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The Thrintun (plural form of Thrint) are a species of telepathic beings from a planet of the same name in the Tnuctin system. They briefly controlled a wide empire in the coreward Alpha Quadrant before their empire toppled to a slave revolt. Today, the Thrintun are kept in check on their homeworld by one of their former slaves species, the Tnuctip.

Thrintun are vaguely humanoid, cyclopean creatures with scaly green flesh. Heights vary wildly from four and a half feet tall to over eight feet tall. Their wide mouths are filled with needle sharp metallic teeth and their mouths have three finger-like feelers at both ends which help shovel food in. Their hand have three equidistant fingers that are not overly dexterous. Thrintun are not overly intelligent, the males have been ranked at slightly less than average intelligence and their females are virtually mindless. If it wasn't for their mind control abilities, they likely wouldn't have ever attained the stars, no less built an intergalactic empire.

Thrintun have two qualities that govern their lives: hunger and their telepathy. Thrintun suffer from constant, insatiable hunger. They must learn at an early age when to know that they have had enough to eat or become violently ill due to over eating. This hunger consumes their thinking, which can lead them to acting rashly. Their telepathic abilities have been honed to where they can dominate the minds of others, including other Thrintun. A young Thrint is not considered an adult until he can fight off his father's domination and control him instead. This ability allowed them to build an empire without having even sent a satellite into orbit. Thrintun do little for themselves if they have a strong enough will to dominate others to do things for them. Their religions all refer to their mind control abilities as "the Power" and cite it as the reason that they are destined to rule the galaxy and beyond. For a time it appeared as if their legends would come to fruition.

Some Thrintun are born without telepathic ability. These sorry individuals are either killed by their family out of shame or tattooed pink and sold into slavery. These "Ptavvs" are the only Thrintun that anyone is likely to ever see travelling the stars.

The Thrint Emprie controlled over 100 systems at its height. They relied heavily on slaves with more intelligence and knowledge to keep the Empire running. Most Thrintun at this time belonged to various noble houses that all vied against each other for control of slaves and systems, though they would come together to fight against a common foe. Favored slaves were given preferential treatment and were not often subjected to the mind control of their masters. It was a group of favored slaves that toppled the Thrintun Empire.

A group of Tnuctipun geneticists discovered a way to negate the effects of Thrintun mind control for as long as a month at a time. They spread the inoculation throughout the slave species over the course of a few years. When the time was right, the slave took their inoculation and won their freedom in a bloody coup that lasted only a few days as the Thrintun had few warriors or guards of their own as most of their soldier were enslaved species. The remaining Thrintun were exiled to Thrintun where they remain to this day. The Tnuctipun are their caretakers. It was the group of geneticists that spared enough Thrintun to keep the population viable, as they were unwilling to be a part of genocide. Now they ensure that no Thrintun escapes their homeworld and that no one ever attempts to land on Thrintun either.

Ptavvs are the only Thrintun that are allowed off of Thrintun. Ptavvs have found that they breed true, which has allowed them to build lives and communities wherever they wish. Their females are still little more than mindless beasts, and the males are not any more intelligent than their Thrintun brothers, but they are free to live their lives.

Thrint for Savage Worlds
Thrint (WC): Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Notice d6
Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Toughness: 8 (2)
Special Abilities:
Bite: Str+d6 damage.
Tough Hide: The tough scaly flesh of a Thrint conveys +2 armor to Toughness.
Mind Control: Thrintun have the innate ability to to use the Puppet power at will. The range and arcane roll are both the Thrintun's Spirit. They can use this power as many times as they wish and there is no expenditure of power points to use the power.
Clumsy: Thrint hands are terrible for tool and weapon manipulation, they have the All Thumbs Hindrance.
Cyclopean: Thrintun only have one eye. They suffer a -2 penalty to any roll that requires depth perception, like shooting, throwing, jumping a ravine, or so on.

Ptavvs (PC Race)
Spirited: Even though they do not have the mental abilities of other Thrintun, Ptavvs start play with a d6 in Spirit rather than a d4.
Bite: Ptavvs can deal Str+d6 damage with their vicious bites.
Tough Hide: +2 bonus to Toughness due to their scaly hides.
Hindrances: Ptavvs start play with the One Eye and All Thumbs Hindrances. (Ignore the -2 Charisma penalty with the One Eye hindrance.)
Psionic Blind: Ptavvs can never take the Psionics Arcane Background.

Thrint for Rogue Space
DRM +1; TP K; SZ A; MV 30' (walk); AR L; DM L; HP 3; SP *
Mind Control: Thrintun all have the power of Suggestion. They roll this ability with a +3 bonus to the Empathy check. Thrintun can use this power as much as once per round, but if a target successfully avoids the suggestion, they cannot be subjected to the power for the next hour.

Ptavvs (PC Race)
Archetypes: Ptavvs can be Scoundrels and receive a +1 bonus to either  Acquiring or Empathy.
Tough Hide: Ptavvs always have L armor thanks to their scaly hides.
Bite: Ptavvs can bite for L damage.
Clumsy: Ptavvs suffer a -1 penalty to any roll that requires dexterous fingers or fine manipulation.
Psionics: Ptavvs are incapable of becoming Espers.

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