Sunday, November 16, 2014

End of the Week and on the Cusp of a (hopefully brief) Hiatus

Whew! It's been a pretty productive couple of weeks for me on the writing front. I hope you all have enjoyed the regular updates, but they are likely coming to an end for a bit. Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out on Tuesday, so I'll be tearing my way through Thedas again during the scant free time that I have these days. I will be back, and I've got a few posts that I just need to put a little polish on and they'll be ready so there will be a few posts here and there.

I also picked up a couple of card games this week thanks to a couple of coupons from Half Price Books. The first is Boss Monster from Brotherwise Games. In this game 2-4 players try to be the first to score 10 (or is it 15...I can't remember off hand) points before losing 5 lives by building a five room dungeon to face off against heroes that will brave it. The second is Smash Up from AEG. In this game each player picks two 20 card faction decks and shuffles them together and tries to take control of various bases. The factions vary wildly from aliens, to ninjas, to robots, to dinosaurs, and so on. Each faction has a certain specialty which ups the replayability as you can try various faction combinations. There are also several expansions that add even more factions to the game (which I hope to acquire in the future). Both games offer a ton of replay value and are really quick games once you get the hang of them. If you see them, I recommend picking up both games.


Tom said...

I got to play Boss Monster for the first time not long ago. It's now on my "To Buy" list. What a fun, creative little game!

Giles Kiser said...

Yep. Lot's of great "old school" video game flavor wrapped up in a fun, easy to understand, quick to play game. It's going to be a go-to game when we want to play something fast and fun.

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