Monday, June 16, 2014

200th Post: Farscape in the Dark Frontier!

If you haven't figured out by some of my other posts discussing my Mythic Space setting, I tend to like my sci-fi games on the gonzo space opera side. What says "gonzo space opera" louder than Farscape? Here are a few Farscape species to add to your Rogue Space games.


Archetypes: Scoundrels only, +1 bonus to either Empathy or Repair.
Ability: Disciplined Mind: Mind affecting psionic powers used against a Banik have the TN increased by 2. 
Psionics: Banik Espers tend to have the Empathy power, which they use in helping others "cross over" during their deaths. 
Weakness: Banik Espers all have a spot on their bodies (typically the face) where their non-corporeal essence is visible. These places are covered with a piece of metal. If the metal is removed before the Banik can prepare this reveal of their true forms, they must make a TN 11 Empathy check or lose consciousness. A roll of 2 on this check means they completely lose control and are essentially slain. 


Archetypes: Technician or Scoundrel, +1 bonus to either Science or Empathy.
Abilities: Immune to poisons and diseases that affect most other species with cardio-based circulatory systems, but they are susceptible to herbicides.
Psionics: Delvians can be Espers with Empath and ESP being the most common powers, but Astral Projection, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Geokinesis, and Hydrokinesis are also fairly common.


Archetypes: Scoundrel only, +1 bonus to Acquiring.
Abilities: Hynerians gain a +2 bonus to an Fighting rolls made to test against diseases or poisons. Since they are so small (only a little over a meter in height), many make use of grav-sleds that allow normal humanoid speed for movement and can only float about 2-3 meters off the ground. These sleds are available to noble hynerians (check with your GM to see if this is OK) for free or cost about 800 credits to purchase new.
Psionics: Espers are rare among Hynerians, but Suggestion is the most common power.
Weakness: Since Hynerians are so small, they have a -1 penalty applied to all physically-based tests.


Archetypes: Fighter or Technician, +1 bonus to Fighting or Repair
Abilities: Luxans can knock out foes with their tongues. This is a regular Fighting roll. If it hits, the victim must pass a TN 9 Fighting roll or be knocked out for 2d6 minutes.
Psionics: Espers are very rare among Luxans, but any power is possible for those that are Espers.
Weakness: Whenever a Luxan takes damage that will cause them to bleed, they must take 2 more points of damage in the form of blunt force trauma to the wound or they will suffer from blood poisoning that will cause them to become weak and delirious and cause 1 additional HP lose each round until death.


Archetypes: Technician or Scoundrel, +1 bonus to either Scientific or Acquiring.
Abilities: Interions can all Scream as the Psionic power, but do not have to spend points to use it. The damage of their screams is always L.
Psionics: Interions can become Espers with Scream being the most common power, but any are possible. 


Archetypes: Technician or Scoundrel, +1 bonus to either Scientific or Repair.
Abilities: Kalish can shift their center of gravity allowing them to walk on walls or ceilings like other species walk on the ground. If a limb is severed, the limb can be reattached and will be functional within a couple days.
Psionics: No Espers are known among the Kalish, but it is unknown if they are totally devoid of the ability.
Weakness: When making Fighting tests against the effects of radiation, Kalish characters suffer a -2 penalty due to their species heightened susceptibility.


Archetypes: Technician or Scoundrel, +1 bonus to Acquiring or Scientific.
Abilities: Nebari come from a fairly dimly lit planet and can therefore see perfectly in near darkness, but not total darkness.
Psionics: Nebari Espers typically have either the Cloaking or Suggestion powers.


Archetypes: Fighter or Technician, +1 bonus to either Fighting or Scientific.
Abilities: Sebaceans are all given military training and are hardy people, this grants them a +1 bonus hit point to whatever total is rolled for their archetype.
Psionics: None.
Weakness: Sebaceans cannot stand hot temperatures. When in temperatures of 80 degrees or more, they must make a Fighting test against TN 7 (TN increases by 2 for every 10 degrees above 80). If they fail, they begin to suffer from heat delirium. A failed test applies a -1 penalty to all tests including further tests against heat delirium. Another failed test means the character is unable to do anything other than walk, and a third failed test means the Sebacean is now in the clutches of the Living Death. Essentially, those suffering from the Living Death are death as all higher brain functions have ceased, even though the body continues to live. The effects of heat delirium can be combated with cooling suits or simply getting the Sebacean into cooler environs.


Archetypes: Fighter only, +1 bonus to Fighting or Empathy.
Abilities: Vorcarians make an Acquiring roll to track prey. Circumstances can change the target number (heavy rain or among other strong scents can increase the TN, while being downwind or tracking particularly odoriferous prey can lower the TN), but it typically starts at TN 9.
Psionics: Vorcarian Espers are rare, but Sniffer is the most common power. 

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