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Founders of the Concord: Aleerins (Mechalus) in Mythic Space

The Aleerins, also known as Mechalus, are a species of humanoids that blend flesh and metal unlike any other species. Orderly and logical, they hide passion in their hearts that strive to keep buried except around those that they fully trust.
The Aleerins made first contact with what was then known as the Terran Authority, or the Sol Systems Alliance now, not long after the First Contact Wars. Although relations where cool between the two parties at first, the emergence of the Illithid threat made them realize that it was better to be part of the galaxy instead of trying to survive alone.
Physical Description/Biology: An aleerin can be easily mistaken for a human at a distance or in poor lighting, for he bears the general shape and size of a human. Closer inspection, however, reveals veins of circuitry that weave with the aleerin’s flesh and blood to form a totally synthesized body. An aleerin’s hair consists of combined protein strands and filaments of cable and wire. Even the aleerin’s skeleton has been reinforced with super-strong synthetic materials, and bony protective plates cover the bio-organic flesh at the shoulders and across the chest. The aleerins’ appearance has led to humans calling them “mechalus” (singular and plural), and the aleerins don’t seem to mind.

Aleerins are slightly heavier than humans, on average, but their builds are less varied. The average aleerin stands approximately 6 feet tall and weighs 175 to 200 pounds. Aleerins tend to have well-proportioned, athletic frames. Their lustrous turquoise eyes are opaque and have no visible pupils.

Aleerins share an affinity for computers. While they can easily employ standard computer interfaces, aleerins have the ability to personally connect with computer systems. Filaments can extend from an aleerin’s fingers, snake into a computer, and form a solid link between aleerin and machine. This link gives the aleerin speed-of-thought access to the computer system, with more precise control than any manual interface can provide.

Personality: Aleerins have ordered minds, which translates into a highly structured society and an equally organized outlook on life. Although they think with the precision and logic of a machine, they are deeply emotional people who work hard to subdue their negative emotions. They possess the same range of emotions as humans, although they downplay hostility or aggression. Aleerins have demonstrated violent tendencies in the past. Their early forays into space placed them at odds with another warlike race, which the aleerins ultimately annihilated. Appalled by this heinous act and jarred by an unexpected emotional backlash, modern aleerins have made a conscious and consistent effort to suppress or regulate their more primal nature.

In a tense or dangerous situation, aleerins are likely to remain calm and rational. They easily suppress their emotions when they deem such action appropriate or necessary. However, in a climate of relaxation and celebration, their emotional pendulum can swing to the other extreme—to other species, it seems as though they are making a special effort to appear cheerful or jubilant. The aleerins do not consider their behavior at such times to be exaggerated. Strong displays of positive emotion, when the situation permits, afford them the chance to demonstrate that they are not merely machines encased in biological bodies.

Homeworld: Aleerins hail from the highly advanced world of Davck in the Mehal system. They have not colonized other worlds, though they do maintain several space station in the system.

Religion: Officially, there is no religion in Aleerin culture. However, their connection to technology and their continuing desire for technological perfection reaches near fanatical levels. Some Aleerin express interest in the religious beliefs of other cultures, and may even take part in a religion for a while, but few ever stick with it.

Mutations: Aleerins have a very strong genetic makeup that is nearly as rigid as their personalities. Birth defects and genetic disorders are rare and mutation is unheard of.

Cybernetics: Aleerins are born with cybernetics as part of their bodies. There is more of a stigma of not being outfitted with cybernetics than there ever could be about having cybernetics installed.  To them, cybernetics are as common as jewelry is to most other species.

Psionics: Aleerins have little aptitude with psionics. Some individuals do have the ability for psionics, but it has been estimated that as little as .01% of each generation has the ability.

Aleerin Species Traits
·         Hardy: Aleerins start play with a d6 in Vigor.
·         Cybernetic Adaptability: When calculating the character’s maximum strain, treat the higher die (Vigor or Spirit) as one die higher than it actually is to a maximum of d12). Also, when having a Street Doc install and remove cybernetics, Aleerins suffer only a -2 penalty during installation, and a -1 penalty during removals.
·         Computer Link: An Aleerin can make a Computers check to connect to a computer by touch. This connection allows an Aleerin to control the computer via speed of thought rather than relying on manual coordination. This link can be severed by the Aleerin or whenever he cannot reach the computer any longer.
·         Quirk: All Aleerins try to keep their stronger emotions (anger, hatred, frustration, even laughter and love) in check.
·         Rigid: Aleerins tend to be too “stiff” to many other species. When dealing with non-Aleerins, an Aleerin character suffers a -4 penalty to Charisma checks. 

Aleerin Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Soldier or Technician, and add +1 to either Fighting or Science
One with Machines: Aleerins start play with the Brainware implant that allows them to interface with computers easily. In addition, they can install two pieces of cybertech before having to lower their Empathy by the typical -1. 
Psionics: Aleerins cannot be Espers. 

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