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The Shi'ar Empire

The Shi'ar are the second of a trio of stellar empires that dominate much of the Beta Quadrant. Much like the Kree, the Shi'ar Empire has stood for far longer than mankind even knew the Earth was round. However, unlike the Kree, the Shi'ar are much less nationalistic and military-minded. They are a more cultured and civilized people. Still, they are one that has amassed their power with military might and the subjugation of those that stand in their way of expansion.

The Shi'ar Empire is roughly the same size as the whole of the Galactic Concord member systems. They hail from a planet roughly translated as "the Aerie" in an unknown system. It is assumed that the Aerie is located somewhere coreward in the Beta Quadrant, but there is evidence to suggest that the Aerie is actually located in another galaxy, possibly the Andromeda galaxy. However, much of the "evidence" is based off of reports from cryptic things Shi'ar representatives say in trade talks to impress their superiority upon their "lessers." The Shi'ar rule from a giant space station called the Throneworld. The Throneworld is over twice the size of the Citadel, making it the largest known artificial body in known space.

The Shi'ar are ruled by an Emperor or Empress, who has absolute authority over the Empire. The line of succession is typically hereditary, but Shi'ar politics are complex with many rival noble houses all vying to prove descent from one emperor or empress or another. While assassinations are rare in Shi'ar history, most of the machinations among the noble houses are attempts to embarrass or dishonor a rival house rather than cause any physical harm. Should the dealings of the nobles raise the ire of the Emperor/Empress, the consequences can be, and often are, dire, so feuds are kept as quiet and un-disruptive to the Empire as possible.

The Shi'ar Empire controls hundreds of worlds and contains many species. Many worlds offer themselves to the Empire for protection or to be able to freely trade with Shi'ar worlds. The number of worlds under Shi'ar rule only continue to grow as the Skrull and Kree continue their bloody war across the Beta Quadrant. Worlds that have come willingly to the Empire become full citizens after a standard year. Those worlds that had to be taken by force, however, may never become full citizens of the Empire and may stay confined to their worlds for decades or longer. The time span that those beings must wait to be considered full members of the Empire lasts as long as the Shi'ar detect signs of sedition and treason among the subjugated. Most species ruled by the Shi'ar are loyal to Empire however.

Shi'ar are humanoids with avian characteristics. On average, they have lithe, athletic bodies built for endurance. They are completely hairless, but where humans grow hair Shi'ar grow feathers. They wear their head feathers in wide styles that fan out from their heads. They even grow facial feathers much like humans can grow facial hair. Many Shi'ar have smaller feathers growing on their elbows and even up the backs of their arms. At one point in their evolution, they had wings that extended up their arms and allowed for flight and gliding. It has become fashionable in some circles to have wings capable of gliding short distances surgically implanted in their arms. Shi'ar are mammalian, and give birth to live young. They are also genetically compatible with many near-human species, including humans.

Shi'ar are a proud people. They take pride in their Empire. They take pride that unlike other stellar empires, the Shi'ar Empire is one that was not built entirely on the blood and death that comes with more totalitarian empires. They see themselves as a beacon of light in a dark universe. While it is true that compared to other stellar empires in the Beta Quadrant, and even the Alpha Quadrant, the Shi'ar Empire is much more egalitarian. However, the still have dark spots in their history. The politics and level of diplomacy with outsiders can swing wildly with the ascendance of a new Emperor or Empress. Emperor D'Ken, the former ruler of the Empire cared little for diplomacy and was much more interested in sampling the women of the galaxy and showing off Shi'ar might than entering into diplomatic relations with other stellar powers. The current Empress, Lilandra, D'Ken's niece, however is more concerned with peace and has attempted to broker peace between the Skrulls and Kree, and has even entered into diplomatic trade negotiations with the Concord and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

Shi'ar technology is on par with that of the Galactic Concord. Their warp drives are more efficient, and there is intel that suggests that they may have technology that allows their to open and direct the destination of wormholes over short distances (cosmically speaking), which is something that no other species has been able to accomplish. Their warships are more maneuverable as well, giving them a slight tactical advantage over the Concord Navy.

Shi'ar for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Shi'ar are hardy individuals and start play with a d6 in Vigor.
Keen Sense: Owing to their avian heritage, Shi'ar receive a +2 bonus to sight-based Notice rolls.
Greedy: Shi'ar like shiny, beautiful things. When they see something they wish to acquire, they will badger and bicker over the item. They rarely resort to violence, but it has been known to occur in rare cases.

Shi'ar for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Shi'ar can be Technicians and Soldiers with a +1 bonus in either Fighting, Acquiring, or Science.
Keen Sight: Shi'ar gain a +2 bonus to sight-based Acquiring rolls.
Psionics: Shi'ar have the same level of psychic potential as humans.

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