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Threats of the Galaxy: The Sathar

Along the border between the Alpha and Delta Quadrants lies the Sathar Expanse. It is home to a species of highly aggressive earthworm-like creatures that, to date, have attacked everyone that has come into contact with them. They have become a serious threat to all stellar nations near the border to the Delta Quadrant as their raids on neighboring systems are increasing in both number and the level of force used.

Very little is known about the Sathar beyond they are a highly militaristic society that is grouped into cadres. It is theorized that the Sathar are so bent on military conquest that unless they attack other cultures, the cadres would like turn on each other and cause their society to collapse. This is only a theory based on observations of Sathar over the last 50 standard years. No Sathar has ever been taken alive to interrogate by the Concord or any other stellar nation known to the Concord.

Sathar are physically similar to Terran earthworms. They have no skeleton, but instead control body rigidity through a hydrostatic system. Sathar bodies average out to around 3.5 meters long. They have circular mouths ringed with teeth, two, large pupiled eyes that grant them a wide field of vision. Unlike earthworms, Sathar sport two pairs of appendages. The first is smaller and situated about a meter below their heads. These "arms" end in tentacle-like "fingers" that allow for fine manipulation of objects. The larger appendages are stronger and end in paddle-like "feet". These appendages are used both to lift heavy objects and to allow the Sathar to walk somewhat like a humanoid, although their gait is rather ungainly. Sathar typically move by slithering along the ground like a snake, with their top meter and a half raised up to allow for use of weapons while on the move. They can even coil their bodies like a snake, allowing them to rise even farther. Sathar flesh is yellow to brown in color with the appendages having a slight green tint. Their underbellies are often pink. Dark dots, patterns, and splotches are found on the back of their heads. These are cadre markings that allow each Sathar to see what cadre they are a part of.

No Sathar has even been taken alive. Ground forces will commit suicide either by use of their weapons, or by activating a poison delivery system implanted in their bodies should they be disarmed. They have even self-destructed star ships in danger of capture. The Concord Navy has several Sathar held in suspended animation that had only recently activated their poison implants or suffered wounds that had not yet killed them. However, no known revival method has proven effective yet.

The Sathar have been staging attacks on sectors bordering the Sathar Expanse for some time. Their attacks of late have become more aggressive and well coordinated, leading many strategists to believe that a larger assault on the Alpha Quadrant is imminent. Add in that some members of other species have been found to be working in concert with the Sathar, and the theory of a large scale assault is given more credence. These Sathar agents do not appear to be mercenaries, but instead members of other species that have been captured and put through a rigorous brainwashing procedure to make them thoroughly loyal to the Sathar. Also, the Sathar are excellent soldiers and tacticians with little regard for their own safety and well-being making them a very dangerous foe to take on.

For Savage Worlds I use the Star Frontiers conversion by Greg Bruni which can be found here.

Sathar for Rogue Space
DRM +2; TP K; SZ RB; MV 40' (Slither) or 30' (walking); AR M; DM Varies; SP -
Gear: Sathar are typically armed with laser rifles, but they will usually have a member or or two of their battle groups armed with heavy weapons like flame throwers and rocket launchers. They usually go into battle wearing Mesh Armor or better.

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