Sunday, March 14, 2021

More Zombies?!?!

 Fairly productive week this week. I hope next week yields just as many!

From Left to Right: Berserker Walker, Walker (from TWS All-Out War), Skinner Walker, Toxic Walker, Skinner Fatty, Berserker Fatty.

From L to R: Crawler, Toxic Runner, Hunter from Left 4 Dead (by Studio Miniatures; rules incoming), Skinner Runner, Toxic Walker

From L to R: Crawler (from TWD All-Out War), Skinner Walker (from one of Flying Frogs Last Night on Earth games), Runner, Walker (again from TWD AOW), Crawler

Back shot

From the Back

The zombies showing their best side.

I've got a randomized list of each zombie type that I use to determine which zombies that I work on next (I get bored paint the same figure over and over). I've got a VIP (punk) and a Seeker keyed up and ready to start on next!

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