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Spelljammer Creatures in Mythic Space: Part 2


(Spelljammer MC2)
The allura are a dangerous predatory, shapeshifting species. They are reptilian humanoids in their natural forms, and they are a naturally psionic species with telepathic abilities that they use to enhance their chances of feeding well. They typically take the form that their mark (or marks) finds instantly attractive. 

The allura have been documented in several sectors, but their homeworld is currently unknown. The first documented sighting is from the ship logs of a merchant freighter found abandoned in the Uriah Beta system. The freighter’s crew were all found dead, but it appears they picked up a passenger believed to be an allura in the Galvanost system.

It is not believed that the Allura were a technologically advanced species when they first encountered other species, but have quickly become accustomed to modern technology. Sometimes ships are found abandoned that have recently accessed Elder Relays, but the crew had been dead for some time meaning that at least some Allura have being accustomed to operating starcraft. 

Allura in their natural forms are reptilian humanoids. They are about the same size and shape as a human, but they are hairless and their bodies are covered in fine, green scales that become lighter on their palms, abdomens, and soles of their feet. Their ability to shapeshift allows them to duplicate the look of another species (with a range of 4 feet to 7 feet in height), but none of that species' innate abilities. They are also a highly psionic species. When first encountering another species, they tend to try and stay out of sight and subtly read the minds of those they are watching/hunting. They discover what their prey finds attractive and attempts to duplicate that and they use social mating cues gleaned from their mind reading to further enhance the chance of getting their prey alone, where they will psychically savage their victim, draining them of their lifeforce. Nothing else is known about the allura from their homeworld to mating habits or anything else. 

Savage Worlds Stats

AttributesAgility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d8, Psionics d10, Shooting d6, Stealth d10, Streetwise d8

Gear: Allura can use their Shapechange ability to mimic clothing, but many will be armed with easily concealable weapons like pistols and blades should they be forced to fight. 
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7 (1)
Special Abilities

  •  Tough Flesh: The scaled flesh of an Allura conveys a +1 bonus to Toughness.
  • Shapeshifting: The natural ability of the Allura to change their forms is nearly perfect, but there are always slight clues that something is amiss. Anyone attempting to spot imperfections in an Allura's disguise can do so with a Notice check, but with a -2 penalty. Allura can change from one form to another (solely humanoid forms) in 1 round. 
  • Psionics: Allura are all powerful psions. They have 50 power points and can have any powers the GM see fits. However, they all tend to have the following no matter what: Confusion, Farsight, Invisibility, Mind Reading, and Speak Language. Most tend to stick to defensive powers, but some will have powers like Havoc, Blast, or Bolt.
  • Psychic Vampire: Without the victim knowing it, being in close, even intimate, proximity with an Allura is a dangerous contest of wills. An Allura feeds with physical contact. When touching their prey, Allura enter into a contest of wills. Both parties make a Spirit roll. If the victim's roll is lower, his/her Spirit die drops by 1 die and they become Fatigued. During the next round the contest is rolled again, but this time with the lower Spirit die (fatigue penalty does not apply). Each lost roll lowers the victim's Spirit and applies another level of Fatigue. If the victim's Spirit is completely drained before reaching Incapacitation, then the victim is immediately rendered unconscious. If the victim wins a roll, he/she becomes instantly aware that something is wrong and gains a +2 bonus to any further Spirit rolls (if the Allura is still touching the victim). Incapacitated victims will die if they do not receive medical attention within an hour of becoming unconscious. Most Allura will simply kill their prey at this point. Lost Spirit returns with a day's rest. 

Rogue Space Stats
DRM+2 TP SZ MV Bipedal (40’) AR DM HP SP *

Gear: Allura are usually armed with a laser pistol and/or a knife. 
Shapechange: Allura can naturally change their shape to look like another species between 4-7 feet tall. Anyone attempting to see an Allura for what they are can attempt an Acquiring roll against TN13. 
Psionic Vampire: Allura drain Empathy with a touch. When making contact both the Allura and the victim make Empathy rolls. If the Allura wins, the victim's Empathy bonus decreases by -1. This roll is made each round until either the victim wins (now fully aware that something is wrong) or he/she is dropped to Empathy -2, at which point the victim falls unconscious and will die within an hour if medical attention is not given. Empathy will return to it's normal state with a day's rest. 
Psionics: Allura are powerful Espers. They all have Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Telepathy powers, and many have 1 or 2 others as well. These powers are used as if the Allura has an Empathy of +3. 



(Spelljammer MC2)
Aperusa are a near-human species of space-faring vagabonds that travel in small convoys of 2-10 ships not unlike the Quarians. They would all be dead if not for the timely intervention of the Bothans, who helped nearly 60% of the population escape to safety when their sun went nova and destroyed their world. Since then the Aperusa have traveled the galaxy in ships large enough to modify into living quarters for large family groups, not too much unlike the Quarians. Unlike the Quarians, however, Aperusa immune systems have not devolved to the point that they need to live in spacesuits, likely because they are not as meticulously clean as the Quarians, and they regularly interact with other species.

Aperusa look much like humans of Baltic descent. They are dark-haired, swarthy, attractive people. They tend to act flamboyantly and dress in clothes that accentuate that flamboyance. Their ships are usually after-market craft bought used and heavily re-purposed. Anywhere from one family to entire clans of 50 members or more are found on an Aperusa craft. Unlike the Quarians, the Aperusa do not congregate into a fleet of ships that travel together. At most three or four Aperusa craft will be found in a convoy. Once a standard year, they gather at a set point, usually in some little traveled, yet inhabited system to trade, arrange marriages, and to celebrate for a couple weeks before splitting up and moving on again. 

Aperusa culture is very sexist, with males having all of the power in a clan. Women are caregivers and little else. One important caveat is that women who are psions are revered. They may not be official leaders of the clan, but the fear of their powers makes their opinion highly regarded. This view of females extends to women of other species as well. Aperusa males will often attempt to take advantage of women that see their lifestyle as "romantic". Some women do become one of the "Umbra" a society of Asperusa women who are adept in seduction, secrets, spying, and upon occasion assassination. Still, even though this is a very exclusive order, they have little say in Aperusa politics. 

Aperusa have a reputation for being rogues and even spies. This makes them an unwelcome sight in many systems, though they rarely get into any severe problems with local authorities. Still, they tend to avoid systems and sectors known to be openly hostile to their kind or with a very authoritarian reputation.

Savage Worlds Stats
Adaptable: Aperusa start play with one free Edge.
Charismatic: Aperusa are a gregarious lot, gaining them a +2 bonus to Charisma.
Psionic Phobia: Aperusa are fearful of those with psionic powers. They start play with the Minor version of the Phobia Hindrance when dealing with those they know to have psionic powers, even among their own kind.

Rogue Space Stats
Archetypes: Aperusa can be Scoundrels and Technicians and add +1 to either Acquiring or Repair. 
Charismatic: Aperusa are very personable. They gain a +1 bonus to any Empathy rolls made when trying to entertain or charm others. 
Psionics: Aperusa can become Espers, though they have a slightly less of a chance than regular humans. Any power is possible, but powers like Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, and Cloaking are the most common. 

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