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Founders of the Concord: Andorians in Mythic Space

Before the Illithid Invasion, the Andorians were a militaristic and antagonistic species. Most first contact encounters went poorly, and most often ended in threats and a few even ended in bloodshed. They found a quarrel with nearly every culture they came into contact with, and often their positions were based on perceived slights that simply did not exist. However, the invasion of the Illithids into the heart of the Alpha Quadrant forced the burgeoning Concord to reach out to the Andorians with a request for aid in the war. This request made the Andorians feel as though they truly were respected after all. Even though their passion still runs hot, they have become a cornerstone of the Galactic Concord.
            Physical Description/Biology: Andorians are humanoid, with the same general dimorphism between the genders as many humanoid species, though they actually have four genders and require two couples for successful copulation. The most distinguishing features of Andorians is their blue skin that ranges from pale to dark in shade, stark white hair, and the two antennae that sprout from their heads. Their antennae gives them sensory input about the temperature, changes in air pressure and air flow, and even allows them to perceive some sub-sonic sounds.
            Andorians live in frigid conditions and their bodies are designed to help regulate and conserve their body heat. Even though they live in temperatures where the warmest is akin to living at the South Pole of Earth, their circulatory system allows them to be comfortable in all but the hottest of climates.
            Personality: Andorians are passionate, sometimes very passionate. They tend to have hot tempers and are willing to fight and even die to defend their honor and ideals. That said, their history is riddled with disastrous conflicts caused by declaring a bloody vendetta for small slights, and they have learned the error of their ways…to a point.
            Today, Andorians have a clear chain of command in their society. While they are still quick to anger, gone are the days of the vendetta, instead they defend their honor with duels that while often lead to bloodshed, rarely end with the loss of life.
            Although the Andorians are hot-tempered, they also use their passion in other pursuits. Andorians are romantics at heart. They love greatly and they feel deeply and channel those emotions into their art. Andorian writers and artists are popular throughout the Concord and beyond. They are also fiercely loyal to those they lose and respect, be they Andorian or otherwise.
            Homeworld: Andorians hail from the frigid world of Andor (also known as Andoria). It is the fifth planet in the Kuy’va system. They have colonies on two of the other planets in their home system, but have not colonized other star systems.
            Religion: Surprisingly few Andorians are religious, given how passionate they are about nearly every other aspect of life. However, they do have a religion based around a deity known as Uzaveh the Infinite. Even though there are not regular services like those found in many Terran religions, Andorians do follow rituals to mark certain milestones in life from reaching adulthood, to the birth of a child, to death that are religiously inspired.
            Mutations: Andorians can have mutations under the right circumstances, but this is a rare occurrence.
            Cybernetics: Andorians can be outfitted with cybertech. Even though there has long been research into cybernetic antennae, so far there has been no breakthroughs in the creations of synthetic antennae replacements.
            Psionics: Psionics are uncommon among the Andorians, even then, those that do have the potential either do not get trained in their use or live away from other Andorians. They see the use of such abilities as dishonorable and breach upon individual liberties.

Andorian Species Traits
·         Tough Hides: Andorian flesh is tough, almost like a flexible exoskeleton. Add +1 Armor to Toughness.
·         Alert: Thanks to their antennae, Andorians start play with the Alert edge.
·         Redundant Circulation: Andorians can withstand extreme cold temperatures better than other species. When making Vigor tests for exposure to Extreme cold, they only receive penalties to their Vigor checks at every 40 degrees below freezing as opposed to the standard 20 degrees. However, they are more susceptible to poisons thanks to their circulation system and suffer a -1 penalty to Vigor rolls made against poisons.

·         Code of Honor: To Andorians, their honor is everything. Andorians start play with the Code of Honor hindrance. They take offense to any spoken word or action that could in any way be construed that they are not considered at least equal to those they are dealing with. 

Andorian Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Soldiers and Technicians, and add +1 to either Fighting or Science.
Antennae: Andorians gain a +1 bonus to Acquire rolls made to detect atmospheric conditions or to hear sub-sonic sounds. 
Redundant Circulation: Andorians receive a +1 bonus to Fighting rolls made against the effects of extreme cold, but receive a -1 penalty to Fighting rolls made against poisons. 
Psionics: Andorians can be Espers with Telepathy and ESP being the most common powers. 

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