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Quick Update: I added some info to the Spineless Ones entry that I neglected to get added before posting it (some background details and Savage Worlds and Rogue Space stats). 

The Brannor are a near-human species that are currently a slave race of the Spineless Ones of the Mojoverse. They were once a space-faring species that believed in trying to make the universe a better place by helping others when they could; that generosity would end up being their downfall.

The Brannor were once a species devoted to science and the betterment of all of their kind. When they reached the stars and met other species, they extended that altruistic attitude to other species as well, especially extending goodwill and help to species suffering through some malady, be it genetic, disease-related, environmental, or what have you. They would offer aid in the form of raw resources, food, clothing, researchers, whatever they could spare to help those in need that they encountered. This desire to make the galaxy a better place was only strengthened whenever they met a species that took a less than generous view to galactic diplomacy like the Romulans or the Hutts.

The Brannor encountered the Yllonjakk (more commonly known as the "Spineless Ones") on the swamp world of Yllonj. The Yllonjakk were a primitive species largely held back by their lack of mobility and their planet's lack of mineral resources. The Brannor decided to help this species and essentially "uplift" them so that they could achieve their full potential. They developed advanced cybernetics to grant them great mobility first with a series of cyber sleds, and then with cybernetic spinal cord and leg implants. They also educated the Yllonjakk in the areas of biology, cybernetics, computers and the Grid, as well as exposing them to new avenues for entertainment, such as vids and games.

The Yllonjakk, while being primitive, were quite intelligent, and also telepathic. As they were being taught, they were secretly probing the minds of their benefactors, learning far beyond the rote theories and applications they were being taught. They also developed an addiction to holovids and games, especially gladiatorial games. While the Brannor were careful to keep the focus of Yllonjakk education away from anything that should lead them towards weapons manufacture or developing a violent culture, the Yllonjakk had designs of their own.

The Yllonjakk had began to develop weapon systems for their cyber sleds. This lead most to forego the use of cybernetic legs in lieu of the sleds. They then attacked the Brannor, conquered those on Yllonj, and with the use of the spacecraft developed more spacecraft, military spacecraft, and attacked the Brannor throughout the sector until their benefactors became their slaves. The Brannor being a largely peaceful species, could not muster an effective defense against an enemy that had so thoroughly learned everything about their technology and culture.

The Brannor soon found out just how foolish and careless they had become. The Spineless Ones were terrible masters. Many Brannor were nothing but fodder to feed their masters craving to watch death in action. Those with technical ability had it somewhat better, but were dealt with harshly should they not meet or exceed at their assigned duties. Most Brannor were simply breeding stock.

The Brannor were introduced to other species, like the Valco, who also fell into the clutches of the Spineless Ones. They also found that there were many other species that seem to share the same addiction to violence that grips the Spineless Ones as beings across known space paid handsomely either for copies of the ridiculous "shows" slave were forced to perform in or to see such a show live and in person. They also found that there were beings willing to kill for money. These gladiators weren't slaves, but were treated as celebrities, gods even, for mowing down wave after wave of slaves in ever-increasingly ridiculous and violent scenarios.

All of the violence and death and cruelty has had an effect on the Brannor. Gone are the days of the naive and altruistic do-gooders that were going to make the galaxy a better place for all species. Now they are hardened, toughened by the horrors they have endured. Now they are fighting back. An underground movement has emerged in the last couple generations that is trying to topple the disgusting empire of the Spineless Ones. Made up of slaves that have escaped, they are striking back at their masters. The resistance has become a thorn in the side of the Spineless Ones. They disrupt shows, free slaves, and have even killed a few Mojos.

The Resistance has sought aid from outside stellar powers, though they do not trust any of them. The Concord has offered what little aid that it can since they are cut off from the Mojoverse by the Romulan Empire. The Romulans offer some assistance with weapons, but have done little else. Still the Resistance almost prefers it that way. They now see the galaxy as largely dark and twisted. Their goal is to destroy the Mojoverse and then withdraw to their homeworlds and have little else to do with others. That is truly the greatest tragedy out of all of this devastation.

Brannor are a near human species. They have largely the same eye, skin, and hair color variations as humans. Really, at first glance, no difference can been seen. However, Brannor hands consist of only three fingers and a thumb, instead of the standard five. They are also more agile and graceful than humans, by and large, a product of the selective breeding they have undergone for generations. Their skin is slightly leathery and is tougher than human flesh. Brannor with psionic powers cannot hide when their powers are in use, as one of their eyes gives off a faint luminescence (in most Brannor, the left eye is the one that glows).

Brannor for Savage Worlds
Attributes: Brannor start play with a d6 in Agility.
Tough Skin: Brannor skin conveys a +2 bonus to Toughness.
Racial Enemy: Brannor hate Spineless Ones and suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with one. Many Brannor find it difficult to keep from attacking a Spineless One on sight.

Brannor for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Scoundrel or Technician only. +1 bonus to either Acquiring or Repair.
Tough Skin: A Brannor wearing no armor is still considered to be wearing L armor.
Psionics: Brannor can be Espers and usually have the Telepathy power, though any power is possible.

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