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Homebrew Supers: Arkangel

M&M Stats
PL: 10 (150 pp)

ABILITIES: STR: 30 (+10/+3) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 16 (+3) INT: 13 (+1) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 12 (+1)

SKILLS: Bluff (+1), Climb (+10), Concentration 8 (+10), Diplomacy (+1), Disguise (+1), Escape Artist (+2), Gather Info (+1), Handle Animal (+1), Intimidate 8 (+9), Current Event 8 (+9), Theology and Philosophy 12 (+13), Notice 8 (+10), Search (+1), Sense Motive 8 (+10), Stealth 4 (+6), Survival (+2), Swim (+10)

FEATS: Accurate Attack, Power Attack

POWERS: *Device (Archangel Armor, hard to lose) [19], Restricted (Only Michael can use), , *Blast [12], (Alternate Power: Enhanced Strength [14]), *Super-Senses (Blindsight, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radio, Time Sense, Tracking (Infrared), Infrared) [10], *Flight [5], *Immunity (life support) [9], *Protection [9], Impervious [1], *Super-Strength [5]

COMBAT: Attack 8 [Unarmed +10 (Bruise), Blast 12 (Lethal)] Defense 18 (14 flat-footed) Init 2

SAVES: Toughness 12 (12 flat-footed) Fortitude 3 Reflex 2 Will 2

Abilities 25 + Skills 14 (56 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 77 + Combat 32 + Saves 0 – Drawbacks 0 = 150 / 150

Real Name: Michael Weathers
Age: 28
Height: 5’9” (without armor), 6’5” (in armor)
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Michael Weathers grew up in a strict Catholic home. To say that his parents were devout would be a massive understatement. That's not to say that they weren't good parents, they were, it’s just that Michael didn't have nearly as many freedoms other kids in the neighborhood had. His days were spent as Catholic school, working in his father’s butcher shop, and then home to do homework and a mandatory half-hour studying the Bible with his parents before he had time to himself. There were times that he resented his parents, but overall he understood that they were doing what they felt was best.

Michael’s father was killed by a mugger a week before Michael’s 14th birthday. Michael wondered why God allowed this to happen to one of his most devout followers? Wasn't his father's sacrifice day after day good enough to offer him some measure of protection from the forces of evil? These thoughts tore Michael apart. He went to his priest and asked him these questions. The priest told Michael that God doesn't offer protection that way. What happens on Earth is up to us, it’s the promise of life everlasting that is God's true protection. It is up to us to see that our neighborhoods and loved ones are safe.

The priest’s words made a profound impact on young Michael. He left the church no longer angry at God for allowing his father to die, but angry at mankind for allowing the wicked to prey on the good. Michael swore then and there that he wouldn't be just another good man that turns a blind eye on evil all around him.

Michael quickly got the reputation for being a goody-goody. It got him into a lot of trouble as well. He routinely got sent home for fighting with bullies, so much so that the school was considering expulsion. His mother was at her wit’s end. She sent him to live with her brother, a devout Catholic as well; hoping that all Michael needed was a firm hand to set him back on the right path.

Michael’s uncle, Sam, was a very rigid and stern man. However, when he learned of why Michael was getting into trouble, he was proud that his nephew was showing the moral fortitude to do what was right and not allow evil to flourish uncontested. He introduced the boy to the Order of Angels-Arch, a secret order of men and women devoted to fighting evil head-on. Their goal is not to kill, but to force repentance upon their foes. Lethal force is only allowed against the vilest of sinners. Michael found his true calling that night.

During his time with his uncle, Michael learned not only how to fight, but when to fight. After all, no member of the order would last long just blindly fighting any evil they came across. He received training in weapons and stealth as well. Michael would go out at night and stalk the schoolyard bullies, under the watchful eye of his uncle, and put the fear of God into them. Before long, he graduated to small-time hoods and minor drug dealers. When it was time for him to go home, Michael was tougher than most people twice his age.

The Order kept in contact with Michael. He would go out on assignments for the Order late a night, when his mother assumed that his was up in his room asleep. It was during one assignment when Michael was 18 that he came face to face with true, inhuman evil.

What was supposed to be an assignment to take retribution on a group of local punks that defaced a local church put Michael in the midst of a cult devoted to the worship of some ancient demon. Michael called in for backup from the Order, but was discovered and was offered up to the demon himself. The demon, who called himself Malzinzaz, tossed young Michael about and beat him savagely. Just before the demon was about to finish Michael off, a blinding light appeared. Michael passed out shortly after seeing the light. When he came to he was back in the Order’s headquarters, looking up at a man whose head was surrounded in a halo of light. The man introduced himself as the archangel, Michael. For his bravery, he would become his instrument on Earth. Michael was given a suit of golden, winged armor. Michael was told that a war is looming that that he would have to stay vigilant, for Malzinzaz was only the beginning. That said, the angel told Michael that the Order would no longer know him as a member, but would be able to contact him when needed. This was necessary to keep him and his family safe. With another flash of light Michael was back home in his room and the angel was gone.

Since that night, Michael has fought the forces of evil as the hero, Arkangel. During the day, he works as an editor for a small, conservative newspaper with a religious slant to the news. At night, he battles evil alongside the Guardians.

Michael outside of his armor is a handsome, athletic man with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. He dresses conservatively in a buttoned-up shirt and slacks commonly. He wears and pair of round, light-weight glasses and a gold wristwatch that activates his armor with a touch. The Arkangel armor is golden in color, except for black under-armor. His faceplate is that of a haloed angel (a stylized image of the Archangel Michael). The wings fold neatly into the back of the armor and unfurl quickly when needed. The wristguards and shoulderplates of the armor mold into whatever style of weapon mentally called upon by Michael, from swords to laser cannons. The faceplate allows Michael a wide array of super-senses.

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