Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Homebrew Supers: Firearm

This is the last in this series of homebrew superheroes (for now). No stats with this one yet, just background information. I'm slowly adding MSH stats to the other characters, so be sure to check them out again from time to time.


Real Name: David Masterson
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Identity: Secret
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian

The story of Firearm actually begins with the villain, Arsonator. Arsonator was a power-armored firebug that went on a wild, three-day arson spree throughout Miami, Florida. It was a spree that ended with a climactic battle against the hero, Zerker Dan. The Arsonator was brought to justice and his armor was taken as evidence the Miami Police Department.

David Masterson was a beat cop in Miami who had lost his right arm below the elbow a year ago while attempting to stop a convenience store robbery. Since that time, he had been in charge of the Evidence Department. He hated being stuck behind a desk, but realized that he wasn't going to be able to fully return to street patrol. When the Arsonator armor arrived at the station, he did something that had never even crossed his mind in his life. David Masterson broke the law.

David took the armor and modified it (with help of his brother, an engineer), so that it would better fit his body. The design was changed a bit to make it look more heroic and a lot less like the Arsonator. David donned the armor and started his career as a super hero.

Being a fire-wielding hero took some getting used to. David wasn't entirely comfortable with the flamethrower controls his first time out and caused far more collateral damage than he even though he could without burning a building down! Plus, it didn't take long for the Miami police to realize that someone had stolen the Arsonator’s armor and was parading around town in it.

After some missteps, being arrested for theft, losing his job, and eventually being exonerated. Firearm has become a staple of the super-hero community. He’s even received some upgrades to his original armor thanks to Tony Stark.

Firearm’s armor is a shiny metallic burnt orange color. The lower right arm is a flamethrower. The armor stands around 6 feet tall and allows not only for blasts of super-hot fire, but also for rocket propelled leaps, enhanced strength, and protection from damage. David is an athletic man, with black hair, green eyes, and is missing the lower half of his right arm. Before becoming Firearm, he wore a simple prosthetic arm capable only of grasping objects. He now wears a new prosthetic arm that works just like a natural arm. His armor even has space inside it for the arm to slide out of the way easily and still be protected from the rigors of combat.

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