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Homebrew Supers: Bio

M&M Stats
PL: 11 (165 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 16 (+3/0) DEX: 10 (0) CON: 16 (+3/0) INT: 20 (+5) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 10 (0)

SKILLS: Climb 8 (+11), Computers 4 (+9), Concentration (+1), Disguise 4 (+4), Escape Artist 4 (+4), Intimidate 12 (+12), Life Sciences 16 (+21), Physical Sciences 16 (+21), Medicine 12 (+13), Notice (+1), Search (+5), Sense Motive (+1), Stealth 16 (+16), Survival (+1), Swim (+3)

FEATS: Dodge Focus (4), Fearsome Presence (1)

POWERS: *Enhanced Strength [6], *Enhanced Constitution [6], *Elasticity (Chokehold feat, right arm only) [4], *Strike (Mighty, Tentacle arm and Claws) [10], *Super-Movement (Slithering) [1], *Protection (Impervious) [10], *Electrical Control [13], Mutation (Incurable feat, Ranged [inflicts mutation instead of damage with an electrical blast]) [3]

COMBAT: Attack 9 [Unarmed +3 (Bruise)] Defense 19 (13 flat-footed) Init 0

SAVES: Toughness 13 (13 flat-footed) Fortitude 13 Reflex 5 Will 6

Abilities 12 + Skills 23 (92 ranks) + Feats 5 + Powers 77 + Combat 28 + Saves 20 – Drawbacks 0 = 165 / 165

MSH Stats
Health: 64         Karma: 66
Resources: RM   Popularity: -50

Body Armor: AM protection from Physical and Energy damage.
Elongation: GD (right arm only)
Claws: IN edge damage (left arm only)
Electrical Generation: This AM rank power allows Bio to generate blasts of bio-electricity.  Bio can use this power in a number of ways other than just blasting foes with electricity.  When he is wrapped around a foe or is otherwise able to get in close, he can use the following power stunts:
·          Biophysical Control: TY; Bio can use this power to heal, age, disrupt, or decay his target. 
·          Induce Mutation: This EX rank power allows Bio to induce mutations in others.  The mutation is randomly determined by the Judge, and typically changes the victim’s appearance in some ghastly way.  However, if Bio is trying to induce a specific mutation, if requires a Red FEAT result with this power.  This power only works on warm-blooded lifeforms.
·          Shapechange-Others: This EX rank power allows Bio to morph others so that their grotesque appearance is removed, or it is used to make victims grotesque (typically the case). This power is often used in conjunction with his ability to induce mutations. 
Serpent Body: Bio’s legs have fused together and lengthened into that of a serpent.  This grants him the following powers:
·          Hyper-Speed: Gd
·          Wall-crawling: TY (the surface cannot be sheer)
·          Bio can wrap around a foe and hold them tight, granting him a +2 CS bonus when Grappling. 
Life Detection: GD
Darkvision: GD

Grotesque Appearance: Bio is a mutated monster.  His body is covered in fine scales and hard plates.  His face has a melted look, with the right side drooping terribly, and his right eye bulged out of the socket.  His legs have transformed into that of a serpent.  His right arm is a rubbery tentacle, and his left arm is covered in bulging veins and is clawed. 
Mutation: Whenever Bio uses his Electrical Generation power, he must make an Endurance FEAT roll.  On a white result, his body morphs further away from human.  No additional powers are added (unless the Judge decides his Endurance FEAT failed miserably enough or deems it appropriate to the story). 

Talents: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Genetics, Biology

Contacts: Lords of Change

Real Name: Arthur Medville
Age: 47
Height: 6’ 8” from head to tip of tail, but usually “stands” around 5' 10”
Weight: 450 lbs.
Hair: None
Eyes: One red, one blue
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Caucasian mutant

Arthur Medville was once a brilliant biologist who was once one of the foremost experts on mutations. He became involved in the subject around the age of 13, when his own mutant abilities manifested. From the first time that he realized that his body could produce bio-electric energy utilizable in a variety of ways, he wanted to know more about the causes and limitations of mutations.

Arthur holds doctorates in Biological Science, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Physiology. Most of his life has been spent doing research and his dissertations are widely regarded to being some of the most amazing papers ever produced. When he wasn’t in the lab, he was often speaking before various government on the issue of mutant rights. Universities the world over offered him professorships, but he finally took a position teaching Biochemistry at John Hopkins, which allowed him a chance to continue his research with only a few distractions.

Arthur was in dire need to be in the lab as long as he could. The more that he used his powers in his research over the years, the more his body changed. By age 21, his left arm had become covered in scales and veins bulged. He was also losing his hair at an alarming rate. By the time that he took the position with John Hopkins, much of his body was covered in scales and it was difficult to cover up.

Arthur had long ago discovered that he could use his abilities to induce mutations in other warm-blooded creatures. The more he worked on the talent, the more he began to understand about how mutations form and he became able to able to direct the changes exactly how he saw fit in willing or unconscious subjects. Those that tried to fight off the process were either left unchanged or were horribly disfigured. The side effect being that use of his ability was slowly mutating him as well. There was nothing that could be done to combat the side effect except to induce a mutation in a person so that they could change the appearance of others permanently. Since much of his research was very secret as the scientific community would frown upon his methods that bordered on the torture of countless lab animals, Arthur began kidnapping homeless people and experimenting on them. It was abhorrent to him, but Arthur saw no other way to further his research and eliminate the side mutations in his own body.

Arthur was certain that he was on the verge of a breakthrough. He thought he knew the precise way to induce the much needed mutation in his current subject, a teenage boy he found passed out high in an alleyway. Little did Arthur know the boy was a mutant with a faint, but in this case extremely potent power. As Arthur lowered his hand over the boy’s face and let his bioelectricity flow into his captive. Immediately, the flow backed into Arthur. For what seemed like an eternity, Arthur tried to shut off his power to no avail; his powers only shut down when he passed out.

When Arthur came to the boy was awake and banging on the reinforced and locked basement door of his house, with no physical change. Arthur rose up to go after the child and that’s when he noticed that something truly horrible had happened. His legs had fused together and were covered in gray scales. His left arm was now clawed and covered in rough scales. His right arm now ended in grotesque tentacle. Horrified, he lashed out at the boy. His right arm extended out and wrapped around the boy’s neck. With a quick jerk his neck snapped easily. Arthur slithered over to a mirror and looked up on the melted flesh of his face and knew that all that he worked for was over.

Arthur set fire to his house and fled the sound of police sirens getting closer. He was now what he feared he would become, a monster.

Arthur discovered that his skin was extremely tough. Hard enough to stop bullets (He learned this the hard way). His eyes could see further distances and in the dark with his right eye and his left eye, which had dropped lower than the right and bulged out of the socket terribly, could see into the infrared spectrum of light. His strength had great increased as well. Plus, he still had control of his original bioelectrical abilities. However, all that he wanted was to be human again.

Over the following years, Arthur, who now calls himself Bio, has become a very dangerous villain. He tried in vain over the years to create a mutant with the ability to change his form back to what it was before. Always certain that he was at the cusp of the breakthrough that he sought, his plans always seemed to be hindered by some hero or group of heroes. He turned his attention to ridding these nuisances to his research, but other than disfiguring an occasional hero or two he was never able to rid himself of unwanted “heroic” interruptions.

A couple years ago, he was approached by a man that said he could help in exchange for use of his talents. The man, who Bio now calls Master, is Crix Cylocron, the leader of the mutant terror organization, the Lords of Change. He twisted Bio’s desire to be human again to turning the world into a place where chaos reigns supreme; a place where the only people alive are those with abilities or disfigurements; a place where the “monsters” rule over the terrified and huddling masses.

Bio is now the second in command to Master Cylocron. He sees to recruitment and is allowed to perform his perverted research to his heart’s desire. While there is still a little bit of the good man that Arthur claimed to be long ago, he has given himself over to the corrupting influence of his master and his goals.

Bio is a horrible conglomeration of a “man.” The only parts of him that have the appearance of being humanoid are his left arm, torso, and head. Blue and red veins bulge across his arms and scalp. He is serpent from the waist down. Much of his body is covered in thick, rough, gray scales except for his head and right arm. His right arm is a sickly gray, rubbery tentacle that can stretch up to 50 feet. The skin on Bio’s face has a look as if it were made of wax and held to close to a flame. The skin sags in spots, more on the left side where his eye hangs down and bulges from the socket.

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