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Illithid Servitor Species Part Two: Ith-Kon

The Ith-Kon made up much of the starship crews and special forces of the military personnel of the Illithid invaders. While the Tzakandi made up most of the numbers, they were simply brute force, totally expendable in the eyes of their masters, but the Ith-Kon were the true soldiers; a knife's edge to the blunt force of the Tzakandi. They were also the key to defeating the Illithid.

The Ith-Kon remember little about their lives before entering into the service of the Illithids. They do know that are not a spliced species. Yes, they have undergone some...modifications, but they were an naturally evolving species. They do not remember the location of their homeworld, but they do know that it was a long distance from the Alpha Quadrant. Most seem to think that they hailed from Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, but there's no concrete evidence to support this. All that is for certain is that they have served the Illithid for countless generations.

The Ith-Kon served their masters as best they could, for anything less could mean not only their deaths, but the deaths of their broods as well. For some unknown reason, but many guess it is because they are genetically similar, the Ith-Kon were granted a measure of normal life compared to many of their other slaves who were treated more as livestock and tools than truly sentient beings. The Ith-Kon were able to have broods (families), pursue recreational activities and hobbies, and so forth as long as they followed their orders precisely. This helped keep the Ith-Kon in line, but those that fail to meet their masters' expectations are dealt with harshly and swiftly. While the Illithid attempted many time to wipe out much of their culture, an identity of honor remained unshakable in the Ith-Kon. This sense of honor was central to the fall of the Illithids.

Ith-Kon are telepathic, nothing like the Illithids, but still potent enough to send and receive messages from long distances. During a skirmish with Illithid forces near Kanost, some more telepathic Vulcans were able to sense weariness and disgust in several of the Ith-Kon they were battling. This information was relayed to the military leaders in the Great Alliance in the hopes that a strategy for confirming and ultimately using these feelings to turn the Ith-Kon against their master could be devised. Over the course of the next few standard months, attempts to contact the Ith-Kon were made. It was discovered that many Ith-Kon tire of constant war and find no honor in the slaughter of entire species. Several of these contacts turned into double agents working among some of the other slave species, the Mind Rippers and Derro primarily, to give information on troop movements, starship specs and weaknesses, and so forth.

A the Battle of Argos VII, the cornerstone of the plan between the Great Alliance and the rebel slaves was put into effect. The Illithid, who had some close to discovering the plans many times, became aware of the plan of mutiny before the signal was given. Some of the Derro who were going to mutiny didn't, and the mutiny on several ships was crushed immediately. Still the chaos it caused among the Illithid forces was enough for the Alliance to make a deadly strike at the "brain ship" of the Illithids, destroying it and many other carriers and sending the Illithid forces scattering.

Much of the information that the Concord has on the Illithid comes from the Ith-kon. After the Illithid forces were scattered and the invasion broken, the surviving Ith-Kon were left without a home in the midst of species that they helped to decimate. The members of the Great Alliance debated on what should be done with these beings. While it was true that they took part in the destruction and displacement of many systems and species in the Alpha Quadrant, it was their information and willingness to turn against their masters that made the victory possible. A colony on the desert planet, Nasshak in the Nomin system was established to house the Ith-Kon (at least those that stuck around after the invasion, many other fled like their masters, but in different directions than their masters). Colony might be too kind of a word. Ith-Kon evolved on a humid world filled with rainforests, swamps, moors, and vast oceans, so Nasshak was chosen to keep them confined in the facilities established to house them. A diverse selection of guards from the various members of the Great Alliance were chosen to watch over the Ith-Kon, which only lead to more problems as the various species still had their own issues with each other stemming back from before the invasion. Fights were common between the Ith-Kon and the guards and even among guards themselves. It wasn't until the creation of the Galactic Concord did a decision about the Ith-Kon come about.

Before the Galactic Concord formed, the Romulans, who guards among those stationed at Nasshak, attempted to take over the compound. While their attempt failed, they did make off with several Ith-Kon. No one truly knows what became of those Ith-Kon, but knowing how Romulans have treated other captives, it's probably safe to say that they did not live too long.

One of the first orders of business for the newly formed Council was what to do about the Ith-Kon. The Ith-Kon had began to withhold information until they were given some sort of word as to what their fate would be. Much of the public knew about the Ith-Kon and their sentiments towards the former slaves was not very good, understandably so. The Council was worried about possible violence towards the Ith-Kon, about the Ith-Kon's part in the fall of the Illithid being part of an elaborate ruse, and there were some on the Council that wanted to see them answer for the part they played in the Invasion. In the end, it was determined that the Ith-Kon had served their time, and as reward for the part they played in the fall of the Illithids they would be allowed to join one of the stellar nations of the Concord (a few member nations refused to offer them citizenship) or they would be free to set up their own colony on a planet more suitable to their physiological needs.

Today, many Ith-Kon live among the various species of the Concord. Once the story of the fall of the Illithids had been released, public opinion on their swayed much more positively. They still suffer some racist remarks because they do look similar to the hated Illithid, but to most people the Ith-Kon are just another species in a society filled with strange and alien beings. They do control one system, Kon-Tal, near the Vulcan sector, but only about 300,000 Ith-Kon officially call it home.

Ith-Kon are a humanoid species that look somewhat like a more "human" Illithid. They stand around 6 feet tall with stockier builds than their masters. Their skin color is more gray and less purple, however, it can change color to blend into their surroundings. This ability is not effective in brightly lit areas. Their eyes are slightly larger but still milky white and pupil-less. Ith-Kon only have two mouth tentacles instead of four and their mouths are more like a standard humanoids in that they are designed for chewing and less for sucking brains, which the Ith-Kon do not eat. Their hands are more like a standard humanoid as well, with four fingers and thumb all without claws.

Ith-Kon have two genders, but the genders don't have the outward physical differences that most humanoids do. Females are slightly more slender, but otherwise are identical to males in body size and shape. They have an egg sack in heir mid sections that produce eggs. Ith-Kon who are mated will set up a special place for the fertilized eggs to mature. About 20-30 eggs are lain at a time, but usually only 4-5 will be viable (likely an evolutionary protective measure that carries on from their ancient ancestors). Ith-Kon young are then cared for by both parents. The young can walk within a year and are considered adult by age 13.  Ith-Kon can live to be 80 on average.

Ith-Kon are hard working and generally no-nonsense people. It's not that they can't unwind, they just have a schedule to which they adhere day in and day out, a by-product of generation after generation living in a state of perpetual war. Many have found the transition to peace time living difficult, and so have gone into professions where their skill as soldiers, pilots, and crewmen are highly valued.

Ith-Kon for Savage Worlds
Chameleon Skin: Ith-Kon can change the color of their flesh to blend into their surroundings. This grants them a +1 bonus to Stealth checks. However, this ability is ineffective in brightly lit areas.
Psionic Scouting: Ith-Kon have the innate ability to tap into innate psionic potential to use the Farsight ability. This power is used as if the Ith-Kon had a d6 skill in Psionics. The use of this power is tiring and is usable only once per 24 hours, as long as the Ith-Kon is able to sleep for 8 hours as normal sometime during that period.
Outsider: Even though they receive a lot of the credit for the fall of the Illithid Invasion, Ith-Kon are still regarded with fear and suspicion. They start play with the Outsider (Minor) Hindrance.

Ith-Kon for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Ith-Kon can be Soldiers and Technicians and receive a +1 bonus to either Fighting or Repair.
Chameleon Skin: Ith-Kon can change the color of their flesh to blend in with their surroundings. This grants them a +2 bonus to Acquiring checks made to Hide. However, this ability is useless in brightly lit areas.
Psionic Scouting: Once per day an Ith-Kon can use the Clairvoyance power (even if the character is not as Esper). The power roll is made with his Empathy bonus.
Psionics: Ith-Kon can be Espers, but it is surprisingly rare. Common powers are Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Psychic Blast.

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