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Founders of the Concord: Caitians in Mythic Space

At one time, the Caitians thought all was lost. They were driven from their home system by the Illithids, only a few hundred thousand of their kind remained alive. They sought refuge with anyone who would take them, most of whom were stellar nations that would become the Galactic Concord. Since then, the Caitians have been the staunchest defenders of the ideals of the Concord. If it weren’t for the alliance of those nations, there likely wouldn’t have been a future for the Caitians at all.
            Physical Description/Biology: Caitians are felinoids, humanoids evolved from feline species. While the species as a whole stand and weigh about the same as humans, males tend to be larger, more muscular while females tend to be lither and graceful. Caitians grow fur over the entirety of their bodies, but some will trim or even shave portions or all of their bodies. Coloration of their fur is just as wide and varied among Caitians as they are among Terran housecats. Males tend to keep their manes cut short, while females will let it grow. Most have tails, but some races only have small stub tails. Although they are humanoid, their legs are digitigrade. The soles of their feet are tough and padded such that many Caitians will forego footwear unless absolutely necessary.
            Personality: There’s an old saying in the Concord “Caitians aren't cats. Caitians are loyal.” All Caitians today are fierce supporters of the Galactic Concord. They feel a great sense of pride and honor in being part of this organization. They feel, and rightly so, that their species would have been totally lost had they not encountered the Sol Systems Alliance, the Vulcans, the Bothans, and the Minbari, all of whom took in some of their number after their homeworld was lost to the Illithids. Even though individuals may find quarrel with other individuals from other species, they will brook no insult to the Concord itself.
            Caitians are a loyal species. When a Caitian calls someone a friend that person knows that Caitian would do anything for them from offering a shoulder to cry on to avenging their untimely demise. That said, if a Caitian is betrayed, they can be as cold as the ice fields of Hoth; treating their betrayer as if they were dead.
            Caitians are also a serious people. When they set their minds to something it is hard to dissuade them. It is this level of perseverance that has allowed them to make great strides in restoring their homeworld.
            Homeworld: Caitians hail from the planet, Cait in the system of the same name. They had only colonized one other world when the Illithids turned their attention to their corner of the Alpha Quadrant. Cait is now a barely inhabitable planet, but the Caitians, along with scientists from several Concord worlds are making strides in restoring the planet. For now, most Caitians live among other Concord members, but they still have their own representative in the Senate.
            Religion: The loss of their homeworld dealt a huge blow to the faith of Caitians. Their legends and theology taught them that their world was unassailable thanks to the protection of their chief deity. The Illithids proved their priests and theologians wrong. Those that were religious before are now split between jaded atheists and those clinging to the hope that Cait can be restored as proof their god was there and didn’t allow the Illithids to win. Most Caitians may pay heed to tradition, but most don’t think much about it.
            Mutations: The occurrence of mutation among Caitians is lower than that of humans, but it is not unheard of. In fact, there has been more wild mutations among Caitians living in the bio-domes on Cait than at other point in history. It appears that something the Illithids released on Cait is having a destabilizing effect on the Caitian genetic structure.
            Cybernetics: Caitians can be installed with cybernetic upgrades and prosthetics.
            Psionics: Caitians can be psions, though the number who are able to is lower than the norm. Before the Concord, Caitian psions were looked up with fear and suspicion, largely because there was little understanding of psionics. Upon encountering other psionic species, they are less uneasy about psions in their midst and their own psions are able to receive proper training and support.

Caitian Species Traits
·         Agile: Caitians start play with a d6 in Agility.
·         Low-Light Vision: Caitians ignore penalties for poor lighting in all but pitch darkness.
·         Keen Hearing: Caitians can hear beyond the average range of most species. They receive a +2 bonus to Notice checks dealing with hearing.
·         Loyal: Caitians are loyal; to their friends, to their family, to the Concord, even to their favorite shop owners. They start play with the Loyal hindrance.

·         Poor Swimmer: Caitians are not fond of the water and suffer a -2 penalty to all Swimming skill rolls.

Caitian Species Traits (Rogue Space)
Archetypes: Scoundrel and Technician, and add +1 to either Acquiring or Science.
Keen Senses: Caitians gain a +1 bonus to Acquiring rolls that pertain to hearing. Plus, they can see in all but pitch darkness. 
Psionics: Caitian Espers are rare, but are occasionally occur. Any power is available to them. 

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