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Founders of the Concord: Betazoids in Mythic Space

Betazoids are a near-human species. They are so like humans that when the two species first encountered one another, the Terrans believed that Betazoids had to be a lost colony of humans. While the two species are very similar in height, weight, and build, there are some notable differences. Notably, all Betazoids are empathic and telepathic. This has caused them to be seen both with fear and suspicion and as an asset by other species. Along with the Asari, the Betazoids are credited with helping the various species that made up the initial Concord find enough common ground to band together against the Illithids.
            Physical Description/Biology: Betazoids are near-humans in every sense of the word. They have the same general height, weight, and builds as humans. The only way to tell the two species apart is by looking at their eyes. Betazoid eyes are black and limpid. Betazoids also do not have the wide range of racial differences as humans. Most have an olive complexion and dark, wavy hair, though they can range to slightly fairer complexions and have light brown hair as well, but there is no other genetic divergence in their species.
            Personality: Betazoids are generally cheerful, helpful, and friendly people. Their natural empathic abilities allow them to sense the emotional state of other beings, even those of high-order animals. They find anger and aggression almost painful to be around, so they work towards avenues that lead to peace and tranquility. Many Betazoids that work with other species find themselves working as ambassadors, mediators, and first contact specialists.
            Betazoids value honesty and integrity. Though they can lie, most rarely do. This can lead them to be brutally honest at times, which can make them appear arrogant or rude to those that are not familiar with this trait. This also means that they expect honesty from others as well. Once lied to, it is very difficult to win back a Betazoid’s trust.
            On their homeworld, and among their own kind, Betazoids communicate mostly via telepathy. It is notoriously hard to lie while in telepathic contact, so their culture has become one that is honest to a fault. Discovering that other species are uncomfortable around telepaths, most only communicate telepathically with other Betazoids while in the company of other species sparingly.
            Homeworld: Betazoids hail from the second planet in the Hainara system, Betazed. There are only four other planets in the system, three of which are gas giants, and the fourth orbits too close to their star to make colonization possible. While they have spread throughout the Alpha Quadrant, they have not colonized any other systems. They were late-comers to FTL travel and found some neighboring star systems already colonized by other species.
            Religion: Betazoids are a spiritual people believing in Four Deities that protected them from the demons of The Great Fire. Many Betazoids still worship these deities and reference them in everyday talk.
            Mutations: Like humans, Betazoids can succumb to wild mutations when subjected to the proper stimuli.
            Cybernetics: Betazoids can have cybernetics installed. However, brain-affecting cybernetics like cyberjacks, intelligence enhancers, and skill chips can make it difficult to to use their psionic abilities; in the most extreme cases, they can lose their abilities altogether. Thanks to this, cybernetic upgrades tend to only be used to replace lost limbs or organs.
            Psionics: All Betazoids are telepathic and empathic. Most do not seek to expand their abilities with further training, but there are those that do. Many of the Betazoids that work for various Concord departments have undergone training at various psionic training institutions.

Betazoid Species Traits
·         Natural Psions: Betazoids start play with two psionic power: Empathic Link and Telepathy. If your campaign uses power points, Betazoids have 5 power points to spend on these powers. If using the default No Power Points rules of Mythic Space, then Betazoids must take a penalty to their Spirit roll equal to their power point cost of the power. Those that choose to purchase the Psionics Arcane Background use the standard rules and have the two above powers as bonus powers. Those using Power Points grant Betazoid psions 5 extra power points.
·         Charismatic: Betazoids carry themselves with an air of peace and confidence, granting them a +2 bonus to Charisma.

·         Pacifists: Betazoids abhor violence and aggression and seek to diffuse situations as peacefully as possible, only resorting to force when all other avenues are closed to them. They start play with the Minor version of the Pacifist Hindrance. 

Betazoid Species Traist (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Scoundrels or Technicians, and add +1 to either Empathy or Science. 
Psionics: Betazoids all Espers that start play with two powers; Empath and Telepathy. They have access to these powers even if they do not meet the normal Empathy requirement of +2 or more. 

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