 (+11), Search 8 (+10), Sense Motive (+1), Survival (+1), Swim (+5)

FEATS: Improved Aim, Power Attack, Improved Sunder

POWERS: Device: Argonaut Armor (Hard-to-lose) [12], Enhanced Strength [8], Blast [10], Super-Strength [1], Immunity (Life Support) [9], Protection (Impervious) [9], Flight [4], Super-Senses (Radio, Distance Sense, Direction Sense, Comm Link [4]

COMBAT: Attack 6 [Unarmed +5 (Bruise)] Defense 16 (13 flat-footed) Init 0

SAVES: Toughness 10 (10 flat-footed) Fortitude 11 Reflex 10 Will 7

Abilities 10 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 3 + Powers 48 + Combat 24 + Saves 26 – Drawbacks 0 = 120 / 120

The Argonaut Powered Armor Battallion (APBA) is a special military force dealing primarily with superhuman threats and answers only to the Secretary of Defense and the President. Unlike the Guardsmen units that handle both domestic and federal affairs, primarily serving as prison guards in the few prison facilities for superhumans in the United States, the Argonauts are detailed to strike in matters of “national security”.

The Argonaut Program was initiated after the Sentinel Massacre in Times Square. The Department of Defense determined that the handling of the mutant issue was better left to live persons than AI constructs. The Argonaut armor was devised initially in mind for combat operations such as the Iraq War from plans gathered from the Freedom Leaguer, Daedalus (both from the hero directly, unwittingly that is, and through more…shady sources).

Members of the APBA are drawn from the best of not only the Air Force, but from the Guardsmen and other Power Armor pilot veterans. At first, there was no screening for how a pilot felt about superhumans, and mutants in particular, but when Agent Jason was put in command of the battalion he made sure that his men had their “hearts in the right place.” Now, some 90% of the APBA are considered hostile to the mutant population, with the other 10% being on the fence. They are fiercely loyal to Agent Jason, some in the Department of Defense feel they are too loyal.

The Argonaut armor is a form-fitting, super strong polymer that allows for flight, blasters, net deployers, targeting systems, communications, and physical adjustors that essentially make the pilot a superhuman himself while wearing the suit. The design is Greco-Roman in look.

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