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The Kree Empire

The Kree Empire is among one of the largest empires in the galaxy, and it is one of the oldest. The heart of the Kree Empire is found on Kree-Lar in the Turunal system deep in the Beta Quadrant. The empire is very militaristic and aggressively expansionist, which has lead them into conflict with other stellar powers many times over their history. These wars have cost the Kree dearly, as their empire is in decline due to too many costly losses on the battlefield of late.

The Kree are ruled by Supremor, a sort of organic computer made up of greatest minds in Kree history. When a kree regarded as a great leader, thinker, or innovator dies, his or her brain is added to the Supremor. The Supremor is a living being that looks like a large, obese, male kree disembodied head with tentacles growing from the scalp that are connected to a vast array of machines. These machines allow the Supremor to absorb the brains of Kree influencers as well as allow the Supremor to access various systems connected to vast Kree network and the machines also provide for Supremor's sustenance and well being.

The Kree are near-human in form and function. They are humanoid, with the standard two legs, two arms, five fingers and toes, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and two genders physiology that is overwhelmingly common in the galaxy. Most kree have blue skin, but pink (slightly more pink than typical human Caucasians) skin is also found in the species as well. Their original homeworld, Hala, has slightly higher gravity than Earth making the Kree a bit stronger and more hardy than humans. Kree are also used to atmospheres higher in Nitrogen compared to humans, and therefore must wear rebreathers or environmental suits on standard oxygen-rich atmosphere worlds. However, Kree scientists have developed genetic therapies that can allow agents to breathe oxygenated atmospheres normally, which has made their spies much more effective. It is unclear whether the Kree have always been able to produce offspring with other humanoid species or if it is the effect of genetic modification, but Kree and humans (as well as other near-human species) can produce viable offspring.

Kree technology is on par with that of the Concord. Their ships utilize warp drives and their military is very well equipped with energy weapons. The Kree military is made up primarily of Kree volunteers (it is a great honor among many young kree to be selected to serve in the Imperial Army), but they also make use of robotic soldiers, called Sentries, as well. Kree genetic sciences are beyond that of the Concord however, much closer to that of the Thuldan Empire. The Kree have few concerns about the morality of certain genetic tests and modifications as long as it benefits the Empire.

The Kree Empire is in decline. Their current war with the Skrulls has cost them dearly. After almost decimating the Skrulls just two decades ago, the Skrulls now have the upper hand. They have detonated a power weapon called a "Nega-Bomb" on the original homeworld, Hala, killing 98% of the kree on that world and making the planet virtually uninhabitable. The current Skrull offensive continues to push deep into Kree territory and threatens Kree-Lar. The Kree have made few friends in their quadrant of space, and word of the arrogant Kree has has spread to the Concord as some members have had dealings with the Kree before, so they have few friends on which they can count support. Recently, the Thuldan Empire has been seen sending ships into Kree Territory. The thought that either empire would concede any ground to the other for very long is virtually unthinkable, but it does appear that they have entered into diplomatic relations. With the Thuldan Empire being so far from the Beta Quadrant, no less the Kree Empire within, it is unclear how far this relationship would be able to go.

Kree for Savage Worlds
Attribute Increase: Kree start play with a d6 in Stength.
Toughness: Kree are very hardy people and receive a +1 bonus to Toughness.
Warrior-Born: All Kree go through some sort of military training. Select one skill (Fighting, Pilot, Shooting, or Throwing) and increase that skill's starting die to d6.
Arrogant: The Kree are extremely headstrong and proud to be Kree, and therefore start play with the Arrogant Hindrance.
Racial Enmity: The Kree hate the Skrulls above all other species. They suffer a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with Skrulls, and require little provocation to resort to violence.
Environmental Weakness: Kree cannot breathe standard oxygenated air. If left without genetic modifications, or some sort of breathing apparatus, Kree will essentially drown in non-nitrogen-rich atmospheres.

Kree for Rogue Space
Archetypes: Kree can be Soldiers and Technicians, and receive a +1 to Fighting.
Hardy: Kree are tough and start play with two additional Hit Points.
Psionics: Kree have psionic potential on par with that of humans.


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