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Saurids are an amphibious humanoid species from the Varanus system in Shi'ar space. Their homeworld, Timor, is about twice the size of Earth and the surface is over 85% water with the only dry land being small island chains. Their society stretches between both the islands and in underwater communities.

The Shi'ar has been in control of the Varanus system for hundreds of years. Their takeover of the Saurids didn't require much at all. the Saurids knew they were outgunned and saw the benefits of being part of the Shi'ar Empire from a trade and defense standpoint. Saurids were conscripted into the Shi'ar defense force and Timor was equipped with efficient power sources, medicines, and other technology. Like many members of the Shi'ar Empire, Saurids joined peacefully and willingly. That is not to say that there haven't been a few bumps in the road between the two species.

Saurids have a philosophical culture. The concepts of honor, family, and friendship are central in their culture. Over the centuries, the Saurids have been called upon perform acts that they considered to be less than honorable. One of those instances was the quelling of a Mephistoid uprising. Some Saurid soldiers came upon a couple of Shi'ar officers taking advantage of some Mephistoid captives. Seeing this act as highly dishonorable, the soldiers opened fire on the officers and helped the Mephistoid women escape. Such things have happened enough times over the centuries that there are a couple of Saurid mercenary crews operating on the fringes of Shi'ar space that take jobs that allow them to punish the dishonorable Shi'ar. Truth be told Saurid sense of honor is pretty fluid and largely up to individual interpretation. Some concepts like stealing is for the weak and cowardly and family is the cornerstone of life are universal, but context of the moment and personal bias play a large role in what each individual feels is honorable or not. This is why despite most Saurids knowing about the abuses of the Shi'ar Empire, they do not rise up against the Empire in large numbers.

Saurids are large, muscular humanoids. They stand around 9 feet tall on average. They are amphibious and have the look of fish-like humanoids. Their eyes are red and black in color and their bodies are covered in scales ranging from silvery blue to green in color (green scales being the most common). Their hands consist of four digits, one of which being an opposable thumb) and their feet have two large toes with a clawed heel. Saurid fingers and toes are clawed, but they are large and fairly blunt so are of limited use in combat.

Saurids for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Saurids start play with a d8 in Strength
Amphibious: Saurids are equally adapted for life in and out of water. They cannot drown in water and have a free d6 in Swimming. Their Pace in water equals their Swimming die.
Size +3: Saurids grow to a height of 9 feet tall on average. This adds +3 to their Toughness. However, Saurids must pay 150% more for armor and clothing.
Code of Honor: Saurids all have a code of honor that dictates their actions. This code is personal to each individual, but there are a few points that are universal to all Saurids. They have a strong sense of justice. Young of any species should be protected and cared for. Abuses of power should be fought against. A player creating a Saurid character should work with the GM to set up some other points for the character's personal code of honor.
Environmental Weakness: Saurids suffer a –4 penalty to resist heat. If the being suffers heat-based attack, the penalty acts as a bonus to damage. Plus, in very dry environments, Saurids suffer a -2 to -4 penalty (depending on the severity of the dryness) to all rolls unless they are wearing environmental suits to regulate their body temperatures and moisture levels.

Saurids for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Saurids can be either Soldiers or Technicians and gain a +1 in either Fighting or Repair.
Amphibious: Suarids can survive equally on land or in water. They are also adapted to survive the intense pressure of the deep seas.
Psionics: Saurid espers are rare and those that have the ability tend to have the Empath or Psychometry powers.

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