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Founders of the Concord: Cereans in Mythic Space


Peace, serenity, intelligence, and wisdom are all words that come to mind when Cereans are brought up. Cereans are quick to react, but when you have two brains constantly processing information, it’s easy to react quickly while still thinking things through.
Cereans are considered to be among the most sophisticated and cultured people in the Galactic Concord. Their art, music, plays, novels, and architecture are second to none and have made their homeworld, Cerea, a popular destination spot for travelers from all over the Concord. They are also well known for their universities and training facilities for psions.
Cereans abhor violence, but they knew that the only true option was to fight the Illithids. While the invasion would likely stall, and they would be able to flee to the far corners of the galaxy, there would come a time that the Illithids would come. They felt it better to stand among their allies and fight rather than cower away and await the inevitable. They knew that they were a target. From the first encounter with Illithids, Cereans knew that they were seen as desirable cattle for the aliens. What better food could there be than a species with two brains? Many Cereans go to bed at night and have nightmares of Illithids hiding in the shadows waiting to feast.
Physical Description/Biology: Cereans are humanoid standing roughing the same size and shape as humans. Their heads are elongated to house their binary brains. The shape of their skulls has caused some humans to nickname them “Coneheads” after an ancient TV skit, which is rather offensive to most Cereans as one can imagine. Cereans can grow hair, but only of the tops and back of their heads and many Cereans, both male and female, keep their heads shaved or wore their hair in a simple topknot. Their hair is typically light in color, but darker shades are not unheard of and it had a very light, wispy look to it.
Personality: Cereans are well known for being cool, calm, and collected even in high-stress situations. Most credit their dual brains for being able to see things and angles that many others simply can’t. They are well respected for their ability to not give in to aggression and to find alternatives to violence. It has made their culture one to be admired and respected in the Concord.
Cereans are largely pacifists. They believe that all life in the universe is connected and see violence and war as the ultimate breakdown of these connections. Their insistence on finding non-violent solutions can be frustrating at times to others that see the only negotiating with some is at the end of a weapon. It doesn’t help that Cereans can come off as a bit condescending and arrogant to other species, especially to those that have a history of strife.
Homeworld: Cereans hail from Cerea, an idyllic world in the system of the Same name. Cerea, surprisingly survived the Illithid Invasion largely unscathed even though the Illithids were known to be actively searching for the system. To this day, it is unknown if the Cereans had a hand in somehow hiding their home or they simply got amazingly lucky.
Religion: The Cerean philosophy of logic, non-violence, and respect are as close as one will find to religion among Cereans. Their belief that all life in the universe is connected and only by strengthening bonds will the galaxy become truly safe has taken on pseudo-religious connotations among species that admire the Cerean way of thinking.
Mutations: Cereans have a lower rate of mutation compared to humans and other species. Whether this is because their genetic code is less prone to mutation, or Cereans don’t make it a habit of entering into areas with mutagenic stimuli has yet to be conclusively determined.
Cybernetics: Cereans can be implanted with cybernetics, though they have a harder time integrating brain-based cyberwear.
Psionics: Cereans have a higher rate of psionically-capable people in each generation than the Concord norm. There is no social stigma to having psionic powers or potential in Cereans society, and their education regimens are lauded throughout the Concord and being the gold standard for training young psions to control and develop their abilities.

Cerean Species Traits (Savage Worlds)
·         Smart: Due to their binary brains, Cereans start with a d6 in their Smarts.
·         Intuitive: When dealt a card for Initiative, Cereans may choose to draw a second card. They must keep the second card even if it’s worse than their first card.
·        Pacifist: Cereans do all they can to avoid violence, but they will defend themselves when they need to. They start play with the Pacifist (minor) hindrance.

Cerean Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Technicians only, and add +1 to either Empathy or Science. 
Dual Brains: Cereans start play with a +1 to Science.
Pacifist: A Cerean's starting Fighting score cannot be higher than one after character creation. 
Psionics: Cereans can be Espers. Although Empath is the most frequent power, all powers are open to them.  

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