Sunday, June 01, 2014

Homebrew Supers: Zerker Dan

This guy is a write-up of another character I played in City of Heroes (the other being Agent K-9).

Zerker Dan 
PL: 10 (150 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 20 (+5) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 24 (+7) INT: 10 (0) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 16 (+3)

SKILLS: Acrobatics 4 (+8 ), Bluff (+3), Climb 8 (+13), Concentration (+1), Diplomacy (+3), Disguise (+3), Drive 8 (+12), Escape Artist (+4), Gather Info (+3), Handle Animal 4 (+7), Intimidate 12 (+15), Streetwise 12 (+12), Notice (+1), Perform 12 (+12), Ride 8 (+12), Search 12 (+12), Sense Motive 4 (+5), Stealth 8 (+12), Survival 12 (+13), Swim 8 (+13)

FEATS: Attack Focus (Melee) (2), Improved Critical (1), Defensive Roll (3), Dodge Focus (4), Improved Throw, Improved Grapple, Power Attack, Takedown Attack (1), Startle, Diehard, Fearless

POWERS: *Strike: Claws (Mighty) [5], *Super-Senses (Scent, Tracking) [2], *Regeneration [6], *Leaping [2]

COMBAT: Attack 10 [Mighty Strike 10 (Lethal)] Defense 20 (13 flat-footed) Init 4

SAVES: Toughness 10 (7 flat-footed) Fortitude 10 Reflex 10 Will 9

Abilities 40 + Skills 28 (112 ranks) + Feats 17 + Powers 16 + Combat 32 + Saves 17 – Drawbacks 0 = 150 / 150

Real Name: Daniel Jenkins
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Nationality: Australian
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Zerker Dan is a fighter. He’s always fought from the time he could walk until today he’s been fighting everything from stray dogs to bank robbers. It’s what he does best and it’s what he loves the most. He’s come to America to fight crime, since even though Australia has its fair share of super-villains, the “big dogs” are found in America.

Zerker Dan is also a mutant. His powers manifested when he was 15 when he got attacked by a rabid dingo. That’s when he first discovered the super-strong claws that his fingernails can become as well as his increased strength, agility, leaping ability, and the ability to heal rather quickly. His folks were horrified when they saw the mess of gore which was all that was left of the dingo. Zerker Dan ran off shortly after, since his parents kept looking at him over their shoulders, as if they had anything to worry about, and he lived a rough life traveling from small Outback town to small Outback town doing odd jobs to get by.

Zerker Dan has been everything from a cop (he got kicked off the force and barely avoided jail time after he used his claws on a suspect in a domestic abuse case) to a champion boxer (very few gaming authorities will allow him to box now that it’s know that he’s a “dangerous” mutant). He got into the super-hero racket after he happened on a bank robbery in progress. He stopped the robbery, and basked in the adoration of the people who he saved as well as the bank officials whose money he kept from being stolen. After all, Dan figured that he could let loose on bad guys in ways he really couldn't in the ring. Plus, it felt good to do the right thing and help people out. However, small-time hoods weren't really satisfying enough. Dan wanted a challenge, so he went to America, where the bad guys were heavily armed and tough as hell.

Since he arrived in the US, Dan has taken a job promoting a chain of car dealerships in Freedom City to make a little money. He lives in a run-down apartment in a rough part of town by the docks, what better place to find guys that need a beating? During the night, he patrols the neighborhood. At first, the people of Freedom City thought that he was just another fallen celebrity out for a quick buck, but now that he’s shown that he’s a hero and that he’s got a knack for putting the fear of the Almighty into crooks, he’s quickly been embraced by the populace. His celebrity and aggressive tactics has put him at odds with the Freedom League upon occasion, but so far they've stayed out of each other’s way.

Zerker Dan is getting restless. Since he’s been in Freedom City, he’s primarily taken down thugs and C-list super villains. He wants a taste of the big time. He’s thinking of taking a walk up to New York with hopes of running into the tougher villains that he hears make the Big Apple home. Unlike what some other heroes think, he’s not in it for fame or the adoration of the masses (though he does enjoy time with some of his Sheila fans now and again); he wants to fight someone that will really make him work to beat them. He doesn't understand why he feels he needs to prove himself tougher than the worst of the worst, but as long as he’s doing some good Dan doesn't really care.

Zerker Dan is always in costume. He never really saw the point in hiding his identity, since he wishes that the bad guys would come seeking him out. He wears a black leather duster with a Texas longhorn skull pin on the left lapel (he just liked the look of the pin and added it to his wardrobe), rugged black jeans, a dark blue shirt (with a black tie when he’s filming commercial spots), dark sunglasses, worn out cowboy boots, and a tan cowboy hat. He styles himself a lot after the westerns he used to watch as a kid. He can also be found with a cigar sticking out of the side of his mouth (a point which has drawn the ire of anti-smoking groups that say he’s trying to make smoking look cool). He’s gruff and everything about him makes people think of some stereotypical wandering cowboy. 

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