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Autocrons are a humanoid species from the plant, New Cron in the Autocylonis System. They originally hailed from the Betelgeuse system, but the Betelgeusians, along with help from the Vulcans, drove the Autocrons out of the system and far into the fringe of the Orion Arm during the Betelgeusian War. Since that time, the Autocrons have built a small, but technologically impressive empire in the Fringe; enslaving other species and nursing old hatreds. It is the dream of every Autocron to return to their home system and annihilate the Betelgeusians, Vulcans, and Asari.

The Autocron government is a Technocracy. Even before their defeat in the Betelgeusian War, they had began the construction of super-computer that would control all aspects of Autocron lives from where to mine, what to food to produce, and even military tactics. Upon settling on what is now known as New Cron, they took what they could salvage of their world computer and completed it. This has allowed the Autocrons to make great leaps in technological research, production efficiency, and even the survivability of the species. The wold computer is the primary reason the Autocrons are in control of many systems instead of scraping by just trying to survive thousands of light years from their homeworld.

Also thanks to the world computer, Autocron society is highly ordered and regimented. Everything and everyone has their place. Those that are inefficient and cannot be "corrected" are done away with. This have also changed the Autocron perception of life. Before, they were still just as militaristic, but they were like many other species: they cared for their children and spent time with their families. Now, the concept of family has lost all meaning. Lives are only valid if the life is useful. Birth defects are dealt with swift and horrific action (thankfully defects are rare in the hardy Autocron physiology), and any Autocron that has been incapacitated is also dealt with swiftly so as not to slow down any others. This cold, emotionless, and callow view of life has lead to the creation of an Autocron underground for those who wish to see a return to living Autocron rule and an end to the World Computer. This is not to say that these rebel Autocrons are kind and caring lovers of life, they are just more open to emotion. In fact, since the underground mostly sees to the escape of Autocrons wanting to leave the empire, with very little infrastructure in place for planning any actual attack on the World Computer, all they have really accomplished is set up a new group of Autocron pirates and mercenaries that harass the fringes of the Autocron Empire and the surrounding systems.

Autocrons are humanoids, but since their physiology is iron-based rather than carbon-based, they almost look like androids. Their dark blue to black skin is very tough and they possess more average strength than humans. However, since they are so dense, they move with a plodding gait and are not very agile. They stand around 6'5" on average. Their hands consist of the standard four fingers and a thumb, but their feet are wide and flat with only two large toes. Autocrons are completely hairless, but they all have a marking where eyebrows would be on humans that is generally yellow, orange, or red in color. This markings are different for each Autocron, but the difference can be very subtle. One final fact about Autocrons, they have no ability in psionics. It is unknown why that is as their brains are not structured very differently from many other psionic-capable species other than the elemental make-up of the tissue.

Autocrons, be it those loyal to the Empire or ex-pat pirates and mercenaries are all gruff and foul tempered beings. They have little patience for other beings since they feel they are above most other forms of life. They all harbor a deep-seated hatred for Betelgeusians and Vulcans and dream of the day when they will crush them under their heels.

Autocrons for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Autocrons start play with a d6 in both Strength and Vigor.
Hardened Flesh: Autocron flesh is tough and armor-like, granting them a +4 bonus to Armor. This also grants them a +1 bonus to Toughness.
Methane Breather: Autocrons are methane breathers and will suffocate in an oxygen-rich environment without use of some sort of breathing apparatus.
Attribute Penalty: Autocrons are not very graceful, they suffer a -1 penalty to all Agility rolls.
Racial Enemies: Autocrons hate Betelgeusians and Vulcans even though no living Autocron remembers the Betelgeusian War. They suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with either species.
Slow: Autocron Pace scores start at 4", and they have a d4 for Running die.

Autocrons for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Autocrons can be Soldier and Technicians and receive either a +1 to Fighting, Science, or Repair.
Tough Flesh: Autocrons are always considered to be wearing M armor.
Bellringer: Autocrons that strike with their fists grant them a +1 bonus to damage.
Psionics: Autocrons have no psionic aptitude.

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